Snow Shelter Camping Building and Sleeping in a Wilderness Snow Cave

We’re having a record snow year. 10 feet on top! I chose this fallen tree thinking it would be easy to shelter under its trunk. I had no idea how much lumber I would find frozen deadwood is very difficult to saw! I probably would have been better off digging the shelter out in the open away from trees. Lol! I could’ve built a log cabin from all the wood I pulled out of this hole I left the two sticks on the right, they were very handy for climbing it in and out I ended up trading this out for my larger waxed canvas tarp I decided to bring the Firebox Freestyle modular stove this time I’m having a lot of fun exploring it’s potential Bam! From two stoves to one Fire-pit. These pins support the Fire-grate. This foil made clean up a snap! These pot supports can be set up a multitude of ways. I really like this W pattern These Firebox fire starter/fuel pucks work great! I brought some hardwood up with me. One less thing to worry about Beautiful tenderloin from Costco. I’m loving this cooking method! I always get beautiful results! Watch for the juice ooze! I love playing with fire and cooking meat! Just me, cooking in my snow hole! Lol! The snow was melted around each branch and under the trunk creating a ductwork of unwanted ventilation. I learned a lot. Hakata is a Japanese salt/spice blend that is delicious on everything! Wonderful stuff! The Firebox Folding Chef Knife has professional performance yet fits in your pocket. see how sharp it is! Nice! Turned out perfect! I turn down the volume so you wouldn’t have to hear me eat. Sorry for the smacky sounds I wasn’t able to remove. My microphones pick up everything! I picked up these mittens at a military surplus store years ago. Now this is living! Good to the last bite! My 8 1/2 ft. square Dyneema tarp is perfect for this application my sleeping pad has down feathers in it. R-7 I was definitely over prepared. I guess that’s better than getting cold The afternoon got up to about 25°F Starting to cool down. I got these gators from an army navy surplus store several years ago. Same thing with these pants. From different stores at different times a pretty slick system (the way I can keep my boots on.) hand knitted from alpaca wool! The temperature has dropped significantly as the wind has picked up I used my gators as flooring in my shelter 🙂 I know it’s pretty early but I didn’t want to wait until I was cold. all sealed up! I love my down booties! I never camp without them. I slept pretty well! After seeing this I decided to go back to bed fire pit ready to go! This is my first time trying “fire side eggs” Love me some pork in the morning. I love this sound! I should have put those eggs directly in the hot coals. That morning sunshine sure felt nice. So glad to have nice weather for packing up. Can I get a hallelujah! Nice clean table! This foil idea worked out great! I’ll definitely do this again in the future. FAIL! Next time I’ll leave them on a little longer. Please watch till the very end. It really helps with the algorithm. Thanks So Much!

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