Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Rain Forest

– So, me and the boysare gonna spend 24 hours in a rainforest. Ow, I’m itchy. We’re all city boys except for Chris. So it’s gonna be a little rough. – Yo, I’m already itching my butt off. – This one’s gonna be a
little different than normal,we’re not using tents. We have to build our own shelter,and survive with the stuff on our back. – So have any of
you guys done this before?- We did in the desert but we had tents. You’re stuck taking care
of all of this right here. – No way land!- Whoa, whoa chill, chill, Chandler!Please put your machete away, put it away!All right, first thing we
need to focus on shelter,food and water and fire. Fire is the biggest one.
– Can you set my tent?- I wanna be able to sleep tonight. – We gonna have to make shelters. – How?- Shelter, food, water.
– I’ll work on it. – The water is moving really
fast, you can drink it. – Where are you going?- Found it, we brought water. – Chris, we’re done. – All right, so Chandler
we’re gonna go get sticks. – I might as well be naked. – We have a bottle of
water, we don’t need water. – I got another one guys we’re good. Came prepared.
– Chris, we’re going rogue. – Okay. – Thanks, he said we could. – Before we get too far I wanna
show you what’s in our bags,’cause this is literally all we brought. A pillow. – You got a pillow?- That’s nice, what’d you bring?A poncho, it’s not bad. – I got. – You got a poncho too. – Wow, really?Literally half my bag
is first aid, useless!Rather have a doughnut. – Why do I have like five ponchos in here?- Hey, we got some bug spray. – I got granola bars. – Really?
– Whoa. – Where’d you get that?- Found it. – Oh talk about
shelter, look at that. – Chris would it be helpfulif we went and found more dead trees?- Yes actually very. – Okay let’s go. So we found wood, Chandler?- Yes we did. – Chris would carry it
back, there’s a bee. – Oh, sure, that is the bee’s wood. – That’s him. – Awesome.
– We need more wood. – We’re gonna take one for
the team and collect firewood. Chris is gonna be proud of us. – Can you give me a dry test?- It’s moisture?- Yeah, get rid of that one.
– My bad. Alright, I think we have
enough for the fire. – Bump me!- Chris will be happy,
let’s take it back to camp. So we have to go like
an hour back to camp. – Yeah, I know. – So, this journey is so–
– We made it!- If you were Chris, where
would you put a pile of sticks?I feel like he would yell and
then put them right there. – Perfect, we’re gonna try not to cut downtoo many trees because it’s
not good for the environmentbut the hurricane actually
recently came throughso there are a lot of
trees that have fallen. Before we start doing our own thing,Chris told us to get water. Chris, why don’t we carry the water in?- See if you can find
some scrap water bottlesaround here and fill ’em up. – Okay, we found some bottles,oops, we’re gonna go find a river. Wait. – I gotta let my river go. – That way. – What did you hear?- Water. – Okay hold up. – That way. – How is he doing this?- I don’t know.
– Here we are!I told you guys, you listen
to the ears, you get water. – So what would Chris do?He said fast moving water
is able to be drinking. All right, I got my water. – Drink it!Is it gross?- I had gum in. Water and gum doesn’t go well. – Wow, it’s actually not bad at all. – Now that we have water,we have to figure out
how to get back to camp’cause, to be honest we were just walkingin random directions. – Do you wanna just set up our own camp?- We could build a fire right here. – But this place is kinda loud. – Okay, are we going back to Chris?I don’t think we are
ready to live on our own. Part of me wants to try
to survive on our ownbut part of me also realizes it will suckeven worse than Chris yelling at us. – I think you are right. – So I am gonna go back. – All right, bye!Wait, Chandler, are you staying?- I really wanna go up
there, it’s pretty cool. – Good luck sir, be safe!- You too. – Thank you.
Let’s go!- Okay, bye!- You’re not worried about him?- Bye.
– Look at this, we are
about to go explore this!- I love you!Say it back!
– Bye!- Say it back!- Hi, this is adventure
time with Chandler. You want a little rock
in the middle of water?Look what I’ve just found. Hold on, hold on. Look at this little worm. Look at him!I am out of water and I have no food. And I am pretty far away from camp. I don’t know how to get back. What is wrong with me?- Hey Chris, I got water!- Wait, where is Chandler?- He ran away. Ingest that water so we have
energy to go find Chandler. – It’s not even full. – I drank some. How does it taste?Like I, seriously, it’s
straight from the river. – So where is he really?- I don’t know, he ran away. – He legit ran way, like I am not kidding. – Do we just want to
accept that he is goneand our of our livesor do we wanna go look for him?- Well, there’s bears,
they’re very aggressive,Chandler looks like food. – Let’s go find him. – Let’s go find Chandler. – Chandler!- Wait guys stop moving,
I have a great idea. – We have food!- We have Mac and Cheese!- Wow dude, this is serious!- Chandler!- Chris what are you about to do?- I’m about to go swimming. – Chris, I have a confession. Me and Chandler we’re
gonna camp here on our own. – So what were you gonna use
for like, tents and stuff?- That’s why we didn’t do
it, because we need you. – Thank you. – So is Chandler actually lost?- He literally just went that way. – How cold is that?- Oh, very!- Oh wow, look at that!- Ready?- What are you about to do?Wait, no no no, don’t
trust fall behind there. No no, don’t do it, ah okay. I thought you gonna trust fall. – My man!Do you know my wife really doesn’t like itwhen I’m in my underwear but I tell herother women aren’t attracted to me. No woman is. She is just the only crazy one. – You know, you
look like Tarzan right now. What are you looking for?You smell Chandler?- Smell him!Did you know I’m a champion stone skipper?- Wait, are you really?- You wanna see it?- All right, let’s see it!A big boy, oh!
– Chandler buddy. You ran away and. . . – Oh I ran away, huh?- I got worried. You got worried?- I did. – You told
me you didn’t love me. – Hug me, I’m sorry. It’s okay, we did it!Yeah, we are reunited as a family. – Hey guys, whatever
happened to that campsite?- It’s over there. So we made it back to the camp,
we got our Chan Chan back. – Hey. – Chris is trying to start a fire,Jake is being a big dude like normal. – Chris is spinning a
stick on another stick. – Someone’s gotta do it and
we are happy you are doing it. – So while we were having
a look for your Chandlerwe depleted all our energy. It should only make
sense you do everythingfrom here on out. – Everything?
– Everything. Logical, we need food. Can you find some berries?- I’ll need a weapon. – It’s berries, not bears. We got rid of them, it’s okay. Alright, so we’re spreading the wood outand then we are just
gonna put Poncho’s on itand we’ll be good. – All right guys, so things
aren’t looking good for Chandlerhe is getting pales,
his pupils are dilatedand seriously I don’t
want him to get hurt. Basically, Chandler was bit by somethingwe think is poisonous. How do you feel?- Feel like my motor skills don’t work. – All right
boys, we lost Chandler. I am gonna join you guys. – So the reason why we have
the fire doing a lot of smokeis it keeps mosquitoes away. – What’s gonna happen if this
log just breaks and fallson us in the middle of the night?- Right here, this sharp
thing will probably goright into your face. This log right here is
on a perfect trajectoryright from my face. – I am in between two logs so I am fine. – In between two logs
sounds like a sitcom. You gonna stick it out with us?- I’m here until the end
brother, I ain’t no Chandler. – All you need to do is
sleep with your mouth closedor you’ll eat a spider. – Don’t pull that, don’t pull that. – Hey chill, the bears
might actually hear you. – We need to draw our
anti-sea bear circle. – Hey the good news is, we
probably won’t get a bearbecause they’ll walk over
here and they will be likedude these guys don’t even
have any food and their houselooks like crap, I live better than this. And they will just walk away. – I think this house is pretty good. – When you go to the doctor
do you want a pretty gooddoctor or a pretty good surgeon?No, you want the best. Wow, it’s not our fault we
had to spend half the daychasing Chandler and he
decided to get poisoned. – Actually, isn’t that
your fault entirely?- You left him. – He went the other way. – If a bear came we
probably have to run downthe mountain, right?- We’d probably all have
to agree to just throwTareq at it. – Okay, wow wow
wow, hold on . – Hey let’s start taking
our safety seriously. We need to setup these anti-bear circles. – I literally am not
getting up, I am sorry. – We could play smash. – I’d rather smash my head
in with that poll up there. – All right, since you
guys don’t want to takethe safety seriously, I will. – That’s not a good circle. – You don’t think that will stop a bear?- No. I know it’s not gonna stop a bear becausethere’s a bear right beside me. – Please don’t mess up my circle. – Everybody knows that ovals
makes them way more aggressive. – I got a perfect circumference. – That’s an oval, that’s an oval. – Sea bear oval. All right well they’re going
to be more aggressive, sorry. – How did it go?- Was in there for like four hoursgave me an IV, just gave me some medicine,just told me to get some rest
and drink a lot of water. – Feeling better?You wanna get some food?- Yeah.
– All right. – Chris what did you find?- I found a millipede dude, imagine likeit was in this bag, I
was looking for a torch. Dude look, he slithered right down here. – Where is he, where is he?- He is going up in the bag bro. How is he going up in the bag?I’m gonna try to rescue him. We are now doing centipede rescue. – Yo, look at his legs!- You know what the worst
part about millipedes is?- What? – I hate you. Dude your fart was so bad
he had to leave the bag. – Look at him going off in the nature. Like a little nature boy. Go underground and hide little frienddon’t get eaten by a bird. – What’s up guys, it’s really late. Chandler is at the hospital. And yeah, I guess we are just gonna sleep. – Literally sitting in
the jungle right now. There’s all kinds of critters out hereand I’m gonna go to bed
just randomly out with them. – Okay, Jimmy looks
actually very comfortable. – Tareq, are you still recording?- I am. – All right, hold up, I got something. – Don’t fart.
– I am not!I am not gonna fart. – He’s like a caterpillarjust about to turn to
a butterfly any second. – About to turn in to a naked weird guy? – Oh god. – On a scale
from one to comfortablehow comfortable are you?- About a 3. Only thing that feels good is my head. – What about
the rest of your body?- Slowly falling down a
mountain, into a fire. – You are so close to this fire. – Alright guys, good night,
I’ll see you tomorrow. – What?- That was freaking crawling on me. – What was?- What the is that?- It’s a millipede bro. – So I was asleep and
for some reason somethingwoke up me and I woke up and there was amillipede crawling all over
me and it freaked me out. Because I don’t like things
crawling on me in my sleep. – I’m be honest if I were
you I probably wouldn’t justrandomly walk into a rainforest
and try to make a littlefort and survive. I’d use a tent or something. Wonder what Chandler is up to?- Guys, I’m in bed, hopefully
you guys don’t get bittonight by those caterpillars. – Good morning, I just woke up. I feel pretty good. Hopefully the guys are okay. Ready to go check on them. See you when we get there. – Oh man we just woke up after probablyone of the worst night sleep ever. We keep doing these videos
and every time I’m likethat was the worst night
sleep I’ve ever had. This one is the new worst. – My body hurts so bad. – These guys are overreacting. I mean, yeah, the ground
was a little roughbut it wasn’t that bad. – I don’t when or what time it happenedbut felt that millipede fell on my faceI just wake up and I just go what the. . . And I seriously considered getting upand not doing this anymore. – How you doing champ?- Hey Tareq.
– How you feeling?- I feel better. Everyone’s looking at me. – Our make shift tent surprisingly worksthis log didn’t break and
send all the other logsonto our face. Which is nice because a log
to the face would have hurtespecially in the middle of the night. You guys heard how Chris
reacted to his millipede. – Hey, bugs are scary!- Wow, why do you have the knife again?- It just find it’s way
into my hand, I don’t know. – I think Chandler faked
being sick because he didn’twant to sleep out here. – I wish.
– Wanna come and join us?- I’m not ever coming here again. – Cleaning time. Put the knife down.
– Just helping. – Chandler, stop having sharp objects,maybe the caterpillar felt threatenedbecause you are always holding weapons. – I was defenseless with my
hula skirt on and he justcame up in my loins out of nowhere. – In your loins?- As you could seewe cleared out the camp siteand we are not gonna
leave any trash behind. – Watch out for bugs, do research!- Almost all these trees
were dead trees on the groundso we didn’t really cut anything downjust so you are aware. Camping is a lot of fun
but you ever do do itmake sure you pick up after yourself. It’s not good for the
environment to leave plasticand trash, obviously. And speaking of the environment,
if you are a YouTuberthat wants to make an impact in any wayI want you to get in contact with me. We’re gonna plant a ton of treesbut I need a lot of YouTubers help. So tweet at me, comment
on my Instagram, leave acomment on this video,
just get in contact with meI need an army of YouTubers. We really want to make a difference. And with that I’ll see
you Jake Pauler’s later. ♪ Mr. Beast ♪♪ Mr. Beast ♪

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