winter survival clothes

hey a friend of mine John Jane l0 he
just did a video and the subject wasliving and extreme cold and surviving in
it and how to you know what to wear andkeep her house warm stuff like that take
care of your animals and I thought thatwas a great video and I live a little
further south than he does I think it’simportant for people in my region to
know what to do and what kind ofclothing to get for when the
temperatures plummet down into the 50sso I’m going to show you a couple of
things here that people in my region maymay not be aware of and that is shirts
that come with sleeves that would go allthe way down to your wrist you might
have a special order these at Walmartbut they exist and what they do is keep
your arms warmer for those dangerousdangerously low temperatures another
thing is shorts that actually are verylong and these shorts would go all the
way down to your ankles that’s animportant piece of cold weather gear
there and the final thing is thesedevices that fully encapsulate your feet
and apparently they protect it from youknow forty to fifty degree temperature
but there’s one thing you have to getbefore you put your feet into them you
have to wear these foot underwear Iguess that that protects the the foot
encapsulating devices from sweat orsomething I don’t know but I thought I
would bring you up to the up to speed onsome of the safety gear the temperature
related survival gear for this area sowhen temperatures plummet down into the
50sdon’t risk it wear shirts were the
sleeves butthe wrists wear shorts where the legs go
down to your ankles and the flippingcaps letting devices and the foot
underwear okay thanks for watching y’all

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