$100 Walmart Survival Kit! Ultralight Bugout Bag for 7 Day Survival Challenge

We are here at Walmart, I’ve got $100 for my$100 Survival Kit Walmart Challenge, where I’ve got to build a Survival KitThat will last me at least a week, Let’s Get Started!Alright Guys, so we have our Survival KitNo It’s time for us to go checkout. So we are back from our Shopping Trip that we took yesterday. Where we picked upour $100 Survival Kit and Like I said, we are going to have to spend7 Days in the Wilderness with this Bad BoyBut before we kick that off, let’s breakdown and show you what we picked up. Alright, so the very first piece of kit is the 12Piece Survival Kit by Ozark Trail. This was a Holiday Christmas Blister Pack Special. That was on Sale for $27 man. This is Super Super Cheap. So First we haveA Razor Back Machete, so thing is. . . Special to say the least. . LOLI’m not going to lie, for anyone who know my channel, they know that im notinto this type of cheap gear, but I figured it would befun to push myself with limited gear, butAlso. . Super Budget Gear and see what actually works. BecauseI’ve kind of dogged on some of this stuff, cause it’s kind of cheap, Now. . . This Machete is really really lightweight and really thinThe Edge is kind of ish. . . . there?!?!Thank God we have a sharpening stone, so hopefully I canperk up some of the edges while I am out here. HoweverThe Impressive Side is all. . . All of these tools actually come with a sheath. So, The Next Item Up and as Im talkingabout all the gear that im bring in our $100 Survival Kit. We are actually going to be doing our 7 Day Trek and DEFINITELY keep an eye out forThe PLAYLIST! We are going dropping that playlistas it airs. . . Down in the Video Description so you guyscan see that full playlist. We are going to be chronicling Every Single DayWe are out there. Its going to be one hell of an Adventure!But this is a 50 foot hank of 550 Paracord. For the price of $27 there are some decentValue in this kit, given the fact this is so ferociously budget friendly. The cool thing I like about all of the Paracord WrappedHandles, is it is going to give me alot of gutted material andinner strands to use if I need extra cordage. We have two Aluminum Carabiners. That say they can hold 60lbs. . But that is up in the air. Whether I would trust that too much or not, butbut, I can definitely find a use for them. We have a Sharpening Stone. kind of small but hopefully it will work for the 3 small toolswe have and the minor edges we’ve got going on. Then we have a Firesteel Rod. This is a small Ferro Rod and I think that is Magnesium Underneath. . But I don’t have an official striker, hopefully one of these. . edge will give me the Striker Point I need. Then we have a Sheath for the hatchet. and as we move onto the hatchet, this is actually pretty comfortable. However I am not going lie, this thing has. . . almost no weight to it whatsoever, it even say wear. . Safety Goggles while you are using it. But i couldn’t fit those into my $100 budgetSo I guess we are going to have to play fast and loose with survival!But yeah, there is not alot of weight to this hatchet at all. So. . given the fact that. . I will still try to find a function for it, butThis actually weighs more, so I will probably get more chopping powerand performance out of this bigger machete. Then we have a flashlight, Not Bad at allactually, it actually works!has AAA Batteries that come with itI was super impressed with that. It is one of those um. . . . It even has SOS mode, SWEET! I can RESCUEDAfter my 7 Days are over because ill probably be dying. LOL JKThen as we move forward we have our. . . Knife. . Our Main Survival Knife, which isa 4. 5 – 5″ Blade. Which is partially serrated, which is weirdthe Partial Serration are sharper than the Knife Edge itself. But it has got a decent tip and as long as this stuff doesn’t snap. . . and break on my in the field. We should be able to use this stufffor some light duty tasks in the mean time.

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