General Survival 

$1 Bushcraft Kayak

hello friends this video is about how to build a transparent kayak using fir tree branches and packing plastic wrap the idea is simple you can build a fully functional kayak in the wilderness if you have a knife plastic wrap and scotch tape it weighs less than 10 pounds (4 kilos) is absolutely waterproof and will cost you only a few dollars in materials takes about a day to make it with the vessel being transparent your kayaking experience will be even more exciting and fun you can actually…

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Spotted a Hunting Falcon

Good morning The night in the tropics is quite cold I am looking for ingredients to make a stove that will help me keep warm and cook food. Stones abound in shallow stream beds Oh! A large termite nest Nature’s wonderful adhesive… I need to grind them first This will take a lot of effort. The mixture of water and soil from the termite nest will stick and dry Oh! It’s prettier than I thought Now I’m going to make a fire to make it dry faster A heavy rain…

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Snow Shelter Camping Building and Sleeping in a Wilderness Snow Cave

We’re having a record snow year. 10 feet on top! I chose this fallen tree thinking it would be easy to shelter under its trunk. I had no idea how much lumber I would find frozen deadwood is very difficult to saw! I probably would have been better off digging the shelter out in the open away from trees. Lol! I could’ve built a log cabin from all the wood I pulled out of this hole I left the two sticks on the right, they were very handy for climbing…

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