how to make a survival bow

so in today’s video I’m gonna show you
how I make a survival bowok so the wood i use to making bows is
willow like the one you see herebut my all-time favorite is ash and the way you
can identify ash is by the little budsthat grow in the end of the twigs and
it’s great at withstanding pressure sothats why its my all times favorite ok so
let’s say you wanna make a proper bowthat’s gonna last year’s and years is a
quick little tip that will save you hours upon hoursof time now the first thing you do is stripped
down the bark and then you wanna cut anotch out the top like this now what
you want to do is draw the design of thebow on to the wood ok now you want to saw
down to the line that you madenow put your knife on the notch that you made and then hammer
down with a stick and make sure youand make sure you twist the knifeand it will take of the bits of wood and this will save you about four hours away and it’s
a pretty neat little trick to knowthat’s not the type of bow we are making
today the type of all we’re making todayis out of ash and alot of people call
this a stick bow because it basically isit just has to be the right type now the bottom of the stick is going to be thicker then the top of the stickso you want to carve a bit of the wood away so it’s the samethickness as the top of the stick and
this will give the bow a nice even curvei like to make my bow
taller than my shoulder or about thesame size and that makes a decent size
bow now you want to do is carve a notch outof the bottom and thats going to hold the string in placenow all thats left to do is string it upand there it is all done reddy to shootnow the arrows im using for this are ones that i made at homeand non of them have sharp points on now the up side to this is no one can get hurtbut the down side to it is the arrows will not fly as straight as it would if it had a tip on the endok so i going to be shooting for this tree and its about the same size as a manyou know incase people try to storm the castleok so as you can see im not very goodnow the down side to using a bow like thismore often then not you have to use instinct shootingand thats something that comes to you with a lot of practise its not something you pickup right awaybut after a bit more practise i got my eye in and was hitting the targetok so the reason i keep using this show is just to show you how power full these types of bows can benow this bows strength is about the same as a 40 pound bowok so this is the down side to using a bow like this it really dose mess up your knuckles because the arrow rests on just your handso what you want to do is find a free inch long stick and cut almost all the way threw it and then take the excess would off so it looks something like thisand thats whats going to make your arrow rest now all you have to do is attach it to the bow and your reddy to shootand you can see even after the first day of using this bow my accuracy picked up a lotok now lets try distanceok so the arrows went over a 100 feet away so like i say these bows can be very power fullthe down side to it is they lose the power over timeafter a bit more time using bows like this i got very good at instinct shooting and could pretty much hit any target i likedthe down side to using instinct shooting is one day you will hit every target and another day you will missok so i hope you liked this video and i hope you found it help full

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