7 Days Hunt in the Wilderness ASMR (Silent) | Catch and Cook Wild Birds

Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada. This is a roughed grouse. She is aggressively protecting her young. She has them cached in the woods. This is spring, so the hunting season is not yet open. She is calling to her young to re-assemble. Now, in the fall, the young disperse and the hunting season is open. I need to wait until the grouse clears the front of the canoe. If I shoot now, I’ll put a big hole in it. Grouse far up North, are not very pressured and will ‘sit’ preferring to rely on their camouflage. In the woods their camo is effective. . . These wild birds are delicious to eat!You can see how their plumage would work well in a busy woods. We do not normally bother to pluck the birds. The skin is very thin and contains almost not fat. Just like a little chicken!Wonder if we can find more wild food to eat in the forest. This is a beaver food cash. Beavers can only be trapped, not hunted in the wild. Canada is vast, wild and plentiful in wild game. The landscape is mesmerizing. We need to find a place for us to camp overnight. I just spotted a couple of ducks. Got ’em! More food for dinner. We are fully loaded, ready to spend some time in the wilderness to catch and cook delicious wild foods. We need to find our little duck, it’s hidden. The canoe is a tool that opened up Canada, through it’s vast waterways. Birds, from land, and from water!Very good eating. I’m with Zach Fowler. These are mergansers. They are edible birds, but are not as desirable as they eat fish. They have a stronger flavor, but I like them!More wild food!We will eat great tonight!If you’ll eat a fish, you can eat a bird that eats a fish!Just nerves, the bird is dead, but it’s wise to make sure. It’s getting dark, and we still haven’t found our camp spot. We’ll need to double back to a spot we passed earlier. This is a beaver lodge. The stillness of the Northern evenings is stunning. Fresh water and a warm fire is soothing. More water to out wild meal – bear stew. Fire is your friend, but it too, must be fed. Two good friends, plucking their dinner, a timeless reminder of our past. The tent keeps us dry. Perhaps an early riser will manage to add another creature to the meal. Only one way to find out. Birds often move early in the mornings to feed or go back to roost. One could fly by at any moment. Hunting is not about killing, but rather, patience. Still. Thankfully, the previous day brought us great wild food spoils to cook. Let’s get these birds roasting. This bird is being spit roasted. Another will be quickly fried in wild bear fat we hunted earlier. Bear fat is essential for survival long term as it contains many calories. Cutting up the bird will help it cook faster. The grouse very much resembles chicken. Some wild apples to add to the meal. We could fry these also, or make applesauce. Nature can be very generous, if you know where to look. Unfortunately many bugs find these foods too, so a lot of rot needs to be removed. Without preservatives, the apples being to spoil quickly. Cooking the apples will make them more digestible and also safer to eat killing any bugs or toxins. Wild apple sauce!Some seasoning for the grouse – early version of ‘Woodobo’ spice. The bear fat is rendering down to a great cooking oil. Bear fat is one of the best wild oils for eating. A well deserved wild meal. Still plenty of wild life remains in Canada. Spite roasting is a slower process, so we are still waiting on this one. We stuffed one grouse inside the merganser. These birds will be a little drier. Some water for cleaning up and keeping the stew going. I am very thankful that Canada still remains largely untouched. Very wild. Very unspoiled. Very beautiful.

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