Cozy TREE HOUSE on the river bank. Warm winter SHELTER

I finally found him. My friend gave me the coordinates of this house on the bank of the river there is a magnificent house in which a traveler can warm up. icicles, so beautiful an interesting solution is fixing a tree house I really want to see what’s inside? there’s not a lot of space, but it’s even better. Such a house warms up quickly! I’ll bring things inside and flood the stove It’s getting hot I want to make my friend a bench out of this tree. Let’s see what I can do? you need to trim a little and it will be ready! Great! I have a new axe, my viewer sent it to me. It looks amazing. Thank you for the gift! an ice table? I think it will be beautiful. it’s hard to get such a big piece of ice…the idea seems unworkable Give me a fulcrum and I’ll flip the planet earth! oops…the chain on the chainsaw broke. I’ll have to manually finish the job I started finally the table is ready and the stomach is already screaming “I WANT TO EAT!” I’ll drink tea and have dinner the recipe for pork ribs is very simple slice pork ribs in portions, add orange juice, olive oil and pepper mixture mix everything carefully and leave it for a couple of hours so that the ribs are better marinated Now I’ll make a fire and in a couple of hours there will just be coals I’ll sleep for an hour) very tasty. I hope you heard me slurping? it’s very hot inside, I’ll sleep in comfort and coziness. thank you for watching my video. See you soon!

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