Cooking Trout With Happy Rocks Day 17 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

– I’m Zachary Fowler. – And I’m Greg Ovens. – And this is the 30
Day Survival Challenge,Canadian Rockies. There’s only one rule, if you wanna eat,you gotta catch and cook it. The 30 Day Survival Challenge,
season two, Canadian Rockieshas been brought to you in
part by Dr. Squatch Soap,Hidden Woodsmen gear,
Go Prepared Survival,Outdoor Vitals, Wazoo Survival Gear,Simpleshot Shooting
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30 Day Survival Challenge. I hear twigs snapping. Is that a bear out there?Oh, nope, nope, it’s just Greg. He’s breaking twigs to start a fire. Oh, better get up and meet the day then. It’s day 16, I think. Anything dry?Oh better. Uh, these are soaking wet inside. Miserable boots. Socks aren’t bad. – Now my boots are coming
along, but this stuff,those are the dampest. – The sky isn’t exactly clear,but it’s not dark and
stormy looking either. – No, but— But that can change. – Oh yeah, that can change. – Did you manage
to blow coals to life?- Yeah. – Yeah, so the banking worked. – Yeah, there was coals, yeah. – I shoulda
brought some hot rocks. I coulda really– – Oh, this is just brutal. – I know. – Look it, you see your
breath and everything, it’s,you know, it’s past the middle
of July and it’s this cold?Like, this is ridiculous, man. – Well we don’t have to worry
about mosquitoes. – Well no, that’s true. – They’re frozen. – Yeah— The surface of the water’s frozen overso they can’t get out. – Yeah, no that’s why
we’re not seeing ’em for sure. – Unreal. After getting in bed, I was like,”Man, I wish I had had some hot rocks,just a couple to put down by my toes. – Yeah. – I think I hung my hammock
like one inch too lowon the foot so it was kinda
like sliding towards my feetand so I kept waking up likewith my feet past the under-quiltor I didn’t adjust my
under-quilt far enough backso my toes kept getting a little bit cooland I had to like ball up a little bit. – Oh yeah. – But once I fell asleep, like always,I woke up sometime in
the middle of the nightand I was nice and warm. Lift up on it a bit, it’s a little low. Woo, that’s one way to warm up.
Give her a try, what do you think?- Yeah, I’ll try her out. Appreciate it. Oh, that’s solid. – Yeah. – That’ll be here for years to come. – Yeah. – See?Very nice. – I feel like it
ended up a little close,but you like to be close. – Um, well I do because
I’m cold a lot. – But we can,
there’s still plenty of,the fire can come— You can move the fire that way. – Yeah, it could
come eight inches this waybecause it’s a little far from,I like to be far from it
though, so it doesn’t matter. Or we could move it this way, so— We can move it whichever way, yeah. No, thanks man, I appreciate it. – Dear diary,
it’s so cold out herethat every time Greg gets
up to leave the fire,all I can think about is
that quote from “Star Wars”,when Han’s going out to
rescue Luke on the ice planetand that guy tells him,
“Your Ton Ton’ll freeze”before you reach the first marker. “And so Han says, “Well
then I’ll see you in Hell. “And of course, inevitably,
he kills the poor thingby driving it out there in the coldand proceeds to cut the thing openand stuff Luke in it to keep him alive. And so if it gets even
five degrees colder,I would totally go for
a Ton Ton sleeping bag. – This may smell bad, kid,
but it’ll keep you warm. I thought they smelled bad.
On the outside. – Best part of waking upis gopher fish head stew
in your cup. Had to know that was coming
at some point. That’s if you’ve been
watching and you follow me,you’ll know my love of fish
head soup and every stew. If you’ve just tuned in thoughand you’re like, “What is going on,”who’s this crazy guy in the woods?”Check out the link
below in the descriptionfor the 30 Day Survival Challengeor check out the playlist on my channelfor the season one of the
30 Day Survival Challengethat we did in Texas, me and Chris Thorn,Drop Fort Survival, and, or the
Wilderness Living Challenge. I got some great series therelinked in the playlist on my channel. Maybe not down below, but like over,when you go to playlist
and then you follow down,you’ve got Wilderness Living Challenge,30 Day Survival Challenge, 87 Daysabout my re-enactment of my
87 days alone in Patagonia. We have lots of fun, so
if you’re just tuning in,check it out and the
links for this series,if you wanna start from the beginning,which I highly recommend,otherwise you’re missing out on a lot,are right down below in the description.
That’s good, good stuff. Let’s go fishing. I don’t see any fish. – Hey, I just had a follower. – Oh, nice. (speaking
softly under the music)- He just bit,
but he was biting again. Then he took off. – Woo! Yeah, woo!Net for the win!Woo, that’s another one. That’s one for the, woo!We’re gonna eat tonight, yee hoo!Woo, oh, look at that. Definitely the net for the win. He’s already unhooked
somehow, just in the nettingto getting him up the hill. That is, whoa, hey, were
do you think you’re going? All right. There we go, that’s a good size fish. Beautiful, thank you, Lord,
we’re gonna eat tonight. Yes!Let’s see if we can get another one. I wonder if Greg’s got anything. You can see him all the way
over there, right there. There’s a little tiny Greg. I can’t zoom in very far with this lens. That’s as far as it goes. He’s on the other side. Nice. Flip her up, find a worm, catch a fish. Woo!One’ll have to be enough,
it’s starting to sprinkle. I don’t wanna spend all day
getting wet for nothing. How’d you do?- Oh, nothing. – Nothing?- Nothing, you got one, I see. – Yeah, I got one. – Yeah, nice, nice. – Let’s go back and eat and— Yeah. – And just uh— We can come back tonight
and maybe do some set lines. – Yeah. – Drive some set lines in
the ground and try that. – Yep. – Get them strung completely. – Well that means there’s two fishso we can each have oneand get some work done on our shelter. Want a cup?- No thank you, you can have that. – There’s still plenty. The fish cheeks are probably ready. Mm, fish cheeks. Darn cheeky fishes, only biting
when they feel like it, huh?- Well–
– We’re doing pretty good. – Well, you know, we’ve
been getting one a dayis gonna sustain us, but— Have we gone down
once and not got a fish?- No. – I think we’ve always
gotten at least one. – We’ve always got one. – And you got— I got two the one time. – The one time. As a team effort, we
haven’t gotten skunked. – No, I’ve lost almost
as many as I’ve caught. – Yeah, I lost one— Yeah, I have— The one I got today, I netted it. I net it and brought it up on the shoreand the hook was out of its mouth. – Again?- Yeah.
– Perfect. – Yeah, so, I mean, it was just,and I could see it as I was netting itthat it looked like it
was right in the corner,like just, and I was like net itand then by the time I set it down— Yeah, I’m glad you didn’t lose it’cause we pretty much need
a fish each at this point. We didn’t have one last night, so.
– That feels good. – Mmhmm. – It is so darn cold. – I know it is, it’s,
this is like October. – All right, I gotta cut some big logsor something so we can make ourselvesa grilling surface, or— All right, well,yeah, we were gonna
grab rocks, but we had— Oh, I’ll go get rocks,
I’ll go get some rocks. – Well I’ll come and help you. – Okay. It’s not that far to the rock pile, right?- No.
So, a couple rocks each, eh?- Mm. – There we go. Beauty.
I’ll hold it down here more. – Yeah. – Don’t wanna lose a finger. – That should do it. That one’s definitely the winner. – Hm?- That one’s, that’s nice. – You think?- On the saw block, yeah. – Yeah? – Yeah, I mean compared to the bow saw,which is hella dull, hella dull,but uh, ’cause a bow saw,
if they’re really dull,they just pinch, but
I’m seeing big shavingswhich tells me, big shavings, sharp tool. – All right. – Small shavings, dull tooland this is nothing like
making firewood with a big saw. – No. – You know?
– That’s right. – A bow saw would have done,that bow saw, nice and sharp,
would handle these just fine,you know, stuff that’s under four inches. Bigger than that, you spend more time,the blades always curve or something. I did it, but it did slide
free at the last second. – Yeah, it’s wanting to slide. – I’ll hold it, I’ll hold it. We hid our fish up there soat least if we got a bear in camp,he might not climb up the tree and get it. Of course, if it was a Sasquatch,he’d be up that tree in a secondand we’d be out a fish, but fortunately,there’s two fish right now
and we each get to have one. – That’s good. – I’m knackered after all
that sawing and buildingand dragging rocks and I am hungry. Let’s eat some fish. Cooking my fish in a,I’m gonna put hot rocks inside my fish. – Oh, okay. – To cook it. – Okay. – So I need
really, really hot rocks. Like glowing hot for my plan to work. And my net worked great. – Yeah, well that’s good. You gotta like it when things work. – Yep. – Hm, did work. Put some more wood on that side maybe. – Yeah. – Hm, there we go. It took too long to cook that. Now I’m all frazzled and
waited too long today. It’s like 4:00 something. Phew, Lord, thank you for
this fish and this adventure,in Jesus’ name, amen. Is that the sound of
coffee being prepared?- Well, if I can
get enough water for it. – Uh oh. – There’s the about that. – Oh, the adobo’s clumping. Not coming out of there. There we go. Oh, look at all that fish. Mm. – That went the other way. – Mm. That is so good. Just what the doctor ordered,
a healthy dose of fatty fish. By cooking it this way, I
think I ruined all my eggs. There was a little roe of eggs. They weren’t huge, but. Oh, look at that giant chunk. Oh. Little bit of adobo sprinkled on one side,all toasty and golden from the smokingand cooking on the fire. Mm. Mm. Mm. I think I now like this
better than catfish. – You think?I thought you said you
really liked your catfish. – I really do like my catfish. It’s hard to say. – I mean, it is good,there’s nothing wrong
with trout for sure, but— Mm. Just anytime you can have a fishand have big, giant
chunks of flakey meat— Yes, yeah. – You know, it’s like,
that’s just awesome. I’m so excited about these
little tongs that I made. You know, it was like, oh,
there’s nothing to makechopsticks up here in
the mountains, you know,they’re all soft and it doesn’t work rightand then I tried this and man. – Spruce. – Mmhmm. The bendy-ness works to my advantageand a little, chu chu chu chu chu,like training wheels chop sticks. Thinking about heating some hot rocks upand climbing back into my hammock. – I know, it’s just brutal. – I went and got the water for the coffeeto fill my water bottle and now, I am— You’re cold again and wet again. – Yeah, cold and wet. Took my boots from a little bit wetto just like drenched. – Yes. – Just walking through, there’s just,the brush just holds so much water. – I know, yeah. – It’s unreal. – It’s not ideal. – I even got a hot rock
inside my shirt here,wrapped in my hoo rag. – You do?
– Yeah. – Oh?
– And it’s like,it’s makes me feel warm
at core, but oi vay. – There we go. – I’m glad
we got that on camera. We just missed that whole mess. Oh well.
– Oh boy,there’s a bit more there. – There’s more, right. We’re not. – We got some. We got some. – Come on, there
you go, a little water. – Yeah, a little bit. – Yeah, it’ll fill back up. That’s one thing we got no
shortage of, rain water.
All right, I am in. Oh, it’s nice to be in my hammock. I got a nice happy rock
wrapped up in my hoo ragand back down there by my feet,so I don’t have to go
to bed with cold feet. Stayed up late because
I was working on a project,my chessboard. I probably showed you a
little glimpse of that,but I’m not gonna show you the
whole thing ’til it’s done. So I’m gonna keep teasing
you until I finish it. I wish I had thought to do it sooner’cause of all this rain, but
it’s not like I’ve been idle. I’ve been, you know, stoking the fire,trying to dry my stuff out,trying to dry just
trying to be dry and warm,and making little nets
and all kinds of stuffthat’s proved to be
fairly useful so far, so. But I wanna built those
shelters up in the trees. I do not like sleeping like a bear burritodown here on the ground. You know, especially since
this new camp, you knowa couple days here,
made a mess of the fishand like spilled out of
the fire and dropped itand chunks flew everywhere. I don’t know, the scent, the
amount of scent of food scenthas got to be fairly prevalent right now. So hopefully with the
bear mace and shotgun,we’re safe enough and
they’d just be comingbecause they’re exploring for
food, not to eat yours truly. So I’m gonna go to bed. Try to get up earlier,get down there and catch
another fish again. Hopefully the rain’ll stopand we can start building
our shelters up in the trees. See you next time, Fowler out.

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