Dude vs. Wild – The Arctic

My name is Ryan Higa and
I’m going to be survivingall by myself in the Arctic,
with nothing but the clotheson my back and chest and arms
and pretty much all my clothes,while teaching you the
necessary tips and techniquesto survive in the freezing Arcticwith nothing but the clothes on my back. Right now, we’re in the Arctic!This is no place for fun and games. Hold on!You do not want to get lost out here. The Arctic terrain is completely unforgiving. If you get lost out here, you’ll be sorry. The Arctic terrain won’t forgive you
because of the unforgivingness. You do not want to get lost out here!Trust me, if you doOne of the toughest parts of the Arctic is actuallyjust walking around because of all the snow. You’re going to need
something to help you not sinkinto the snow while you’re walking. Right now,I’m gonna teach you how to make
your own home-made snowshoes,right after I get this big ski off. When you’re lost in the wild,
you’ll have to be resourcefuland make do with what you have. So when you make your snowshoes,
what you want to do first:take your two tennis rackets from your jacket. Place them beneath your feet. This is gonna be like the base of your shoe. And next you’re gonna need something to tiethe rackets to your shoes.
So you’re gonna takethe laces from your big ski and–
well, unfortunately for me,it seems this big ski has no shoelaces. And you definitely don’t
want to use the shoelacesfrom your actual shoe because that
would make your shoes look weird. And you definitely don’t want that in the Arctic. So what you’re gonna want
to do from here is pull outthe two extra shoe laces you
carry around in your jacketand use these to tie the
rackets to your shoe like so. This technique may look very complicatedand difficult to understand. . . and it is. Alright, now you’ve made your snow shoes. It’s nice and snug. It’s time to get moving’cause we got a lot of ground to cover. Let’s go!The ancient natives traveled great distanceswith their snowshoes. Some say they even wentas far as going to the–
and that’s about enough for today. You don’t ever want to dehydrate yourself
in a snowy terrain like this one. One of the biggest parts
of survival, if not the biggest,is staying hydrated. Contrary to most belief,and other survival shows,
when you’re thirsty and desperate,you never want to drink your own pee,’cause it’s sterile and absolutely disgusting. What you want to do is just
eat some snow from the ground. It might sound crazy, but the ancient nativesreally believed that snow acted
as a good substitute for water. When in desperate times. . . Eating snow in a terrain like this may bringyour body temperature to an unsafely low level. That’s a good thing because then you won’t sweatand you won’t dehydrate
again. What you don’t wantto do is just eat random snow
because it might be dirty. To be safe, always look for
the yellow snow, like this one right here. Chances are this is someone’s pee. And, as you know, pee is very safe
to drink because it’s sterile. So what we’re gonna do here
is just scoop a little bit upfrom the middle and, uh, take a little taste. That’s not pee at all!Never drink from an open cartonbecause it may have mono.
I’ll have to find shelter soonbecause night is coming and it’s
only gonna get colder from here. The good way to tell how much time you have leftbefore nightfall is by knowing the temperature. See, the ancient natives didn’t have watcheslike you and I, so what they
would do is use temperatureas a measurement of time.
The colder it gets, the later it is. Basically, the technique they
used is actually pretty simple. What you do here is you
pull out your cell phone. . . and, uh, what you’re gonna do
here is just find the weather app. . . it’s not really moving because my gloves. It’s actually getting really pretty difficult right now. My gloves are making it
nearly impossible to openthe weather app and I can’t take off my glovesbecause my hands are cold
and the last thing you wantin the Arctic is to be uncomfortable. If you still aren’t able to open your weather appbecause of your gloves, what you want to do thenis pull out your daily jacket thermometer. Basically, you use the thermometer
as a sort of stylus or writing tool,so you can open your weather app. The ancient natives mimic this
technique from the Nintendo DS. As you can see here, I had
almost no problems at all. It’s working phenomenally.
Phenomenally is a big word!There you go. As you can see here–Actually, this is the coldest
I’ve ever seen it before!It’s -1 degrees Celsius. Uh, for you Americans,I believe that’s anywhere between
20-75 degrees for Googlingand that’s really cold, so
we really need to get moving. But as the day drags on,
I find neither food nor shelter. My feet are starting to
bog, my nipples metapoding. I’m beginning to think
I’ve bit off a little morethan I could chew this time!You know, being out here. . . all this time. . . I know it’s only been 30 minutes,
but I’m starting to feel like giving up. I’m starting to lose hope. But then I remember what
my grandfather’s only sonon my dad’s side always told me:Son. . . it’s an ice box. You
open it, get what you want,and close it. Now stop wasting electricity!And after all this time I never really understoodwhat he was talking about until right now. He was talking about here!
He was talking about the Arctic,how I should never give up!
How I should persevere!How I need to never back
down and just never give upand get out of here!I’m gonna get out of here.
I’m getting out of here!Tee hee!Thank you guys so much for watching. If you want to see the cabin trip we took in orderto film this video, click the one on the left. If you want to see the last Dude vs. Wild,
click the one on the right!If you want to see Greg,
the guy with the mustache,attempt his very first back flip in the snow,well just wait until the very end of this videoin five. . . four. . . three. . . two. . . one.
I-I started the count too soon. Okay, now it’s–okay, there it is. -Just don’t think! Just believe.
-Okay. -Just tuck into a little ball.
-Go!-Oh!Oh, Mike come closer!
Come closer. Come closer. -Are you okay?
-Oh my god!-Oh my god!I don’t think I jumped high enough.

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