Welcome to the most sinister
introduction to a video yet. In this adventure we will be collecting the
lowly snowshoe hare second only to the squirrel. We will be convincing snowshoe
hare to put their tiny little heads. . . through round circles cinching them
tight and hoisting them up and delicious victory. Nature has decided to pepper the forest with exact clones or replicas of the species. It is our job to collect them and turn them into delicious food. Here’s what about a grand worth of
intelligence looks like and of coursethey’re monsters that eating batteries
so we got about 30 bucks for thebatteries my lovely assistant Jeremy one
wild crafter only east wild foods for awhole year and then he switches over to
Paleolithic eater man this is probablygonna resemble a lot more like how we
eat with some junk food on the side ofcourse we’re gonna pop all these out
here and these brownie camera Jeremy’sgonna do the hardest part ever which is
open the battery compartments and theplastic 90% on that one
yeah 95 95 good to go on that one allright this is gonna be a very expensive
video I probably just break even on itwe’re gonna know so much about snowshoe
hares by the time this video is overwith we also got a couple of secret
ingredients we have a banana any ideahow I might use a banana Jeremy your
curiosity we’ll see if we’ll see ifsnowshoe hare like banana yeah you’d
never think a snowshoe hare would haveany experience with the banana from lore
and whatnot that cartoons cartoon isright Elmer Fudd yep the last gooey
wabbit yeah they love carrots so we’lluse that on the camera see what happens
also got like some other things heremaybe we’ll just see if they like and
you these other variety oh this shouldpepper on there yeah so let’s see if any
of these workall right guys we got set number one
here I got the camera here over here wegot a nice trail coming under the tree
here going all the way over here we gotthis is gonna be the banana set how long
this nice little trail going throughthere you can see the snare and a nice
nice and fat so here should want to gothrough here we’ve got the chin up
stickswe got the sidebars all rigged up this
should be a good promising trail got setnumber two here Jeremy put this one off
he’s got the round loop instead of thefat loop I think I put my carrots too
close to the snare but I’ll leave it Idon’t let it go cuz we got the trail
camera just in here and Jeremy did notuse any gloves on this one so they’re
gonna probably sit there and sniff itone of the steps and they’re sniff the
carrots to camera today alright who’sassisting who we’re both assisting each
otherall right chop said hey are you guys
small ready you supposed to be Jeremy soyou can’t talk another set number three
here this one looks pretty good andpretty happy about this there’s not very
active trail just because it’s beensnowing quite a bit there’s the snare
down in here and I’ve got the trailcamera up on this tree here so I’m
hoping they’re gonna do is gonna comethrough there and they’re gonna dive
into that cover and all that wispy stuffis gonna camouflage that this one I did
barehanded so I didn’t use the gloves sosee if they stop and sniff it my guess
is they’re gonna blow through it becausethey’re I think I get it safe and it’s
open over here on this side it’s allblowdowns over there all right good
morning guys they’re back here herethere’s tracks everywhere so I got a
really good feeling about this this isof course the most exciting part of
trapping is finding out if you’resuccessful we had a nice dusting of snow
so it’s gonna reveal everything to usand I see hair tracks absolutely
everywheredon’t leave me oh you’ll die from
hypothermia that was lameCourtney’s just fisting me today a
little bit maybe we maybe will meet upwith Jeremy I don’t know Courtney says
Jeremy’s my second wife was thirsty Isee a hair this is awesome got the
camera set over here this one and we’vegot that one we set up down there I
don’t know if you guys can see the hairdown there we’re gonna jump over here in
a second see the hairs climbed aroundall over the place it looks like they
tried to get in the back way butcouldn’t they’re all over in like tracks
and here we go we’ve got a hair rightdown in there the set works perfectly
he’s all bent over so he got pinned inthere real good
oh I can pull him out there we gothere’s a fresh-caught rabbit got a leg
golf cut in there pull that outprobably reset this just to figure out
what happened there we go first callbunny and best of all we got the choke
camera over hereso we can check out exactly what
happened this trap was set withoutgloves no bait no nothing just on a
little pinch point in here squirrel 1 23 4 paws toes no big back footsnowshoe hare big back foot too little
spindly front foots front feets they’redehydrated they don’t need up snow why
are snowshoe hare pee so pink andfunny-looking got fresh droppings in
herethat’s good fresh droppings over our
tracks kind of forget where I put thisman I can’t even remember where I put
this dog I really thought this one wouldbe good
we’ve got skunk coat on this one thisone’s kind of a fudge set honestly and
there’s no tracks that came through seethe snare over here we will check the
camera but there’s no fresh tracks atall through here I’m gonna have to look
around and see if there’s maybe a betterspot want to get enough of a sample
what’s interesting is this birch tree Icut down hmm it’s all nipped off all the
ends here all nipped off that means arabbit’s been in this area and we got
nothing there’s nothing in this trap butthere’s tons of tracks all the way
through here which is curious even upand around I don’t see anything
Wow you know what I do I see it dodgedthe snare over here
it actually looks like something mighthave come through here and then just
went around here that’s kind of thepitfall is setting these kind of traps
in the open there’s always the wayaround but we do have the show camera
here so we can always check to seeexactly what’s going on the banana seems
to be missing here’s an impression wellthere’s a rabbit he’s freakin eating a
little banana a little monkey yeah he’sdefinitely a hundred percent mountain
down on that banana but a guy oh I see arabbit up around here coming back in to
inspect that banana he’s having a gowith that man so bananas work right
Roberts hares they love bananasthere he is let’s see if he’s gonna
dodge around there or not you’re gonnago through that snare well we know he’s
not gonna go through the snare we’re notgonna catch up that’s for sure
he is definitely all over that freakingbanana Milan down on that sucker so
there’s a trick for you guyshe’s in here hard though that’s for darn
sureTheory confirmed hares love frickin
banana this is the carrot set I don’tknow if they ate any of the carrots in
there but I know there’s nothing in thesnare so this one didn’t work this is a
bugger this is a bummer there’s tracksall over the place and this one actually
looks like it kind of dodged it the snowis kind of new here but there’s an
impression here and then there’s aimpression over there it looks like kind
of went around here so I didn’t use thistrail too much but we’ll check the
camera you guys will get to see it nowif that strap didn’t cause a big problem
it’s blown over the top of it strap infront strap in front strap in front
strap in front strap and front strapPoli oh that’s just a strap in front and
strap in front and in the strap thefront the strap in front well I guess
attention to detail kind of mattersthat’s a bunch of boring nonsense from
the camera looks like everything else isstill down here below
I haven’t eaten any of that are there sohmm hares love bananas but they don’t
like carrots we have a snare here with acamera here and then on the other side
at the very back there and that littlehole is another snare with a trail
camera down here on the ground andanother one up here so we’ve got the
trifecta setting up here get a doublesnare and a triple cam set up so we
should get all the action here’s thatother snare down in there here’s that
other camera over here and all my rightshoulder I’ve got the other camera here
so we should be able to see everythingthat happens camera over there on that
far tree everything that happens in listvicinity here will she get complete
coverage I’m going for a double here Ihope we can make that happen
check back tomorrow morningwell good morning guys we’ve got a pile
of snow today and we got some walk -we’ve got clone number Ron clone number
two now so got one for sure we got thecamera over here what I’m curious to
know is if we actually got a double onthe double run because if I look over
here there’s lots of tracks and thesnares missing over there down in the
corner I can’t see it anymore I’m gonnahop over of course we got the CHEO
camera right there overlookingeverything and then we got the other
camera overlooking that snare there sowe should have got the activity on that
die and if I look down in here no snaresoh no we got oiled we missed us we
missed a rabbit here it pulled the orpushed it out of the way so we didn’t
win on that guy ah dang itwell maybe we got it on that camera
there make it figure out the poorismortem anyway at least we went 1 for 1 2
times 1 for 1 and then 1 for 2 welearned a few things here
we learned that hares a while withbananas and hate carrots well
anecdotally of course in the movies theylove carrots and they would never even 5
am eating banana I hope you guys enjoyedthis I’m gonna dine on some fresh hair
that sounds weird I hope you learnedsomething if you didn’t thumbs down if
you did thumbs up if you want me to doit again share it with somebodyoh yeah

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