Airgun Hunting: Bird Shooting in South Africa with the Air Arms Galahad

In this episode of Air Arms TV, I’m out
hunting disease-carrying birds in theEastern Cape coastal belt of South
Africa. Luckily I also managed to take a few game birds for the pot. This time on Air Arms TV, I’m out on the
coastal belt of the Eastern Cape huntingjust outside the city of Port Elizabeth
on a horse farm with the main target being disease-spreading birds. The farmer gave me a call and told me he’s having abig problem with geese, guinea fowl and
other birds in the area. Not only all thebirds putting the wild and domestic
animals at risk, but they’re also just a big nuisance. What they do is defecate in the watertroughs, spreading diseases such as Ecola, Mysteria and salmonella, which hasalready led to one of the horses deaths
and the farmer at this point just can’t afford to lose anymore. So, there’s a lot of work to be done let’s get our there,aim straight shoot sharp and get a hold of
those birds down. Let’s do it. the Egyptian goose can grow up to three
and a half kilograms. it has a wingspan of one and a half meters and they generally don’t migrate unless there is a shortage of water. My main target today is the Egyptian geese, but the farmertold me that there are some great eating
birds on the farm, so if I have a chanceI’m definitely gonna take it. Franklin, there’s franklin. Just by that tree there. About 100 yards, come on, let’s go. They aren’t going to see us. Just by the bush there. I’m going to have to take a sitting shot. 50 yards. Another one is there, hang on. He’s going to stay, there he is. Yes. Two franklin. Man, that’s awesome. You hardly ever see them around here. Man, that is so cool. That’s awesome, what a cool start to the
day. Let’s go check them. Oh my goodness, look at these Franklin. That is awesome. Fat, plump Franklin that is so cool. Now, these are excellent for eating. This is definitelynot pest control at all, but entirely for
human consumption. You only ever get tosee them they stay in this thick bush
area and today they made one mistake andcome out just long enough for us to see
and to get two in one spot is absolutely fantastic. Well, what an excellent start to the day, the missus is gonna beextremely happy with me tonight.
Well we’re gonna hit on a little bitdown the road around the corner this
should be some geese waiting for us there. Let’s keep going. Right coming up to the field here, there’s a field just in front of us. I see two geese. We’ve got cover the whole way. One slight wrong movewe’re going to have to make our way arounddown the bush line, pop up it’s gonna go real quick. Let’s do it. I just can’t risk these geese seeing me, I have to stick to coverand make every yard count and I’ve gotta
do it quickly. Yes, first goose down. That’s awesome, let’s go get him. Look at this. What an awesome, awesomeEgyptian goose. Just look at the colours
on these animals. Although these animals are beautiful,
there are such a pest. They’reurinating, desecrating in the food balls
and in the water trucks and the horsesall around here of getting sick and they
have lost quite a few horses already sowe’re doing a good service for the
farm, but man I want a good time we’re having. Look at that. Beautiful, beautiful Egyptian goose. Nice and fat and plump,exactly what you’re looking for and the
farmer is gonna be happy, but also I’m surethe farm workers are going to be super
happy to get this one from me. So, let’s keep on going I’m sure there’s
gonna be a lot more of the next field there, let’s do it. Being out here is a huge blessing and I really enjoy every aspect of it. Just a little quick break to reload the magazine, but while we’redoing it let me tell you a little
something about how special this placeto us. We’ve had an incredible amount of
bird live to be hunted here. With the rock pigeon being one of the most common species we find here, we love to huntthem. They make for really good eating in
a pie, also they often presenter a really good target. But, it’s not just about the bird hunting here it’s thewhole picture, it’s the experience, it’s
seeing all different kinds of wildlifespecies that live here on the farm. We get to see Bussbok,often sticking to the bush-line,but every now and again they’ll come out and grazer what we’llsee darker and the late evenings and
then often will see the mongoosehere so, not only is it great because of the
numbers of animals butit’s just fantastic to see the wildlife here. Well, that’s it magazine loadedhopefully we’re gonna see a lot more
birds and this day is gonna give us some luck. Now that I’m loaded up and ready to go I can’t wait to see anotherbird and hopefully get a chance at another one. Guinea fowl is not only a sort after game bird, but also a bird I love to eat in pie. So, there’s no waysI’m gonna leave this opportunity pass. Well, it looks like the flock have moved
over to the other field over thisembankment down the valley and on the
other side, so we’re gonna have to makeour way there hopefully we’ll get a
second chance on them but you’re gonnahave to be real lucky for that so let’s
see, let’s go. I have to make my way over the hill as carefully and quietly as possible I don’t want to risk gettingbusted and scaring these birds away. It’s quite a big flock. They all spooky they seem to be
scattering now that we’ve taken one already. It’s about 80 yards, so these Guinea Fowl are really toughto try and take my shot between 15-30, but they are super sharp, so let’s see if we canget in close enough. let’s go. I take a chance knowing it’s getting late and I might not have another. The whole flock has scattered off, I think we’ve been busted, but one stayed behind. I think we’re going to get a chance. This is it, I might just get lucky this
one last time. Yes, straight down. Such a good stalk, we almost got busted,the whole flock ran off. We managed to just get that one
staying behind, yes. Let’s go check him out. Look at that. That’s cool man. That is so cool man. I never get tired of taking these game birds, absolutely fantastic. They’re really tough, they’ve got a very small kill zone especiallywith me using these PCP’s, it’s not an
easy task at all, but I tell you a whole lotof fun and we managed to pull it off
today. So, awesome another great dayshunting here on the farm. We’ve had a fantastic time, started off with a hugesurprise with two Franklin and managed to
take the one here the stuck around andtook the next one what an awesome way to
start the hunt and then to see a gooseright off the bat, absolutely fantastic. Then to end today’s hunt like this, you
just couldn’t ask for anything better. Guys, thanks for joining us on another
great show, we’ll see you next time on Air Arms TV. Hello I’m Paul Relf and this is Dylan Relf. We like shooting air rifles especially Air Armswe’ve been doing it for a couple of
years now and I like to talk a littlebit how to get your kids involved.

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