Spotted a Hunting Falcon

Good morning The night in the tropics is quite cold I am looking for ingredients to make a stove that will help me keep warm and cook food. Stones abound in shallow stream beds Oh! A large termite nest Nature’s wonderful adhesive… I need to grind them first This will take a lot of effort. The mixture of water and soil from the termite nest will stick and dry Oh! It’s prettier than I thought Now I’m going to make a fire to make it dry faster A heavy rain has extinguished my fire Mosquitoes are disgusting It causes itching and can bring malaria After the rains are perfect time to forage in the woods I’ll try my luck Oh! Mushrooms Food source available in the rainforest Be very careful against poisonous mushrooms Don’t take mushrooms you don’t know for sure . It sucks! I just had a pretty painful fall The rain made the terrain slippery. All of a sudden, I just spotted a falcon attacking a snake. Oh no! the falcon is entangled by the snake I’m not sure who is the real predator But I think the snake is a full protein dinner… The snake was ferocious, but I got it under control

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