I Survived 100 Days of Hardcore ARK Extinction and this is what happened.

yo guys it’s your boy mr rums here  today i’m here to take you on a journey through 
my 100 day playthrough of ARK extinction  not just any simple playthrough of ARK 
extinction but a hardcore playthrough  where we’re only allowed one life whether it be 
by our hands or the hands of a dinosaur or the  unforgiving environment and flora and fauna of 
arc extinction before we get into it i’d like to  give a quick shout out to two people luke the 
notable and zany zebra both early adopters of  the 100 day hardcore playthrough series and both 
true legendary survivors definitely take some time  to go check out one of their videos you won’t 
be disappointed day one i spawned in the city  biome and quickly made my way to my potential 
base spot looks like it’s already claimed by  the alphas but to my surprise my base location 
was already inhabited by a pretty rude tenant  thankfully i prepared for this and the ichthy 
was no match for my bullets my primitive spear  and my little monkey friend many of the extinction 
city ruins have a never-ending water supply  and the best thing about these spots is no 
sarcos or piranhas can spawn in these waters  this is good news because my second hardcore 
attempt was quickly ended by a sarco  safe and sound day two wasn’t overly exciting i 
mostly spent my time learning engrams and starting  to build a little rudimentary base the best thing 
about this location is that no mobs will spawn up  here with the exception of some mixtures like we 
already seen but they’re pretty easy to deal with  as long as you have some bolas i didn’t have to 
go far to gather a bunch of materials for tranqs  and started focusing on getting some levels so 
i can get some much needed weight day three i  pumped a bunch of levels into weight and went 
out gathering all the stone and flint that i  could find as you guys know you need a ton of the 
core resources just to get a little base going  i was able to make a forge with the materials i 
gathered and continued on my deforestation quest  i was able to get some good stone foundations 
down and put up some primitive batch walls just  to give me a little privacy day 4 i continued the 
breaking bad simulator and i came across a really  sweet pair of wheels actually i think i’m gonna 
pass up on this guy even though he’d be useless  as a mount taking him out and harvesting him will 
provide us with quite a bit of hide and raw meet  where’s your friends live i spent the rest of my 
day touring the town and meeting all the locals  none of them were very friendly but 
neither was i so that was alright  i followed around the local terminators and 
just harvested the hides from all of their hunts  this was great i thought i had it all 
figured out until i accidentally hit an  enforcer with my axe while harvesting 
no no no no no no no no pull a goat  my first hardcore attempt ended to one of 
those guys so i’m happy i made it out alive  day five i found one of santiago’s logs which 
provided me with a nice xp buff i immediately  put this xp buff to work and started taking out 
as many things as i could get it boy get a boy  get a boy get a boy at this game stage you 
really have to pick your fights wisely so i  chose all the slow animals and not the brontos oh 
i also came across the potentially suitable mount  this pt was level 20 but at this game stage that’s 
kind of like it being max i already had a hundred  kite in from following around the terminators so 
i quickly made a saddle you’ll have to do he tamed  out at level 30 but on day six i came across one 
that was at its space level before it was tamed  pts only take a couple track arrows to the head 
so they’re perfect pack mule teams at this point  of the game i use these pts as pack mules to 
get a bunch of metal and stone up to my base  but the only thing that’s better than 
a pt for a pack meal at this state  is a tapi and i was lucky enough to come 
across one why is it always gonna be bugs  after dealing with these venomous little pests 
i quickly put my sights back on the tappy  tappi’s team up super easy but getting close 
to one to be able to bullet it is a totally  different ball game on top of that i had a 
whole bunch of fans that i had to tend to  before i could take care of the tappy you little 
mates are lucky i have to play it safe i spent  most of day 7 doing this after dealing with the 
threats i quickly put my sights back on the tapi  thankfully he was still there and didn’t 
get spooked from all the commotion  day 8 was spent doing the typical taming cycle 
bullying knocking out finding meat to tame them  and eventually taming them while the tapi 
was taming i came across this parasaur  having a parasaur even at level 20 would 
definitely increase my level of play  you’re gonna fit right in buddy i spent the rest 
of day eight taming these guys and collecting  all the stuff i need to make their saddles 
what you need a smithy for a tappy saddle  i couldn’t make the tappy saddle but i 
was able to craft the parasaur saddle  while i was doing this though we ran into one 
of the local terminators tappy no i just got you  the tapajara didn’t make it but thankfully 
i was already mounted on my parasaur  so i could make a quick escape 
give him a good arc burial  after properly mourning the loss of the taffy 
me and my parasaurs set off to greener pastures  and though day 9 was filled with a lot of 
grief we had to keep cool heads and push on  day 10 i took all my berries and gathered up all 
my pt’s and made my way back to base i need a ton  of tracks just to get this playthrough rolling 
so that was the biggest thing on my to do list  but like always i can never go back to 
base and not do a little base upgrading  i split all my meat in the stacks 
of one and waited for it to spoil  as all that meat is rotting in my inventory me 
and my pt went out for a test drive i also was  able to tech up a little bit i was able to make 
a spy glass with the crystal that i harvested  which is a huge upgrade you would think i’d be 
a huge target with all this rotting meat on me  as day 11 rolled around i was pleasantly surprised 
with this stego trapped between these tree roots  can’t get me here bud after the long and 
arduous process of tracking this guy i  finally had him dropped this is exactly 
the kind of thing that i love about ark  our level 75 stego tamed out at level 
112 afterwards at this game stage a  level 112 stego is a great addition but 
there was only one problem he was stuck  thank you vouch foundation with a little luck 
and a little help from the arc physics i was  able to get this stego unstuck and on day 12 i 
was able to really feel the fruits of my labor  more like the berries of my labor as i grinded 
towards a whole inventory full of narcoberries  i stumbled across another taffy i probably 
would have passed up on him but i was still  mourning the loss of my last tapagera and this 
guy had a little bit of the event colors in him  so i had to grab him after my new tappy tamed up i 
gathered up the whole crew and we took to the base  once we got back to base i put my stego to work 
mowing the lawn this gave me tons more berries  at this point i had 1300 narco berries and even 
more in my stego this was going to give us enough  tracks for a long time day 13 i spoiled a bunch 
more meat and loaded it up in my mortar and pestle  i also had to take my new tapi for a spin day 14 
me and my tapi ventured down towards the green  obelisk i’m sure all of you already know if you 
played extinction but a lot of rg’s spawn towards  the green obelisk not just rg’s but t-rex’s as 
well so this was a great spot to start building  some traps yeah this trap is not state of the 
art at all after farming up all the materials  and building my janky trap it was time to go 
out and scout an rg my tappy and i took to the  skies and we eventually found ourselves a good 
candidate day 15 was crowned rg day i spent most  of my morning trying to get the rg in the trap 
but i successfully got him stuck after a little  while after what seemed like forever i was able 
to successfully get to rg trapped and tracked  at this game state level 55 was the highest i 
was able to scout but even a level 55 rg can  carry a lot more than my character or any of 
my pt’s or my tappies i had to reference the  handy dodo decks to see how long it would take to 
tame and how much kibble or raw meat i would need  this is not sponsored it’s just a really handy 
tool if you’re an arc player thanks to the local  supply of prime me i was able to get close to 100 
efficiency and then once he tamed up i learned  the engram for his saddle and gave him a fitting 
name i can’t count how many orgies i’ve named rg  day 16 it was back to base with my rg and my 
tappy i was also able to upgrade to the glass  water skins no more constant trips to the water 
supply and since the rg doubles as a smithy i was  able to make a bunch of behemoth gates while 
i was out farming metal and core resources  i was also able to make a ton of stone 
walls thanks to the rg’s high wave  and for the first time in a while i didn’t feel 
as exposed as i did before the rg’s are actual  tanks in this game and they can take out dinos 
that are even way higher than they are and much  thanks to the rg on day 17 i was able to upgrade 
some tools and get a much needed flak armor set  i also had to learn the engram for 
the long neck as well as craft one  this will come in handy when i have a 
little bit more metal and tracks to spare  but on day 18 it was time to address one 
of my other concerns oh baby 135 racks  i got so lucky and i was able to find a 
135 rex out here on your green obelisk  and to my surprise the wrecks actually got 
stuck underneath one of these overhanging rocks  i had to clear out the rest of the area around 
this rex to make sure nothing messed with my team  give me that prime meat but 
since i was already taming a rex  it was like killing two birds with one stone 
as i needed a bunch of prime meat for this tame  good rex stay right there stay right there rex but 
after tracking it for quite a while my anxiety got  the best of me and i already had these behemoth 
gates and i knew i’d be coming back here to tame  more rexes in the future so i might as well 
make a trap around him before he gets unstuck  much comfier little did i know at the time 
this decision may have saved my life or the  whole playthrough that’s because after 
i cleared out all the surrounding dinos  it made room for more dinosaurs to spawn and spawn 
they did however we can worry about that later i’m  safe inside my rex tank once again i had to 
reference the handy dodo decks and as i was  tapped out i heard something banging on the doors 
of the trap the traps closed for the night man  however my orgy made short work of the 
carno and i was able to gather more than  enough prime meat to obtain this wreck and about 
halfway through day 19 the rex was finally tamed  and i gave him a very fitting name tomato after 
he was tamed there was only one thing to do  gather a bunch of cementing 
page from the local beaverswith all this extra wood i got from the beaver 
dams i decided to make another behemoth gate  now this trap isn’t just a trap but a little base 
that i can store my dinos in while i’m down near  green off having a secure little spot like this 
will definitely come in handy at least until i get  cryopods i noticed this explorer note towards the 
top of my trap so me and my rex made our way up to  the top to grab it quick tomato loves explorer 
notes with rxb buff in hand me and tomatoes set  out to get some much needed levels i’d really 
like to get some cryopods from from drop soon  so it’s really important that i level up tomato 
but if we hope to survive in the harsh wastelands  of extinction we’re going to need some ghillie 
armor tomato was able to gather all the organic  polymer we’d need so all i had to do was 
gather all the fiber with my metal sickle  and once we were decked out in ghillie it was time 
to take to the wastelands the corrupted dinos are  like an xp farm in this game as long as you have a 
dino that can handle a wave of 4-5 for up to dinos  day 21 was pretty much spending the duration 
of my expino out in the wastelands farming  corrupted dinos on our way back to base 
i heard a meteor dropping in the distance  so me and meatball took to the 
wastelands to mark it out on our map  yeah this rg’s name is meatball now if you 
open your map and hit p you can place markers  it’s super handy but you have to be dismounted day 
22 our detour ended and we made it back to base  where we finally place down our fabricator and 
loaded it up with all the polymer we farmed  these corrupted nodules that you get from the 
corrupted dinos works just the same as polymer  but unlike hard polymer it expires just like 
organic polymer so it’s important to use it up  before it fully expires as we were farming for 
all the stuff we needed to get our base out of  the stone age and into the electrical era we 
ran into arch enemy number one ichthyornis  although i was much better equipped this time and 
by day 23 i had a full inventory of electricals  a bunch of behemoth gates and a bunch of stone 
so i could finally start my real base the ruins  right across the bridge from where i initially 
set up will make for a really good base location  you can pretty much gate the whole 
thing off with four behemoth gates  and a bunch of the smaller gates 
and i think it’s really economical  plus it’ll give us a bunch of room to expand when 
we have more dinos and we want to start breeding  i’m sure you guys know how easy it is to 
get carried away with the building and arc  so i tried to add all the really important 
clips without getting carried away too much  with my gates up i felt my base was very secure 
the only problem i had was this giant hole right  in the middle of my base all this pillaring it’s 
just like official and so day 24 i started the  long and arduous process of ground pillaring 
so that i could build ceilings above them  thankfully i didn’t have to pill her down 
all the way to the ground for every ceiling  and since i don’t have a dodec 
yet this was all done by hand  so i’m sure you guys can understand how much 
time this took with just an axe by day 25 my  main base was really starting to come together the 
only thing that i was truly lacking on was metal  so i took meatball out to harvest a bunch of 
metal and i made a forage to place in my new base  after i got my metal smelting i 
decided to go out exploring on day 26  tomato was still back at base so i marked the 
drop and went back to base to grab him by day  27 tomato was completely healed up and i took 
him out to this blue drop to see how he’d managethis is going to be a cakewalk i 
eat corrupted dinos for breakfasttomato is making short work of this blue drop 
although it is a blue drop it’s been so long since  i soloed one of these drops on a rex so i really 
wasn’t sure what to expect but i guess i shouldn’t  be surprised considering he’s a nearly max team 
rex on one of the easiest drops on extinction  however up until this point we were still using 
craftables and primitive gear so everything that  we got from this would be a huge tech upgrade 
give me the loop give me the loop we got a ton  of good stuff but what i was most excited 
about was all these really nice cryopods  these things are a huge quality of life 
improvement on day 28 we spotted a 140 male anki  we didn’t have a trap close to base yet so that 
was the first course of action but thankfully that  blue osd gave us a bunch of stone materials 
that we could easily make a trap with nicewith the trap made the last thing we had to 
do was get the anki in the trap thankfully  he was waiting very patiently next to this trap 
the whole time i quickly replaced some of the  walls with some doors that i could shoot through 
and started the process of tracking the stankyafter a short while the yankee went 
down and was ready to be starved and fed  i can already smell the metal and by the end of 
day 28 our anki was tamed and ready to be cry out  man i don’t know how i played without cryoson day 29 i took my new anki name 
hanky out to gather some metal  hanky was making short work of all these metal 
nodes and he was a great addition to our group  oh baby jackpot we also spotted a wild dung 
beetle which i quickly tamed the name dungyand today’s our lucky day 
we found another 145 anki  we quickly trapped him and went 
out to gather supplies to tame himand while we were gathering berries 
we came across this 145 iguanodon  we quickly put him up next to 
our trap and cranked him outthe city is a very hostile environment 
with all these little techs running around  so i choose to tranq everything and trap 
everything up here on this little pillarand to continue my luck i found a 150 stego 
not just a 150 stego but a 150 text lego  i didn’t have a trap on the ground 
and i couldn’t pick him up with my rg  so i quickly made this little 
trap here in the corneronce the stego was trapped we referenced 
our handy dodo decks once again this is  not sponsored by dododex in any way i just 
couldn’t recommend it more to an arc playerthe rest of day 29 was pretty much spent 
cranking out this stego and feeding him  as well as getting our anki knocked outwe got a lot of really good teams 
today and the best thing about it  is that i can cry on law and 
easily get him back to base  just look at that beautiful stego the stego 
tlc is probably one of my favorite tlc’sday 30 we got everybody back to base 
and i named my other aunkie panky  and we put the new tech stego to work 
mowing the grass at our new base location  we started to outfit the rest of the base with 
a fabi and some more pestle and mortars with all  these high level herbivores gathering berries 
is a breeze so i continued stockpiling all the  tracks i could i also got another smithy made and 
managed to put that down right next door if abby  on day 31 i felt like it was time to start 
looking for some better teams so i referenced  the arc fandoms resource map and started looking 
for some gigas and some rex spawns close by  unfortunately i didn’t come across the giga just 
yet but i did manage to find another 130 rex  and it was really close by to 
the trap that we made previouslygetting this guy into the trap was no problem  but it wasn’t just the wrecks that i 
had to deal with we also had company  we had an alpha raptor right outside of our trap 
and alpha raptors have been known to aggro to  structures just like these behemoth gates and 
it wasn’t just the raptor i had to deal with  it seemed like ark had spawned a ton of 
aggressive animals right next to my trap  i left tomato at base so it was kind of up 
to my rg to try to get the alpha raptor stuckhowever by day 32 i managed to get the alfa 
raptor far enough away from the trap to  where i was comfortable tracking out this rex 
tomatoes gonna be so happy to have a girlfriendi spent the rest of the day harvesting prime 
and babysitting this racks to be honest i was  very worried that this alpha raptor was going 
to come in and ruin my taming effectiveness  below and behold the rex teamed up and he 
was level 194 when it was all said and doneday 33 it was time to take out my 
frustrations on this alpharaptor the  alpha was level 100 and he was growing in power 
every minute so i had to do something about it  our new lady rex had a very powerful 
voice so i had to give her a fitting name  afterwards i cried mariah carey and went 
out looking for some dodecs or some beavers  there’s one i had no luck on the dodecs but i 
managed to find a couple beavers so i quickly  built a trap on day 34 and tried to trap one and 
after spending all that time building a trap and  luring the beaver into the trap he disappeared 
through the water never to be seen again  and so the rest of the day was spent 
decimating the local population and  exporting them for their resources i did manage 
to trap a level 55 beaver so he’ll do for nowday 35 was pretty much spent scouring 
the entire map for a high level dodicarus  and all my hard work would pay off when 
i finally made it to the desert biome  and i found not one but two high-level dodec’si quickly threw up a trap and wasted no time 
getting the dodec’s trapped holiday colorshaving a trap in the desert biome is 
super important as there’s a lot of  high-level carnos that patrol this area i work 
through the night to get these dodecs tamed  and by day 36 i had two dodec’s ready to take 
back to base which i named dumb and dumberday 37 was hitting up this yellow drop 
that i noticed on my way back to base  mariah carey was still low hp so i took 
tomato out and he made short work of this osd  i literally almost lost this rex i got a ton 
of really good core resources as well as a  bunch more cryopods which are a welcome 
addition day 38 was all about harvesting  it was time to put these dodec’s to good use 
and get some much needed melee levels in them  the whole base is really starting to come together 
now i feel like i have most of everything that i  need to get a good base up and running the only 
things i was severely lacking on was storage space  for items and dinos so i got to work making a bolt 
and started putting down some more stone floors  day 39 it was time to put all my 
accumulated narcotics and tracks to work  i made for the snow biome and i set up a trap  this trap is going to help me easily tame up 
a bunch of snow owls and maybe even a good rg  i spent most of the day building if i wasn’t 
harvesting for materials for the build  and by the end of the day i had a working 
trap that i could easily get a snow owl into  i spent the rest of the night and a lot of day 
40 looking for an appropriate level snow owl 140. once i found one i quickly 
lured him back to my trap  and shut the doors it’s just me and you now buddybefore long i had the snow owl 
knocked out and ready to be tamed  he tamed out at 209 which is 
pretty good for my first snow owlthe rest of the night i spent looking for snow 
owls but i came across this level 75 mana and  quickly trapped him between two gates 
day 41 was spent knocking out this mana  he tamed out at level 112 which isn’t great 
but it’s better than nothing at this pointas night started to fall i came across this 
really cool looking rg he was super high level  and a lot better than the rg that i had i’m gonna 
name you code red by the morning of day 42 our  rg had tamed up and i appropriately named 
him mountain dew code red he’s so rare  day 43 i came across this mammoth he was pretty 
high level and i had some behemoth gates to use  so i put him to work i never liked 
to snowball i’m on extinction  so i had to seize the opportunity 
to grab a 140 mammoth while i could  i named her mama and i put her in a cryopod 
356 melee day 44 i got a glimpse of a giga  for the first time but it was way too low to start 
gaming i did however run across this 140 mail managet in the trap buddyi spent the rest of the evening knocking out this 
mana a 140 mana at this game stage is huge big manday 45 i came across the deodon theodons 
are super useful for boss fights  so i had to trap him and track him let me outafter taking care of the deodon i came 
across a snow owl on the morning of day 46. he was level 140 this is 
super super lucky big snowday 47 i started the long journey home i’m really 
proud of my taming expedition in the snow biome  we got a lot of really helpful teams day 48 
was all about crafting i made a bunch of cable  intersections to start getting some electricity 
in my base and on day 49 i finally placed my jennythere’s nothing sweeter than the sound of a jenny 
i continued placing all my cable intersections  with a bunch of miscellaneous electrical stuff 
like lamp posts and fridges and by day 50 i’d  make even rockwell proud i’m starting to look like 
a rich little survivor in my little ghillie outfit  i took care of my storage problem and started 
working on the irrigation system for my base  after i had an irrigation system day 
51 was spent building a real greenhouse  the best thing about this base 
location is that it allows for  a greenhouse on the interior of the base 
and we’re going to need a lot of kibble  day 52 i made a ton of air conditioners 
and started work on another projecti’m going gonna place a bunch of metal ceilings 
above these air conditioners to hide all of the  air conditioners but still be able to hatch eggs 
here this will be my temporary hatchery i’m just  really excited to try to breed up some of those 
manas we got and by day 53 we had a baby mana  i don’t think i made my hatchery big enough 
so i’ll build a bigger one in the future  but i just wanted to see if it would work for 
now on the morning of day 54 we spotted our  first quetzel we really need a quetzal if we 
don’t want to use snow owls for the boss fight  then we definitely would like to have a 
quetzal but that’s way too low we spent  the rest of the day searching and on day 55 
we made our way into the underground biome  we definitely needed to get some gotcha 
production going so it was a worthwhile pit stopcome on element we continued taming a bunch 
of gotchas with our snow owl but we didn’t  have any luck finding an element one though we 
did get some pearls so those are pretty good  on day 56 we ran back to the snow biome 
to try to get a better mana to breedour luck finding high level manas this time was 
a lot better we found two level 135s and a 140.   we are definitely spoiled for choice 
so we decided to take them allday 57 we found another mana and this one was a 
140 female this is definitely a welcome addition  and on day 58 we came across 
the near max level snow owl  so we had to grab him actually 
we came across two of themand if our luck couldn’t get any better 
on day 59 we came across the 140 giga  oh baby you’re coming home with me i unfortunately 
didn’t have enough uh tranqs to knock him out  so i built a trap and got him trapped 
before he ran off the side of the mapcome on baby just get in the trap get in the trapphewday 60 we made a quick trip back to base 
to repair our long neck our crossbow and  make some more tracks while we were here we 
also decided to make up a bunch of kibblefor everything but a giga i’d 
probably just tame it with prime  but because it’s a giga having 
kibble is probably very importantit also gave me a good excuse to use 
up all those rex eggs i’ve accumulated  once again i had to check dodo decks to make 
sure i had enough kibble and track arrowsand if it couldn’t get any better when i came back 
it seemed like the giga was stuck against the wall  which made for very easy tracking oh yes 
total game changer total game changer it  took most of the day to get him starved 
out and tamed and thankfully i put the  kibble on him before my character passed 
out from dehydration what is this gameand by the morning of day 61 our giga was tamed 
out at 140 melee which isn’t too bad i still need  to find a mate for him so we can start breeding 
up some better gigas for the boss fights but this  is a really good start day 62 i put my giga to 
work building a suitable giga pen i went a little  overboard with the pen but i had a ton of metal 
to spend so you know how it goes home sweet home  the ruins offer such great protection already and 
a really cool base location as well my biggest  base on official was built in the same location 
so i already know what you can and can’t do here  i spent the rest of my day outfitting my 
base with cable intersections and making  some cool green and purple lights and on day 63 
i decided to put some of my dyes to use on tomato  big mom is going to need a paint job too 
the rest of the day i spent crafting cable  intersections and air conditioners for my 
next big project this is gonna look so cooli placed a bunch of air conditioners underneath 
this glass tile inside of my gigapen and yeah  it’ll allow me to do some breeding on the inside 
in style and with all these good snow owls we  just got i decided to put my hatchery to the 
test i really don’t like selective breeding  after naming all the snow owls with their 
appropriate stats we started to wait for  some babies to pop and by the morning of day 
65 we had a few juvenile babies to take care of  but like any good father i left i’ll be 
right back kids i gotta go to the gas station  really though babies gotta eat and they 
need a ton of raw meat so that’s what i did  for the remainder of the day if you kids get 
hungry there’s some spaghettios in the coverand after multiple meat runs i had enough raw 
meat to raise maybe a dozen or so snow owls  come on give me some mutations day 66 was 
spent hand-feeding all these snow owlsfinally a mutation  i also breeded up a little mana with one of the 
new breeding pairs i picked up in the snow biomeday 67 i realized i didn’t have enough 
troughs so i made a bunch more and filled  them up with my mana on meat runs be 
back soon kids be good for your mom  on my meat run i found myself in the wasteland 
and i came across the low level giga unfortunately  it’s not high enough for a breeding pair i also 
gathered another note and since all my troughs  were already filled up i decided i put this note 
to good use and try to get some levels in my giga  yellow drops are very easy on a giga 
as long as you position the mouth just  right it’s pretty easy to solo them on a gig give 
me some ascendant tools please my giga was flying  through the levels and since i was only leveling 
melee i didn’t have to wait for his hp to heal  i was feeling really good about this drop and i 
thought there would be nothing that could stop me  the drop was going so well and i was 
pumping all the melee damage into my giga  until the unthinkable happenedwhat is this areas i’m sure you guys can see a meteor shower 
started as i was on the final waves of the drop  thankfully though i was able to 
take cover in these deserted ruins  and there goes the neighborhood my gig 
got stuck as i was trying to flee the drop  i was really cutting it close for time the second 
that i got my giga into the safety of the ruins  the meteor shower really started that would 
have been my giga i know wild card severely  nerfed the damage from the meteor showers but 
i really didn’t want to chance it on this giga  as the meteor shower ended and day 68 drew 
to a close i started to head back to base  but on day 69 on my way back to base i 
stumbled across this blue drop when in romesince i was already here and the last drop 
was a complete disaster i figured i’d wait  it out and take on this drop with my giga 
and my mana you guys make this look so easyafter what happened the day before at the yellow 
drop i was so close to just walking past this  drop and heading back to base but after being 
showered with loot i couldn’t be more happy with  my decision to hit the drop up on day 70 i did a 
bunch of bass stuff i made a bunch of war maps and  finally got some more cooked meat at this point 
i was still using pretty much primitive tools  so i was trying to pump as much stuff out of the 
catches as i could you can get gotchas to produce  these colorful crystals with about anything but 
i like to make war maps as they’re really easy to  make and the gauchos seem to really like them 
i still had almost a half a volt of wood from  farming for my war maps so i decided i’d make 
a bunch of these taxonomy bases this is so cool  in all of my playthroughs and my thousands 
of hours of arc i really never even used  the dermis tool or the taxidermy bases so 
i may have gotten a little carried away  on day 72 i took one of my snow owls and said 
to this guy i had a certain target in mind  and after searching for most of the day i 
finally found him a 144 male tech quetzal  i previously ran into this guy as i was 
farming raw meat out in the wastelands  and i spooked him so i knew he’d 
be close to 50 50 on the mapunfortunately i wasn’t able to 
freezebomb him onto the ground  but after a while of following him i got him stuck 
in this little trap i made sweet sweet victoryi went a little overboard with my trap but 
there was no way i was letting this guy  escape after all this work taming a quetzal off 
the ground is probably the most ideal situation  just because there’s a lot of nasties and 
carnivores on the ground but i have to admit  i got super lucky to get him stuck up here 
after waiting for most of the evening for  him to tame up i decided to check on him and 
i noticed he started to fall out of our trapoh nohowever i came prepared to tame him on the ground 
anyways so it was easy to defend him with my cryo  giga and it wasn’t long before he was tamed up and 
we finally had ourselves a high level tech quetzal  in extinction it’s really easy to solo the desert 
titan with a quetzal and we’ll get into that in a  little bit i was so excited to have a quetzal this 
means we could take on the desert titan with ease  i ran back to base the next day and 
quickly made the platform saddleday 73 was all about making him a saddle and 
getting him set up for the next boss fight  soloing the desert titan is a 
real breeze if you’re able to  get a kletzel with a platform saddle 
that has at least a little bit of hp  so i began syncing all the foundations closer 
to the level of the platform saddle this will  allow me to build a little bunker on top of the 
platform saddle that i can easily hide in when i’m  fighting the desert titan and if i get knocked 
off i can easily access the ride on the saddle  and after my saddle was good to go i threw 
some stairs on the back of it and decided to  take hanky out for some metal gathering i’m sure a 
lot of you guys already know but a nike on a quetz  platform saddle is a really good way to gather 
metal you can pretty much slot cap your anki  as all the mobility is up to the quetzal this was 
pretty much the majority of day 74. i was able to  pretty much slot cap both of my indie forges 
and by day 74 i set out for the desert biome  so that i could start collecting the artifacts 
for the boss fight this cave is the worst with  a little perseverance to the annoyances of the 
cave i was able to make my way to the boss areayou were going on passiveand with my new artifact in hand 
i went over to the boss terminal  to take inventory on all the stuff that i’ll 
need to summon the desert titan after a quick  trip back to base i made my way to the snow 
biome so i could grab the artifact of the void  and with all the stuff that i brought from base 
i decided i’d make another trip to the tribute  terminal so i could make a cryo fridge why 
can’t you just craft these in city terminals  getting back out of the snow cave was more than a 
hassle level 245 dire bear that should be illegal  however this little trip into the snow 
biome would definitely pay off once i found  out what was in this yellow drop ascendant 
tools ascendant tools to send tools please  i was really hoping for an ascendant hatchet but 
what i got was even better a 336 long neck rifle  on day 77 i set my sights on collecting all 
the materials i would need to summon the bosses  in the forbidden zone you can find a bunch 
of corrupted wyverns and corrupted rexes  which are definitely needed for the boss fight 
after massacring every corrupted dino i seen  i started to make my way back to base 
and on day 78 i finally had a cryo fridge  better late than never i took inventory on 
all the stuff i needed to summon the bosses  and i realized i had enough to summon the 
desert titan so i started loading everything  up in my quetzalcoat and we took for the desert 
biome by day 79 we were in the desert biome  and i parked my quetzal on one of these cliffs 
and grabbed my mana to set off into the cave  you guys stay right there there’s a bunch 
of nasties on the ground of the desert cave  so the mana makes short work getting to 
the transmitter and by day 80 we were  at the desert terminal and we were ready to 
summon up the desert boss for the first timeoh desert kaiju where are youi quickly jumped on my mana and ran up 
to the cliff where my quetzal was parked  as you can see i built a little one by one 
on top of the quetzal platform this little  one by one is going to do a lot to shield 
us from the electrical attacks of the flock  it’s not a hundred percent safe but as long as 
you come prepared with some parachutes in case  of an emergency it’s really easy to take 
the desert titan out solo with this method  not even breaking a sweat the battle with the 
desert kaiju ensued all through the night the  tale takes so long it actually took all of day 
81 just to take down the note on the tail but  after a lot of trial and error i managed to tame 
him on day 82 you’re coming home with me buddyand on the rest of day 82 i tamed him and 
named him big desert and started my venture  home by day 83 i was back at base and it 
was time to make him a little loading dock  the desert titan makes short work of all the 
osds and the element veins out in the wasteland  so i needed an easy way to unload and load up 
this guy now this is high tech i used the large  elevator platform to make an elevator loading 
dock where i could place some storage containers  and easily load all the element and all the 
loot that i’m getting out in the wastelands  and on day 84 i took to the wastelands to 
start farming up the mass amount of elementsi’m gonna need a lot more element by the end of 
day 84 my vaults were starting to look pretty good  i was filling them all up with element but 
it wasn’t enough for what i had planned  gotta get more loot gotta get more loot i came 
across this red drop and decided to put my  desert titan to work and it definitely 
paid off what’s a man gotta do for an  ascendant axe i also defended another element 
node but i used my giga this time aroundwhistling a giga that’s on the ground and riding 
the desert titan really makes short work of these  element veins you can pretty much afk out and 
watch a movie or a video and just click as you  see necessary i spent the majority of day 86 doing 
just that afk and making element why are all my  youtube ads for retirement homes it was a pretty 
uneventful day 86 but i got a ton of element made  and this is definitely going to help 
me out for what we have planned next  and day 87 was a bunch more bass stuff my 
volts were really starting to fill up and  i was looking like a rich little survivor 
again and on day 88 i had my best idea yetso you want to be a player but your wheels ain’t 
fly let’s hope i don’t get a copyright strike for  that and on day 89 we went out farming element 
with my new set of wheels you’ve got to pimp myday 90 i forced some drops to 
spawn by logging in and out  i already had them all mapped out on my map 
so finding them was a breeze the new paint  job on my desert kaiju definitely added a ton of 
horsepower because we were flying through this osd  my giggle would make short work of everything on 
the ground that was small and all i had to do was  target the flyers with my flock i knew titans 
were strong but man this is just game breakingwith a little help from my giga 
we managed to get this lsd done  in short time and once again we were promptly 
showered with loot come on ascending axe come onit’s really nice to have this desert titan to farm 
these drops up until the point where i got the  titan i really was lacking for good supplies and 
tools but i still didn’t get my ascending axe so i  tried to hit up a couple more osds before the day 
was over get in there giga it’s your time to shine  my giga was doing really well through 
all the blue drops and the yellow drops  but it’s safe to say he didn’t fare so well in the 
red drops did i really almost just lose by gigai had just enough time to cry on my giga and jump 
back on my rg so that i could get on my titan it  was a really close call though no more red drops 
for you giga i think it’s safe to say that i’ll  leave the red drops to my desert titan from now on 
but the desert titan made short work of it anyhow  come on give me some good tools i got a bunch of 
great drops but i didn’t get any good tools or  any mechs yet but on day 91 my luck was about to 
change i guess i can just make a level 51 mac then  day 91 i forespawned a bunch of the red 
drops by logging in and out of the game  come on matt come on mac the first drop of the 
day i didn’t get anything good other than a bunch  of materials and gates but i kept at it and on 
my second red drop my luck was about to change  this is going to be the one i can feel iti really can’t overstate how strong these desert 
titans are for farming osds the desert flock  pretty much decimates everything on the ground 
and once again we were showered with loot and  this time we actually got something really good 
come on give me a mac give me a mac give me a macooh a 106 bp for a mac it’s better than 
nothing we’ll take it our mech rolls  weren’t that perfect but it’s better than the 
level 51 mac that you can craft by yourselfget rekt fullday 92 was more farming of the red drops  we were really looking for something that was a 
little better than the 106. we managed to get a  really good mana saddle though and that’ll 
help us out in the upcoming boss fights  and speaking of boss fights it was time to start 
preparing for the end game of arc extinctionwe made our way back to the initial base spot 
that we set up our first little hut on day one we  placed on a bunch of metal foundations some vaults 
and some cryo fridges we hit up another yellow  drop on day 93 and then we went back to base to 
start crafting up some more metal foundations  day 94 was more farming and crafting we even added 
some more dermises to our little taxidermy area  it’s starting to look really cool it’s not 
goodbye it’s i’ll see you later desert titan  after making a proper memorial for our 
desert titan that we’re about to lose  we went back to our new little base spot and 
started to build up our new quetzal platform  the reason that we’re remodeling our platform 
saddle and doing a little renovations and  expansions to our base is because we’re about to 
go kill the desert titan for those tech engrams  it’s day 94 i really need to get a move on so 
we took our newly outfitted quetzal back to the  desert biome i probably should have killed him 
before i tamed him and with another quick trip  to the desert titan cave it was time to get 
ready to take on the desert titan once again  oh my god i’m so oh i forgot that i couldn’t have 
two desert titans on the map at once so we had  to make another detour back to base to properly 
put him down before we could actually summon him  i can’t believe i just did that but with my 
desert tightened down and my artifact in hand  it was time to summon him once again 
this time i’m not going to be so nice  we loaded up the tribute terminal and got 
ready for a big battle with the big bass  i mean the desert titan maybe 
he looks more like a manta ray  but we were ready and this time we 
were gonna get some engrams out of itand by the start of day 95 we were ready to 
take him on i quickly cried my mana and jumped  back on my quetzal and threw out the giga on 
top of the platform saddle that we just built  with a little bit of remodeling we 
were able to turn our platform saddle  into a little giga pen the giga makes short 
work for the desert titan as you can see  and it’s all from the safety 
of our little one by one boxhowever with the addition of the giga 
in the pen the phlox targeting range  changes quite a bit from what 
it was when we were taming it  so make sure to pack some parachutes 
just in case you get dismountedafter a quick dismount we made our way back up 
to the desert titan and the giga was making short  work well until i got dismounted again but 
you’re pretty safe as long as you have some  parachutes typically the flock will just stick 
to the giga so you don’t have to worry about  it too much this really could have ended 
my playthrough though go go grappling hookafter a couple close calls the desert 
titan was really starting to fall in hp  this is why it’s so important to 
have a quetzal that you can tank with  so close so close so close so close 
yes yes yes thank you tom cruiseand with all our new tech engrams it 
was time to make our way back to baseday 95 and i just got my replicator in jennyand on the morning of day 96 we took a little 
photo off with our new prize and then quickly made  our way back to base we gathered all the necessary 
stuff so that we could craft our tech replicator  and made our way over to the desert 
cave to use the terminal to craft it  but not before enjoying the sights a little bitmonkey you’ve been with me this 
whole time i’ll never let you go  and after unloading everything 
from mountain dew code red  we put everything in the terminal and got 
ready to craft our first tech replicatorthis is gonna change everything for four days  we hurried home and promptly placed down our 
tech replicator on our new metal foundationsit really felt so good to have a replicator 
i really should have prioritized getting  the replicator engrams before 
but at least we have them now  with our replicator we were able to craft a 
whole bunch of stuff that we couldn’t before  like some daddy storage boxes and a jenny as 
well as the tech trough which will definitely  help us breed up some gigas i should 
have been at this point like 20 days agowe made one of the mechs we got from the drop 
and then decided to craft up a tech trough so  we could get to breeding breeding one or two 
gigas with a normal trough is pretty easy  but when you want to do a bunch of mass breeding 
like we’re about to do in a short amount of time  having some tech troughs is so invaluable and now 
that our base is really starting to come together  i felt like it was time to do a little customizingyou’ve got to pimp my hideafter spending the rest of the day customizing 
their hides i took my snow owl out on the start  of day 97 to find a suitable partner for our 
giga get in the trap get in the trap niceand with our new giga suitor trapped it 
was time to start the process of knocking  him out and taming him thankfully with 
our taming rates we were able to get the  giga tamed up before the end of the day 
and we quickly made our way back to base  once we got back to base we wasted no time 
getting the gigas mating we had to turn up  the mating intervals so that they could get 
enough babies pumped out in time i also had  to turn down the days and night speed just so that 
we’d have enough time to finish this playthrough  we wasted no time getting all of our tech drops 
totally topped off daddy’s got mouths to feedand we were right on time because 
as i turned around i noticed that  my gigas were pumping out eggs at 
an extraordinary rate yes yes yes  at this rate i really don’t know if i have enough 
time to start breeding selectively for mutations  so i’m just going for a mass 
amount of gigas at this point  i did however manage to get one suitable female 
that i could speed up the breeding process with  and i eventually got one mutation 
which was a weight mutation  so it really wasn’t helpful for what we needed 
them for but it’ll do for now thankfully we’ve  already been preparing and gathering a bunch of 
resources to make a ton of saddles for these guys  and the cryo fridges are right 
there so we can get them healed up  and cryo’ed and ready for the boss fights 
it’s really starting to look like a full house  i grabbed my snow owl and put it to use 
healing up all the giggles that were coming out  but that’s when i remember that i didn’t have a 
ut yet so i set out to the snow biome to quickly  tame a uteranus don’t fear me don’t fear me 
don’t fear me we quickly found a suitable ut  and got him trapped and tracked in no time 
hurry up bud we don’t have a lot of timethe you tyrannus will definitely be 
a nice addition to our giga troop  as the you tyrannus has an ability 
that can buff up other nearby dinos  definitely making it a worthwhile 
addition for any boss fightthis is the best name i could come up with 
as we were already very limited for time  and i could feel the pressure setting 
in but as we got back to base i noticed  a lot of the gigas were still bloody so i 
quickly grabbed on the deodon and brought  him over to use his healing ability to 
try to speed up the process a little bitdo your thing don deodons can easily starve 
themselves if you enable the passive healing  but we have a bunch of leftover meat in the tech 
drops so i think it’ll be all right for a little  while plus we had a lot to do we quickly made 
our way back to the desert cave to once again  tame up the desert titan i 
feel like i’ve been here beforeas we got back to the boss terminal i noticed 
something kind of suspicious our monkey friend  must have been left behind here during one 
of our past escapades monkey i’m so sorry  so we quickly cry out him and start loading 
up the boss terminal leave no monkey behind  and then once again we cry out our mana and 
jumped on our quetzal i’m so thankful that  we got this quetzal because if we didn’t this 
whole process would have been a true pain even  with the quetzal the play through almost ended 
multiple times during the desert titan fight  we had to do some last minute remodeling to stop 
the flock from dismounting us during the fight  but once we did we were right back at itand just like that we are proud 
owners of a desert titan once again  we quickly made our way back to base and 
crafted a bunch of stuff in our replicator  mostly armor and whatnot stuff that’ll 
help us in the upcoming boss fights  by this point all of our gigas were mostly healed 
up so i started pumping them in melee damage then  we set up the entire giga troop in the snow biome 
fairly close to where the snow titan will spawn  this might be a little overkill with all of 
our gigas prepared we made our way through  the snow cave so that we could access the boss 
terminal and get the snow tight and ready to gox going give it to you go and give it to you and 
from the back of my mana i led the charge to the  snow titan all the gigas were doing really well 
and they were making short work of the snow titanwhy do only half of you listen to whistles a few 
members of my giga army were getting distracted  so i deployed my mac to make up for lost time  and make up for lost time we did the snow titan 
was down and we had all the engrams that we could  get from him we also got a bunch of juicy loot 
like any of this will be useful at this point  although none of the loot was very useful the tech 
engrams were a nice addition to our playthrough  how did you get hit so much so i crowded up the 
rest of my gigas that were on the battlefield  and quickly made my way back to the snow cave once 
again ascendant sickle this would have been useful  like 50 days ago and with everything loaded back 
up in the tribute terminal it was time to summon  the ice titan once again but this time to tame 
him and since we’re already short on time and  this is a hardcore solo playthrough we’re gonna be 
cheesing the ice titan a little bit with our mac  i don’t think wild card wanted thisparking your mac on one of the high ledges is a 
pretty foolproof way to safe spot the ice titan  you can pretty much use 
just a little bit of element  to safe spot all the nodules from the safety 
of one of these ledges and in a matter of no  time at all the ice titan was down and aimed this 
had to be the cheesiest boss fight in olive arcwe named him iceman and started 
the long journey back home  and i mean a long journey it was already well in 
the day 98 by the time we made it home so i threw  out the rest of my gigas to give them a chance to 
heal up using the tech trough and my diadon and at  this point we took a break only to log back in and 
see that our save file was mysteriously missingthankfully i prepared for this and had my 
files backed up and the only thing that i  had lost when i logged back in were my 
graphic settings and all of my engrams  so i unfortunately had to use the 
console to learn all the engrams again  because i did not have time to go back 
through the boss fights and we grabbed a  bunch more of our gigas out of the cryofridge 
and started our way over to the forest biome  once we got there we wasted no time readying the 
troops and getting ready for the forest titan boss  the forest titan is probably the easiest of the 
three if you don’t count cheesing the desert titan  so this will be a cake walk we quickly 
made our way through the forest cave  and loaded up the tribute terminal with all the 
necessary ingredients to spawn the forest titan  gotta go fast gotta go fast gotta go fastas i rode my mana into the charge we pretty 
much just hit him with our ice boat and let  the gigas do all the heavy lifting man you 
gigas do not listen to whistles very well  and although only about half of the gigas wanted 
to join the fight the ones that did were making  very short work of the forest titan and just 
like that the forest titan was down and we  got all the juicy loot and would have learned the 
engrams if our little mishap didn’t happen earlier  we quickly gathered all of our troops and made our 
way back down to the forest cave for the last time  can’t get me up here guys and just like 
that we are back at the terminal and  ready to summon the forest titan but this 
time we were gonna take him home with us  let’s go let’s go the process of taming 
the forest titan is pretty much exactly  the same as the ice titan except there’s not 
really a good spot that you can safe spot him  so you just kite him around hitting him with 
your laser until he eventually gets stuck  the nodules on the forest titan were going 
down even faster than that of the ice titan  and we were pretty much making short work 
of them just one more to go one more to goand before long all the nodules were 
destroyed and we had ourself a forest titani’m gonna name you group and with our newly tamed 
forest titan we started the long journey back home  i think he’s broke and with all of our 
titans back home we took inventory of all  of our gigas and we decided to craft up the 
last pieces of tech gear that we didn’t have  and you know i had to put 
a little paint job on them  and for the first time in all the play 
through i felt like we were comfortable  with taking on the king titan it is day 98 and 
we are just now ready to take on the king titan  i’ve always been a procrastinator so we cryed 
up every single thing that we had that we could  throw against the king titan and finally gave 
our desert titan a fitting name and started the  farewell journey to say goodbye to all of these 
dinos that we accumulated over the last 98 days  i know they’re just pixels but they’re my pixels 
and in the last little bit of day 98 we finally  made some teleporters and we’re gonna set one up 
here at base i’ll name this one base we grabbed  all of our trophies that we’ll need to summon the 
king titan and did some last minute preparations  and then it was time to set off i’d like to 
set up a teleporter at the corrupted terminal  but before then we had to make a quick pit stop 
so i could gather some alpha tyrannosaurus teeth  you can easily gather them from these corrupted 
tech rexes that you can bait out of the red drops  and you can just let the drop fail 
and just wait for these guys to spawn  and the titanoboa venom was easy enough to farmheadshot and after that we were all finished and 
ready to start preparations for our last day here  on the ark we threw down some metal foundations 
so that we could put our teleporter pad on top  and place down attack jenny to power iti really can’t believe it’s been 98 days  it’s bittersweet this playthrough coming to 
an end let’s just hope we come out victorious  after the teleporter was all set up we wasted 
no time getting our giga army ready to rollgotta set you guys too aggressive 
we don’t want any slackersand after a long while we had all the 
gigas deployed and set to aggressive  so we don’t have any slackerswe flew down to our teleporter so 
we could make our way back to base  we still had to get our two titans 
up to the king titan terminal  that’s when i noticed that we still had a ton of 
element and other supplies left over so i decided  to make a tech sword as well as a tech railgun 
i grabbed the rest of our element and put it in  the ice titan to start the long journey up to 
the king titan terminal can you move any slower  i thought getting the ice titan up to the 
king terminal was long but the forest titan  only moves at a leisurely stride so it was a 
much longer expedition but we still managed to  get all of our titans and all of our gigas up to 
the king titan terminal before the end of day 98  and on the beginning of day 99 we had 
everything ready to go and in the terminal  the only thing to do now is summon the king 
titan these gigas are gonna get destroyedall right giggles go go go go go listen to 
my whistles please listen to my whistles  why aren’t you guys attacking the king titan 
attack the king titan you’re on aggressive  although we only had the desert titan and about 
half of my giga army attacking the king diet and  they were still putting a huge dent 
in his health bar come on guys come on  guys come on get over here you’re gonna 
end up dying before you did any damagewell nobody died just yet  i knew i could count on the desert titan to attack 
my target so i went over to grab the ice titaneven in full tech i feel like a sitting duckoh no oh nomost of the giga army got 
destroyed but by this time  the ice titan and the forest titan were both on 
him so he really didn’t stand much of a chanceoh yes that’s what i’m talking about babyoh i should make that my thumbnailafter assessing the damage and 
going to collect all the juicy loot  i jump back on my forest titan to 
really get a good scope of the damage  it wasn’t even worth it to breed all those gigas 
they didn’t stand a chance after a small farewell  ceremony for all our fallen comrades i went 
to go take numbers on all of our survivors  and collect all the saddles from the gigas we lost 
i mean just in case i want to use this world againi spent some time running around to allow the 
party to heal up a bit before we took on the  next boss fight i’m still so shook that all those 
gigas got decimated so quickly i know they weren’t  super mutated gigas but i really thought they’d 
last a little bit longer than the first fight  rest in peace you’ll never be forgotten  however there was no more time to mourn i quickly 
gathered up the surviving troops and allowed them  to heal up a bit and then it was time to set our 
sights on the second difficulty of the king titan  when i started this video i figured i’d maybe make 
it to the first difficulty but i didn’t think i’d  make it past the first difficulty so while we’re 
here let’s just see if we can take on the second  plus it was only day 99 truly we still had one 
more day to call it 100 days of hardcore arc  so let’s see what we can 
do on the second difficultyall of these dead gigas come on guys 
attack attack attack attack whatget in there get in there attack oh come on nowafter a bit of convincing i finally got 
my giga army to aggro onto the king titan  but my ice titan was still just hanging out 
and my desert titan wasn’t doing much at all  at least i could count on grooth 
well kind of he was doing somethingfinally you guys listened to my whistles with 
the giga army whistle to the king titan i  quickly jumped on the ice tight and to start 
putting some real damage onto the king titanoh man grootthe gigas seem to be taking a break but 
between the ice titan and the forest titan  we were really putting the dent in his hp i 
was starting to feel good about this boss fight  that was until the rest of my gigas 
well most of my gigas got decimated  i’m kind of happy i didn’t go for 
mutations it would have been such a wasteso the tldr of this video seems to be that you 
really only need the titans to take on the king  titan a giga army would probably help especially 
if you had a few people that go with you maybe  some rex’s would have done better if you would 
have pumped them with hp but the gigas seemed to  get pretty much one shot by his ground pound so i 
just recommend bringing the titans for this bossand groot felt the last hit and he’s still only at 
half hp and my ice titan is almost at full still  so yeah i’d say the titans are 
super strong against the king titan  we got a bunch more good loot but 
it’s all kind of useless at this point  but one good piece of loot we got was a journeyman 
momi or momi which will allow us to put three  mechs together to make one of the super max which 
is going to be good against the next difficultywe emptied our inventory and then we jumped off 
of our titan so that we could do the ascension  but we weren’t just done here 
we were going to come right backoh that was such a good cut 
scene but no spoilers just yet  i promise it’s coming soon after downloading 
our survivor back to the extinction map  we quickly ran over to our teleporter pad 
and made our way back up to our titanstheir hp levels were still looking 
pretty good with the exception of groot  so we waited a little bit until he got some hp 
back it was still only day 99 and i was super  excited about my new specimen implant ooh baby 
homo dias record since our friendly desert titan  barbara manatee decided to sit out that last 
battle she was pretty much at full health so  i made sure to set her to aggressive and set 
her targeting distance to high and with all  of our titans healed up i began deploying the 
three low-level mechs that i brought from basewhen you use demomi to make the mega mac the base 
level of the mechs you use doesn’t matter at all  so i like to use the low level 
primitive ones instead of my nice max  it’s not like it’s going to matter 
anyways they’ll probably get destroyedbut with my mind in the right place and all my 
mechs deployed it was time to take on the big bossgo go power rangersoh come on yesi could already feel it the mega mech was 
gonna make mince meat out of this king titaneveryone’s actually attacking him  it definitely helped that the rest of 
my titans were attacking the king titan  well barbara manatee was off doing her own thing 
but it’s not like it really matters much anywaysmy lord this mega mech is so powerful 
this is why they don’t oh barbara manatee  with barbara manatee down it 
was really time to get seriousbut the mega mech was still over half hp so 
the king titan didn’t stand much of a chance  it’s a little buggy but we’ll 
take it go go self-destruct seatsphewand with the king tightened down we’ve actually 
completed this map as you can see i have the  homogeneous skins in my inventory and we got a 
ton more good loot but that’s not the best part  of it the best part is that we finally get 
to ascend on the highest difficulty and just  in time for day 100 i emptied my inventory 
once again and prepared for the ascension  i mean just in case i ever 
want to come back to this mapi really can’t believe i made it to day 100 we’ve 
accomplished so much over these last 100 days  and we really did the time crunch in the last 10. i’m so stoked i’ve had all of you along with me 
for the journey and a big thanks to everybody who  made it to this point of the video you guys are 
absolute legends if you like content like this  show this video some love so i can continue making 
more content on arc and survival games that we all  love and uh with that and this has been your boy 
rumsey and i’ll be quiet now and let this really  cool cutscene play out till next time guys stay 
safe and we’ll see you in the next video peaceabsolutely beautifulcome on take a lookit’s finally begun the arks are coming home 
each one carries with it the seeds of new life  plants animals and humans and these seeds will 
take root across the far corners of the worldonce they do all that life will be unleashedfrom there it will spread grow and thrive 
and this planet our home will bloom once more  as for the rest of the infection 
well the ox can take it from herein time i’ll purge every 
last bit of the front soilbut make no mistake this is all thanks 
to you i’m just glad i got to see itlook at that sun’s risingsookayyou

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