Finding Water in the Desert | Primal Survivor

– The
riverbed is bone dry. But the trees are still alive. So that means that there’s
still water here somewhere. And if you pay enough
attention, the desertwill show you where to look. I’m just looking at
these four-leaf ferns here. There’s more green at this plant
than I’ve seen anywhere else. So might be promising. – This
vegetation could bethe X on a hidden treasure map. I know that this plant
needs a lot of water. So for it to be alive,
there has to be a watersource just below the surface. Yeah. There must be some
sort of spring,because I know that the
water table in this river’sgot to be lower than this. Yeah. That is wet mud, for sure. Oh, yeah. It’s in there. Look at that. Water. Oh, this is good. This is good. And it’s really cold. This is coming from
somewhere deep underground. – Large sand grains
like these hold nearly twiceas much water as fine sand. It’s an incredible find. And it’ll keep me out of
danger for a few more hours. It’s getting really
easy to dig now. Oh, yeah. There’s water. Yup. Nice. Muddy water, but it’s water. I’ll wet this cloth. – Since this spring
comes from deep underground,it’s not likely to be
contaminated by animal wasteor flying insects
carrying diseases, makingit my best option for drinking. It’s gritty water. But this is great. I am really happy
with what I got. – I may not
find any more water today. So I need to make
the most of this. Basically, I’m held
hostage to this waterholeuntil I get my fill of water
as much as I can drink,because I don’t know if I’ll be
this lucky as I keep moving on.

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