Processing Meat Rabbits – How to Skin and Gut a Meat Rabbit for Fur and Meat

Unknown: First I’m gonna take
the ears offCut them. How do you know where
to cut?I feel where the cartilage is. Okay. And just there. These go for dogs. So you place all the pieces in
one bag. Yeah. And I’m gonna take tails. These are gonna be key chains. Then I’m gonna take the heads
off. You could use large garden
scissors and just crunch them. Or you can use knife it’s a bit
harder with a knife becauseyou’ve got to find that right
spot. So don’t just push on the bone. And you’ve got to be careful
that you don’t cut yourself. Because you’re gonna take your
hand off. So what would you recommend to
just beginners? Garden scissors?Yeah, maybe garden scissors so
you won’t hurt yourself. Yeah like a braYeah. Remember the first meat rabbit
with the garden scissors. . . withthe branch cutters. It was so gross. Yeah, the sound. Sound is really scary. Knife is cleaner in the way that
you don’t get small bits fromthe bone because the scissors
will just crush the boneand the neck and there’s just
tiny tiny tiny. Shrapnels of the bones. Yeah, that’s not nice when
you’re eating. Yeah. So you have to be reallyprecise when you wash the meat
inside. So they’re still dripping blood. Yeah. So not all of it comes out,
right when you’re gutting them. Yeah. Now comes the rest. I’m
gonna wash my hands again. So, now you change your knife. Yeah, this is a different kind
of opening knife. With this. ,you don’t puncture that here,
you don’t want to. Because first, I’m gonna take
the skin off. And this isanother kind of you would use
this part. Yeah. Yeah. I prefer this. Okay. I think it’s nicer. And that was handmade? Yeah.
from somewhere in Finland?Yeah. From Lapland?Yeah. So first I’m gonna open here
around the leg both and then I’mgonnaslice a “v”. Yeah. And then, just trousers off?First so thick. and just be careful that yu
don’t cut too much. Why?So that the rabbit doesn’t fall. They want to just cut the skin. I think my knife is a bit too
sharp. Always the same with the first
one. So now that the skin is opening
here,I’m going to do it the same on
the other leg. Now the reason that you should
be careful not to cut too muchis because then you’re going to
slice into the meat. Why is that bad?When you’re taking the skin of
pulling down, the muscles comewith the skin. Okay, so that’s why you don’t
want to cut into the muscles. Yeah. Now, it’s like this. Then this
is dull. So I can juststick it between theor underneath the skinlike this. One leg open,Too sharp. How are we going to take a rip
off the skin, just hold it?Yeah, just hold. Oh it’s sharp. I just cut myself
and I didn’t even notice. So now we’re peeling away. Yeah. This is just my way of doing
this. I think there’s a millionother ways you could do. This is just what I’m used to
doing. Do you find this the easier way
or somehow better in anotherway. I’m just used to doing this and
then in the backI’m gonnasqueeze my fingers throughand just got cut upward. Like this. There’s still some hair in
between the legs. Yeah. And before you pull all the way
through, you should remove thefront paws if you don’t want theskin there. Justgrab the paw, find the jointand just open it there. And again, you could do this
with that the garden scissors. So much fur. It’s hard to find the right
spot. Not going well this time. There was the right spot. You’re not saving those?No. Not this time. I used to dry this also a key
chains but people don’t reallythey want them. They prefer the tails, it’s
cuter. Okay. The paws isn’t so. I think it remind them that it
wasa living and breathing animal. Yeah. They think that the tails is
from another planet or somethingelse. Yeah. It’s just the tail is more
like just fur. Yeah. Although there is the tail
bone. Yeah. And then you just grab up firmly
and pull down like this. Yeah, and then, upside down. Yeah. Do you keep them that way?Yeah. And on the, this black spot,
there’s still fur changing. Oh. So when you’re processing the
furon these, theFur will leave?Yeah, it might leave. Yeah. And when the skin is white,
that’s complete. Okay. I’m gonna wash my knife. And my hands. Then you just open the stomach. Like this. It’s kinda like a zipper. And then there’sthe intestines. I try to hold them in my hand. First take out all the parts
that you don’t want to eat. Peel the fat. and I usually do like this. I tried to get the poop in. I’m gonna cut this off. So I’m gonna try to get the poopso that I get a clean spot of. . . Intestine?Yeah. Then you got to tie it
like this. You’re tying a knot. So the poop doesn’t have any way
to come. . . Out. Yeah. And to contaminate the
meat. Yeah. Yeah. Like this. And even though we
try to take away the pee, thebladder is still full so then
you just get it between yourfingers. Twist a bit and cut above. And you got it nice and clean
out. So, then there’s the stomach. Cut it off. And then again, another bag. What do you have here?One bag is for fat. I’m gonna
try to make soap out of it. And one bag is for dog food. Okay. And these are for liver and. . .
Munuainen. Kidney. Kidney. Yeah. Sorry, didn’t
remember the right word. Yeah, here’s the kidneys. Just squeeze them out of the fat
and cut. So you peel of the excess fat
from the kidneys. Yeah, yeah. As you can see rabbit really
doesn’t have much fat. All thefat is inside or in the
shoulders. There’s not much fat in the
meat. So it’s quite healthy to eat.
These are a bit maybe too wellfed because there’s quite a bit
fat. It could be a little less. And then the liver. Just get it in your fingers. And then there’s gallbladder.
You justget it there and grab. Oh it’s not coming out as nicely
as I usually go. So this is the one you don’t
want to break. It’s gonna tastereally horrible. So here we have the liver. Yeah. And the liver is theMaybe the best spot to look if
your animals are healthy,because if they have
coccidiosis. It’s going to be filled with
white spots and look reallygross. But this is
clean. . . nothing. So that goes in one bag. The next is the lungs and the
heart. You have to just dive in. And pull. So here’s the heart
and here’s the lungs. And thisgoes for dog food. You could eat the heart, but I
think it’s kind of nice to givealso to the dogs. And this wascertainly the one that was in
thefirst this is pacreas. Pancreas?Yeah, yeah. Haima . Yes. And then just take off the
excess fat. More you do now the less you
have to do insideWhen you’re processing the meat. Just peel off the fat. Really soft and slippery. So now you still have the poop
inside the. . . Yeah. Suoli Yeah, I’m teaching Finnish. There’s many easier ways to do
this but I think this is justkind of nice way to do. So what you’re cutting up now
the genitals. Yeah, the rest of thatfur off from the tailbone. Like thisGrab carefully so that you get
it loose. And now just. . . Nice and clean. Yeah. And you don’t have to crunch the
hips and then nothing. It justcomes nice and clean. Yeah. Is there still some fat in
there? or? Yeah, this is fat. Yeah. That you can just rip offAnd the rest I’m gonna do

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