5 Weird Ways To Start A Fire

– Today we make fire.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ ♪- Good Mythical Morning!
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– hundred times a day!Okay, thanks for that. Now, one of the
things that has separated us from therest of the animal kingdom,
as humans, is our ability— Bipedalism!
– to HARNESS FIRE!- Like ostriches. No, harness fire.
– You ever seen a parakeet start a fire?I don’t think so. I’ve never seen one
start a fire. You ever seen a worm start- a fire? No! You have not.
– No. – ‘Cause they can’t do it.
– No. They’re lame. Worms are lame. But we can
start fires. And humans have devised allkinds of interesting ways to start a fire
and all kinds of interesting technologies. We’ve got lighters, torches, and all kinds
of stuff like that. But what if you’re out- in the wilderness. . .
– Without any of those technologies?Yeah, and you’re just like an animal?
Just out there in the wilderness. – How do you start a fire?
– Well, you gotta get weird with it. – ♪ ♪
– Let’s get weird with it! Making fire. – All right.
– All right, this is the remote campsitethat we have set up in the parking lot.
We each have our own tent. . . – Mine’s bigger than yours.
– Unfortunately, we have not brought- fire starter stuff, like a lighter.
– Like a lighter. – What do you have in your pack?
– Oh, my camping pack!Maybe you got something!♪ ♪I’ve got a piece of gum.
I’ve got scissors. – Okay.
– And I have a double-A battery. – A double-A battery. Okay, so. . .
– I’ve been— Can I chew the gum?
– Nope, I have to use the gum. – I have to use all parts of this.
– Oh! You’re like a true survivalist. The first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going
to cut this into an hourglass shape. And I’m making the kindling here that
hopefully will just go up in huge flame- in a second.
– I think a fire might just start on myjeans out here just from being in the sun. It’s basically a hundred
degrees out here, almost. So basically I’ve created just a thin part
in this gum wrapper. Now I need the gum. – All right.
– I need the gum to be in two differentpieces. You’re gonna take this
and put it on the non-shiny side. And this is gonna serve
as, like, a heat buffer. Heat shield. The next thing I’m going to
do is I’m gonna take our battery. . . You’re gonna connect both ends of
this to a battery in order to complete- the circuit?
– Mmhm. – But do it down here next to the. . .
– Yeah, I will. I’m just getting this intoposition here. – Okay, you got–
– Here, and. . . ignition. Contact. Ooh. It’s burning
immediately. Come on, fire man! Come on. . . You got generic batteries,
that’s the problem. It’s no longer smoking, but
it smells like fire. It actually smellslike gum. I think you’re cooking the gum.
I think that’s all that’s happening here. You wanna just eat the gum?- Oh, it’s warmed up.
– Oh, really?It’s like gum that’s been in somebody’s
pocket for a long time. That’s not bad. Okay, so step one to survival is make sure
you have warm gum. Mission accomplished. ♪ ♪Okay, my gum and batteries were a little
bit of a fail, but Link, what do you have- in your special pack?
– Well, Rhett, I’ve got a battery from- an Android cellular telephone.
– Oh! Yeah. – Hold that for me.
– Who doesn’t have one of those?- And I’ve got some steel wool here.
– Oh, yeah. And if you take the steel wool and scrape
over the. . . I’ll call those “diodes. “I have no clue what
they’re actually called. – Okay.
– . . . of the battery. And Imma do that down here. Oh! I just saw
a spark but I’m not close enough to the. . . Are you just cleaning now? Or are
you still trying to start a fire?-
– Wow, we’re gonna die out here, Link. We’re gonna die of heat
exposure, ironically. We’re gonna die of heat stroke
while trying to start a fire. –
– You know what? I’ve got someother batteries we can
clean. I brought a 9-volt. – Okay, let’s try that.
– Should’ve told you about this earlier. – Try it with a 9-volt.
– Hold this in your hand. – Oh, yeah. That’s gonna work, man.
– That leaf right there’s about to- catch on fire.
– You’re shaking so much. Are you okay? Are you shaking
from the cold? The extreme cold? Come on.
Come onnnn. I’ve always thought that we were gonna be
a good team in the zombie apocalypse. I’m beginning to second-guess that now. ♪ ♪Okay, man, let’s move on from batteries.
What else do you have in your pack?Well, Link, you know, I’m glad you asked
because I’ve got this pan where we justcooked that bacon, back when
we used to have fire, you know?- Oh. You’ve got a. . .
– I’ve got a bacon-grease-soaked paper- towel that I’m gonna set down there.
– ‘Cause bacon grease is flammable. Don’t let anybody tell
you anything different. And I’ve got my reading glasses for
those romance novels that I like to read- while camping.
– So. . . I’m gonna throw somekindling on top of the bacon grease. Now,
we would be using my glasses, but they’renot thick enough. We’ve determined that
these reading glasses are thicker. – Yeah, brother.
– I think this is gonna work. My excitement is building. My expectation,
my sense of survival is kicking up a notch. You know, as a kid I would do this
with my brother, but I used a magnifying- glass.
– You wouldn’t happen to have one?Oh yeah, well, speaking of that. . .
I’ve got a magnifying glass. – Here, lemme use that.
– A, you need to turn it around. – Ooh!
– This is gonna do it, man. Man, that is bright. Now look,
there’s smoke coming out from over here. – Keep going.
– You know, we should’ve just kept- that fire we were cooking that bacon with?
– Right. – We should’ve just kept it.
– And then used that fire to start a fire. Yeah, yeah, we should’ve
kept that fire going. I think that’s the lesson here.
If you get fire for bacon, don’t quit! Yes. . . yes. . . oh ho!
It’s happening. That’s flame, isn’t it? Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – That was fire.
– Oh, ho ho ho ho! There it is!- Oh, whoa, whoa! FIRE!
– Me make fire! FIRE! Oh! You know what? It only
took a magnifying glass and a previously- lit fire. Oh gosh.
– Look at that, guys. – Hey, that was so easy. Now what do we do?
– Why don’t we put out this fire and- try to start another one?
– Okay!♪ ♪Okay, well, we’ve already effortlessly
started fire, so we have nothing to proveat this point, but ah. . . what else
do you got in your bag, Link?Well, on the heels of that victory,
I have some plastic cups. . . – Oh, cool.
– Some rubber bands. . . – Yep.
– And some cling wrap. – Huh!
– Now, if my research serves mecorrect, we take said plastic
cup, fill it with human urine. . . – Oh!
– And then take the human urine and- make a baggie using cling wrap.
– Oh, fun. – And then use that as a magnifying glass.
– Well, I’ve got some urine brewin’. – Oh, no. I’m going first.
– Oh, we’re both gonna go. – Oh, this is gonna be fun.
– All right, I’m goin’. Everything comin’ out all right? That’s a
joke I like to say when somebody’s using- the bathroom. I’ve done it for years.
– All right. – Whoa, that was quick!
– See if you can top it off. Can’t have too much. All right, so what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this emptycup and I’m gonna make a. . . some sort of
a template to then pour the pee into. – Hey Link. Man, we’ve been drinking!
– It’s good to stay hydrated. – It’s kinda yellow.
– I don’t know, it’s pretty yellow though. – I think that was you, man.
– All right. – Okay.
– I just made a little hole. – I don’t think that’s how I would do it.
– Pour a little bit of our combined- urine sample.
– Couldn’t this just be water?No. ‘Cause you don’t have water.
We drank all the water and- converted it into pee.
– Well, there’s a hose right over there. All right. Do not pour this on my hand. – Pour a little bit.
– I think I’m gonna throw up. Ick. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I kinda
wondered if it was gonna separate,like oil and water? Like your pee,
like, layered on top of my pee. I’m gonna set this over here next
to the bacon grease pan. – All right.
– Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. – Where’re the rubber bands at?
– The rubber bands are right here. Okay. Oh yeah, oh yeah. You’re a pro!
Look at that, you got a little pee bag. – Oh!
– Oh no, breach!Oh no! NOOOOOOOOOOO!Just come sit down. I’m
not gonna throw it on you! I’ve known you long enough to
know that you’re gonna pee me right now. – Sit down. I’m not going to.
– You’re about to pee me. – Just let me hold it.
– All right. Gosh!Wow. That’s the most traumatic thing
I’ve ever experienced on this show and it- happened to you!
– You know what? Don’t worry about it. – Oh, gosh! Come on, man!
– It’ll be okay. – We’re in this together.
– Get your pee hand off of me!- Don’t touch me again.
– All right, so here we go. See if you can get a beam of light
directly on the kindling without dripping- pee on the kindling.
– The sun is right there. I don’t wannaget it sideways. There’s just so many
crinkles. We need something that’s- smoother than this. Like more Saran Wrap.
– What about a Ziploc bag?- Oh ho ho ho!
– All right, so I’ve got a. . . Thanks for lettin’ me
know you had a Ziploc bag. – So, here, put that in here
– Icky. – Icky?
– Yeah. All right, so now, pour the pee in there.
Pour half of my pee and half of your pee- in here. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
– No, man, full!- What?
– Yes. I’m trying to make a beam, man!- Now, should we label this? So someone. . .
– I’m never peeing again. After seeing- my pee out in the open like this?
– All right. Have at it, steady hands. – That’s too big. The beam is too big.
– This is what our life has become. We’re sitting out in a parking lot with
a bag of our own urine holding it uplike this, trying to start a fire. ♪ ♪All right, Rhett, what other
goodies do you got?Well, I’ve got an empty
plastic soda bottle. – Okay.
– I’ve got some brake fluid. – Of course you do.
– I always bring that camping. – Right.
– Might need to brake. I’ve got some pool cleaner, chlorine.
You never know when you’re gonna find,like, a hot tub out in the wild
that you wanna disinfect. – Like hike to a pool or something.
– Yep. I’ve also got some rubber gloves
that we’re gonna need. – Oh!
– I’ve got a mask for your face. – Oh, wow!
– I’ll take those. – Okay.
– And I’ve also got. . . is that it?- Yes, that’s it.
– You better hope you have goggles. – Oh, goggles. Yeah, where are they?
– I wanna reiterate: do not try- this at home. We’re not at home.
– We’re camping! Don’t try this camping. Unless
this turns out really great, which I’msure it won’t, because we’re getting
all protected. I’m wearing one glove? Okay. I’ve never put this
kinda stuff on while camping. Yeah, this is how I look when
I’m camping at all times. – All right, so what do you do here?
– Well, first thing I do is I get mymask on. Then I take our chlorine. . . we
didn’t find any hot tubs on this trip, sowe can use it to start our
fire. I’m going to fill this up. – You’ve done this before?
– Nope! I’ve just been on theinternet. Okay, that’s good. Pour the
brake fluid. Now, if we have any braking- problems on the way down the hill. . .
– We’re screwed. We’re outta luck. All right. Nothin’ happenin’ yet.
Little bubble action over here. Now, I’ve been instructed that
we might wanna stand back a little bit. –
– Whoa!- Look, look, look!
– Oh!- What–
– Oh, gosh! What– What the crap!? WHAT?!- WHAT THE CRAP, GUYS?!
– – Is everybody all right?
– I’m a little afraid!
Stay back, stay back. You know what? I’m glad I already
peed in that cup, ’cause I would’ve just- peed in my pants and yours.
– We made a couple a. . .
you had a couple— OH!
– My freakin’ chair is on fire! His chair’s on fire. You should–
you should– yeah, there you go. That’s- exactly what you should do.
– Yeah, Edward! Get it! Get that too. Okay, I’m gonna sit back down in my
perfectly intact chair and think aboutwhat just happened. – Do NOT try that ANYWHERE! Ever!
– That was stupid. I’m gonna go ahead and- acknowledge that that was– that was–
– Wow!That was stupid. . . on a lotta levels. But
that’s why we’re doing this and you’re not. – Whaa haha!
– Gosh. –
– Okay, I’m in one piece. Are you?Nothing is burned, rather miraculously.
That was stupid. Yes. Let us acknowledge: we’ve been
telling you the whole time to don’tattempt these things at home,
but let me say. . . We had not pre-attempted them,
and then when we attempted them,- we over-attempted the last one.
– We put too much of whatever thosematerials were. The brake fluid
and the chlorine. Too much. – Don’t do it at all.
– But especially the way we did it wasincredibly stupid and irresponsible
and we’re lucky to not be burned. And, so we won’t interpret it as a reward,
but we still wanna invite you to like,- comment, and subscribe.
– Why not? You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Anna and I’m from Orange,
California. Today we’re at VidCon. And it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality!We got a special edition, limited time
hoverboard t-shirt only available upthrough October 21st, 2015,
the date on the shirt. – Check it out at rhettandlink. com/store.
– Click through to Good Mythical Morewhere we share some camping
mishaps from our high school days. My Strange Addiction:
Mashed Potatoes. Hi, I’m here with one
Link Neal. Link, I hear you’ve got a- problem. Tell us about it.
– Uh. . . no, I don’t have a problem. – What’re you eatin’ there? What’s that?
– Just some mashed potatoes. – Mashed potatoes.
– There’s meatloaf there too. Can you believe it? How much do
you like those mashed potatoes?- Looks like you’re really into ’em.
– I mean, they’re good. They’re creamy. – I mean, it’s just, uh. . . They’re good.
– He thinks they’re creamy. How often do you eat
mashed potatoes, Link Neal?- Ummm. . . once every. . . quarter, probably.
– Once a quarter. That’s four times a year. How strange is that?[Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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