Into The Wild Day 1 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

– I’m Zachary Fowler,
and that’s Chris Thorn. And, this is the 30 day
survival challenge, Texas. There’s only one rule, if you wanna eat,you gotta catch and cook it. I know, how about snakeskin purses. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – You want snakeskin purse too?- Yeah. – All right. Let’s get my bags. A giant hug. – Yeah. – My girls. See ’em in a month and a half. Or month and a week, I guess. It, technically, all together. 49. Is that, that’s the limit, 50, right?- 50 yeah. – All right, we’re good. That was pretty painless. I had to check my camera bag as always. I never put that down below in the plane. That always stays right with me. Not the way I see people
tossing stuff out of planeswhen they’re packing our stuff. Yee-haw. Texas here I come. Best part about traveling,
traveling by montage. – There you go. – We will be dimmingthe cabin lights for takeoff. Individual reading light
controls are overhead. Thank you for your attention. – I know, carbs. But, in like three days
I’m gonna be eatingopossum, and catfish,
and who knows what else. Hopefully boar, and
something bigger and tastier. So, carbs it is for today. – This is for an evacuation. If you want, and are willing and able. – Look at you, you are half the sizeyou were last time I saw ya, in person. All right, we got my bags. And, we can get outta here. – Now it’s time to eat. – I gotta get my knives outta herebefore we go too far. And my slingshot. Mostly my slingshot. I could live without my knives,I don’t know if I could
live without my slingshot. Woo, it’s hot here. What the heck. – It is not hot. – It was freezing at home
with snow on the ground. There’s a nor’easter. And, it’s like 70. All right guys. What is up?- What’s up?- I don’t know man, you hungry?- I am starving. – All right, let’s go eat. – Happy new year. Open your mouth. – Hoo, Chris is a great host. Took me to an awesome Mongolian grill. And, we did a live stream aboutthe 30 day challenge the next day. But, somebody asked, are we bringing food?We are not bringing any food,we’re not bringing any calories. We are just going to
survive, catch and cook,the whole time we’re out there. That’s the whole point of this adventure. Shave the Wookie. A little haircut action from Chris,’cause it was hot down there
in Texas for a Mainer like me. It’s already been late fall. And, my package showed up
with all my stuff from Mainejust at the last minute. It might look like a lot of stuffthat we’re bringing with us. But, a lot of it comes
from different sponsors,so we’re showing it off on different days. And, that’s all of it. Not a lot of stuff. Haversack, backpack, camera
bag, and trapper basket. I don’t wanna spend so much timetelling ya about all the
gear that it ruins the video. So, there’s gonna be a
link in the descriptionfor every single one of the videoswith a gear video related to that video. So, you can see that and get to knowthe stuff that we brought with us. But, let’s get out there, and
really start this adventure. And, we are off and away. I got my pack, I’m gonna have to makeanother couple runs to
get all the way out here. Not sure of the full
distance, but we’re out there. We’re out there. You won’t hear cars. Might hear planes, just
’cause there’s planesthat fly over everywhere. So, as you can see, the
light is pretty dusky. We definitely did not get
an early start to the day. Had a lot of last minute preparations,things going on to make sure when we leavethe email world and all that stuff behind,that everything was cued up and set to go,so we could just enjoy ourselves out hereand have some fun. – Hi guys. Well, we made it. This is a beautiful area. – And, there’s a stream,
and it’s beautiful. A nice little open spot right here. Ouch. Those things hurt. Here we go, there’s a nice
couple of trees right here. I could set up my hammock
tied to there, to there. Feels almost anti-climactic. I mean, I have to add
some like dramatic musicright now, ’cause it
just, yeah, I don’t know. It just, I feel like I’m
just going out camping. Not the beginning of 30
dramatic days of surviving,and hunting, and catch and cook, you know. This’ll have to do for tonight. I picked two trees that werea little on the close side here. I didn’t mean to. So, my tarp’s like squinched
against each of these trees. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get it set up better. I want it a little bit higher
so I can have a little,build a little bushcraft desk area to keepmy other stuff and a shelving unit. You know me, I love to build stuff. I never got a chance
when I was up in Canada’cause that wooded beardsman
keeps you right busythe whole time when you’re out thereadventuring with him, you know. Catch and cook, catch and cook, every day. But, here we’re establishing a camp,and a beachfront to attack the wild from,you know, as it were. And, so I’ll be building this upwith a bit of an area to protect my stuffshould it rain, ’cause water in Texastends to pile up on
things and then run off. And, yee-haw. Time to make another run,and get the rest of the camp set up. Hacking our way back to camp. Making our own trail. All right, he’s marking our
trail, the trail that wehad found earlier took
us way out and around. And, he’s trusting my guidance to allow usto go straight through the woods. We got permission from the landowneras we’re doing this, so. All right, we made it. – I recognize that beautiful bed. – There’s your hammock. There’s you. And, mine’s over there through the bushes. All right, we got all of
our stuff down here now. We got the dog food to
bait the crayfish traps,got my haversack. We’re gonna head on down to the water. Or at least I am. I don’t know if Chris is joining me. I got some catfish stinkbaity stuff here. I got a powerbait version,
some 30 pound test,got my gloves, and I got
my water filtration system. I wanna fill that up. This is basically, it’s a perk pot. Like, just like a, no not a perk pot. Kinda like a french press. You got the inner liner,and that pulls up like a french press. So, I fill it here. Put that in. Press that down. And, boom, I got clean water. All right, you ready?Look at this place. He’s got little lights all set up in here. He’s got some little. . . ♪ At the copa, Copacabana ♪- Yeah man. Ready to see if we can catch some catfish?- Let’s do it. Catfish and crawfish for breakfast. – Yeah, I’m down. – I have never gotten
one of those pull tabson dog foods to work. So, like we said before, there’s no rules. So, we brought bait for
catfish, and bait for dog food. – Yup, for crawdads,dog food works really, really well. Cheapest stuff you can find. Works really, really amazing. All right, handful should do. Just bump it right there in the center. Or you could put it in the pocket. – Put some in the pocket. – Instead of them pulling away. – Yup. – And, it’s as
simple, just let it sink. You want me to tie it off?- Yup. To some reeds. – Second one’s going out. – That’s a good size
hook, middle size hook. Got the powerbait, catfish bait. Right here, here, here, here. What you got going on there?- All right, so we
got the fire strip rolled. And, we have Smurf crap. – What?- It’s basically diesel fueland dragon’s breath, realistically. It’s a special tinder fromthe Lightening Strikes Firestarter. That’s actually what it’s called,Lightening Strike Firestarter. – Huh. – One shot and it’s up. – That’s a nice one. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s a meal right there. Looking crawdad right there,there’s like four of
’em in there that size. That’ll make us a tasty meal. – You want me to
get a close up on that one?- Hey, where you think you’re going?The big one’s trying to get out. That’s good, that’s a good size pot. Most of them are the size of my finger,not exactly huge. But, that will be dinner. Let’s go put this on to cook. Look at you, you got fancy tongs. – Yeah man, these are my sprongs. I love these things. – Think they taste like a
Maine lobster, but tiny?- Probably not. – Boy, there is not a lot on these guys. Here we go, first bite. Mm. That’s good. They’re ready. They are ready. What do you think?
– Some fresh water scrimp. – Yeah, that’s good. That’s like freshwater lobster. – Yeah. – That’s quite
the bounty for what,three and half hours. – Yeah, that’s not bad. – Oh, speaking of which,
we got sidetracked. Thank you Lord for this first
bountiful feast of crawfish. – Um hm.
– Amen. Thank you Jesus. Throw in some of my adobo here. And dip my. So, we didn’t bring food, we
did bring our spices though. Mm. All right, just like when
I make a fish head soup,making crawdad head soup. Breaking the bodies down a
little bit, ripping them apartso that they will cook better. Like that, break it down. I’m still kinda hungry so,I have a pot of crawdad soup for. . . I got four of the tunas from the cactuswhen I was out exploring,
looking for chairs. These are super juicy. They’re like kiwis but not
sour, and not nearly as sweet. Oh, rich broth. All right, turn your bowl to the sideso I don’t hit the handle. There we go. – Watch, I’m gonna be
cured from my cold tomorrow,all because of this. – All because of crawfish soup. – Campbell’s. – Let me know if I seasoned
it to flavor properly. – Yes. – Nailed it?- Yes, it’s just incredibly hot. I should’ve waited. I shoulda waited a minute, I was like,oh it burns. – It burns so good. – Like one of those 90 year old peoplewho can’t like sip food. That’s actually really good. – Yeah?- It has that crawfish vibe. – I’m gonna need to whittle a spoonso I can try it out. Oh. That’s good, I seasoned
it just the right amount. The crawfish soup. That’s so good, it tastes like,it tastes like ramen noodles
to me for some reason. It’s like, it is so good. Yeah, it tastes like shrimp
flavored ramen noodles. The shrimp packet ramen noodles, those. But, this is like the
legit kind, like good. Fire’s dying down, it’s super warm. It’s probably 50 out. About 12:30 at night. Put in a long night so we
could have something to eat. It was worth it though. The feel good about that whole
thing, makes you feel good. I’m gonna finish this up,
climb into bed in my hammock,have a good night’s sleep,
get up good and early. See if I can’t go for a hunt,
get something with the bow. And, so I’ll see you guys next time. Day two. See ya there. Fowler out.

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