How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout – EPIC HOW TO

Hey guys its episodes brought to you by Mafia 3 family is who you die for? Nuclear war it’s not just a thing in Fantasy worlds Like fallout 4 the 1980s the threat is real y’all and if you have any hope of surviving the Nuclear Winter, you’re gonna need to listen up Get ready. This is Epic How To Survive Nuclear fallout How likely is an all-out Nuclear war?According to a 2008 study by Stanford engineering? Professor Martin Hellman, each person on Planet Earth has a 10% probability of dying from a nuclear attack That’s a thousand more times likely than dying from radiation to living near a nuclear power plant So how do you survive the most powerful weapon man’s ever created? first you’re going to want to be prepared put together a supply kit filled with non-perishable food, water, a battery-Powered radio, a Flashlight and batteries better yet make two and keep one at home and one in your car you’re also going to want to steer clear of potential targets areas like military bases, government buildings, financial buildings, power plants, ports and Airfields are among some of the most likely places to be bombed But no matter how prepared you are you’re no match for a nuclear bomb. If a ten kiloton bomb were dropped on a midtown Manhattan it could half a million people and cause 1 trillion dollars of property and economic damages And that’s a Nuke smaller than the one used on Hiroshima in 1945 When the bombs start dropping you’re gonna need to make it through the initial blast and the only way to do that is to be As far away from the bomb as possible. If you’re within one third of a mile radius of a ten kiloton nuclear bomb you’re toast. Playin’ it simple ashes silhouettes even 3/4 of a mile is enough to give a human being a lethal dose of radiation and level most buildings You’re only safe if you’re over a mile away from the bomb and needless to say the further away the better Duh and while you’re getting out of the blast radius make sure you don’t turn around and look no matter how tempted you are When a nuclear bomb detonates, it creates a flash of light that several times brighter than the sun Looking at it can cause temporary or permanent blindness next you’re gonna want to take shelter in a nearby building But not just any building will do according to us government research You’re gonna want to find somewhere made of thick brick or concrete look for somewhere with little to no windows Basements of taller buildings like office or apartment complexes are best that will limit your exposure to only one hundredth of the nukes Radiation but what if you’re not near shelter should you risk going outside? Take you [5] minutes to get to good shelter head there immediately [experts] say a quality shelter offsets the risk of [5] minutes of exposure to radiation it’s worth it If it’s 15 minutes away stay in your shelter for 30 minutes then head out After 30 minutes are going to be exposed to more radiation in your subpar shelter than if you were outside Away in the options here checks and balances of radiation poisoning Anything further than that stay where you are? Los Angeles County health [director] Jonathan fielding advises that staying where you are even in inadequate shelter could prevent many Radiation related illnesses if you can’t find shelter at all your best bet of surviving is staying low to the ground Covering your head and neck with your arms this minimizes your risk of dying due to flying Debris if you’ve survived the initial blast Congratulations. Now. You have to deal with exposure to radiation Nuclear fallout from Estimates three weeks after Detonation depending on the wind speed rain and weather [pattern] so you’re going to want to stay put for a little while Experts recommend staying in your shelter for at least two weeks after [that] the radioactive fallout is only at 1% of its initial radiation level hopefully your shelter was underground if so Lucky you, you’re safe from radiation the Earth’s surface Will have absorbed most of it scrounge up? Whatever food and water you can and watch out for any falling radioactive Debris If you are above ground during the blast you are too huge risk for radiation sickness which causes Extreme nausea vomiting fever and even death stay away from heavy winds or wide open areas at a lower elevation than the blast site that’s where the Radioactive material tends to settle before you head on the ground make sure to wash [your] skin and hair with soap and water to decontaminate Yourself even though you want your post [bum] drop in hair to be full of volume do not use conditioner It will bind the radioactive material [through] your hair Scrub down your clothing [-] [its] contaminated Removing just the outer layer if your clothing can remove up to 90% of radioactive material [it] might also want to take some potassium iodide if you take some within the first day of radiation exposure [it] will prevent your thyroid from absorbing some of the harmful radiation but What if it’s not just one new what if tons of nukes went off in the world has plunged into post-apocalyptic society now [what] you ask me, shut up, let me talk first get out of any major cities Not only the big cities lack suitable land for post-apocalyptic living and farming but the huge amount of Dead bodies So get the heck away from your decaying brothers and sisters. They’re dead they don’t matter let them go let your [emotions] go You’re gonna want to make sure you have proper clothing without Modern heating and electricity a post-apocalyptic Society is going to be a lot more Exposed to the Elements [a] good pair of hiking boots will also help since you’re going to be spending most of your days foraging for supplies [great] a nearby pharmacy for medicine is the thing that I don’t get to say very often and I biotics like penicillin are your first? Priority as they’re going to help cheer common diseases and infections You’re also going to want to get Antiseptics in case you get cut strange as it sounds you might want to head [to] a golf course What you’re looking for are the deep-cycle batteries used to power golf carts these batteries [are] better than car batteries because they can be recharged later Extremely helpful in a world without electricity [am] I right you’re also going to want an alternator because it can convert movement into electricity and will recharge your deep cell battery Next head to [a] supermarket you’re obviously going to want to eat all the perishable meat with Produce first before it goes bad But the real prize are the canned goods with their long expiration dates. Here’s a fun stat you never thought You’d need the camp good section of an average supermarket has enough food to last a single person 55 years 63 if you also eat the dog [food] and cat food and why wouldn’t you delicious? And if you see any beer or soda feel free to snag them according to a 1956 study by the us atomic energy commission They’re gonna be fine, and what’s better than a nice cold lager when you’re watching the end of the world, right? Well look at that. You did [it] my friend you survived a nuclear bomb wasn’t so bad was it Not like it was [the] end of the world Like like parts of it or whatever, but you got a lot of things to look forward to like Surviving by the skin of your teeth the navy populating the Earth with somebody that you may not be Physically or emotionally attracted you what you need to further on the [species], so you’re just gonna Do it you are a good guy or girl. This has been epic ow – Thanks again – Mafia 3 for sponsoring this episode

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