Caught On Camera: Man Wrestles 10ft Alligator

MAN: This is the biggest gator we have evercaught. 00:08
COMM: Most people wouldn’t voluntarily getthis close to an alligator but this is Jason
McDonalds view every weekend and whether heis catching them by hand or by rope he has
to keep his wits about him. 00:36
COMM: 34 year old Jason from Colorado hasbeen catching alligators for 10 years and
volunteers at weekends teaching gator wrestlingclasses, the classes are both entertaining
and educational for the crowds and catchingthe gators give Jason the chance to check
them for injury. 00:57
JASON: See look see where she’s had the ropeand it bit her eye lid. 01:05
COMM: Having checked the smaller gators itstime for a regular check up on 10ft long Bertha.
Bertha is one of the original alligators boughtto the farm from Florida as a baby in 1987. 01:18
JASON: This is the biggest gator we have evercaught. 01:22
COMM: Most female alligators don’t grow muchbigger than 8ft but Bertha has become so big
because of the exceptionally warm water causedby GO thermal wells and the abundance supply
of fish to eat. 01:35
COMM: With the help of some brave volunteersJason manages to pull Bertha onto the bank
and opens her mouth showing the spectatorsher loose tooth. 01:56
COMM: Finally its time for a photo opportunityas Jason puts the gators jaw under his chin. 02:12
COMM: Jason regains his grip, it might havelooked like a close call but its all in a
days work at the gator farm.

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