How to Make the Most Unique Primitive Bow Step by Step – bamboo sinew composite bow

remove broken limbgiant timber bambooshape new limb with raspremoving waxy layer on back of limbgrooving back of limbglue parts on new limbshape griptwisting sinew apartpreparing in bundlesmixing gluesoaking sinew off broken limb to reusewarming glue to correct consistencycombing sinew into flat sheetsadding water to keep moistapply glue to all partsboth sidesset sinew sheet in placesmooth down with wet fingerswrap handle and siyahsapply more gluereverse string and let cureremoving excess sinew and shaping of limbsflat even thicknesssandpaper to bring into tillerchecking power balance – knee tilleringconstantly checking thicknessremoving high spotsmaintaining side profile tapercounting strokes keeping limbs equalchecking tiller and power balanceneeds to bend enough to be strungpreparing siyahs for stringchecking profilesmall knee correctionfeeling balance in handfix stiff spotscleaning edgesremoving tool marksleather dyenatural cordage wrappingbowyers markapplying waxbalancing limbs before shooting

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