Primitive Technology: Stone Axe (celt)

Making a stone axe from scratchSelecting a piece of basalt from the creek bedBreaking smaller pieces off the main stoneA large piece flaked offShaping the cutting edge using a pecking techniqueWetting a grind stone and grinding the axe head into shapeFiner grade of grind stoneGrinding the very edge with a progressively finer grades of stoneCharcoal is used last for final finishMaking a stone chisel from mudstoneGrinding chisel edgeCutting tree with mallet and chiselCarving mortise to haft stone headA hot coal is used to burn out the mortise, fire hardening it in the process Tapering the handleFire hardening the handle to help it dryScraping the mortise so the head fits wellFitting the headNotice the sides of the head do not touch the sides of the mortise A few cautious hits to wedge the head inThe axe must hit at closer to 90 degrees than a modern steel axe as the blunter blade would otherwise glance off

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