Spruce Smoked Trout & Moving Day 16 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

– Oops!We’re changing lodgings!Move shelters, start building, I’m Zachary Fowler- And I’m Greg Ovens- And this is the 30
Day Survival Challenge,Canadian Rockies. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat,you gotta catch and cook it. The 30 Day Survival Challenge, Season Two,Canadian Rockies has been
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30 Day Survival Challenge. Well. Rained all nightbut it’s gettin’ brighter out thereand the sprinkles have slowed up towell, sprinkles instead of rain. Of course, I say that, it’s
gonna start pouring again. – Now there’s gonna be
a lot of cloud coverin the morning, can’t
rule out a spot shower. – Aye ya ya.
– Then the skiesare gonna brighten up
midday and that sunshineis gonna add some
instability so as we get intothe afternoon, you can see what happens,that line of storms is approaching. 5:00 in the afternoon,lot of folks have outdoor activities,a lot of sporting events after school,there will be some impact fromsome of these storms on those activities. – But this might be the
best we can hope for sotime to get out there and dodge raindropsand get this day going. Uh, my feet are so wet. No way, a rainbow!Look at that. Look at that. Maybe it’s over. Maybe the rains over,wouldn’t that be something?I know I saw the rainbow,that meant God told ’em he wasn’tgonna flood ’em out anymoreand I always, whenever
I see one like that,I always think maybe it’s, huh? Greg just saw a cougar. Man, they disappear quick. – He was a big one too.
– Yeah?I saw a deer, whoa!- Oh that was a whitetail, ey?Maybe that’s what the cougars after. Too bad we weren’t set up to
get some film of that guy. – I don’t know, what do we have to doto catch some film with
something like that. – Yeah, I know. – Yeah like a 360 cam, you know,then it would’ve been really far away. – Oh well
– All kinds of interestingthings happening this morning. Rainbows and cougars. Now all we need is a bear
and we’d be complete. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!Well, this is turning out
to be an exciting morning. Can’t believe I missed it,
sittin’ here talking to you,Greg spots a cougar,oh well. Maybe I’ll see the next one. I got one pair of dry socks
and two pairs of wet shoes. At least my feet can
be warm with the wool. Change them everyday and
they really don’t stink. I don’t know if that has
something to do with the brandor I mean
they’re darn tough socksby brand but I don’t
remember reading anythingabout darn tough stinky prevention. Or maybe that’s just I
change ’em often enough. Got some gopher stew, coffee,and both Greg and I have a
giant fish we need eatin’. Well, thank you Lord for the rainbow,I guess I’ll get the fire
going, get some coffee on. Oops!Oh that might’ve been inevitable. Wasn’t enough coals. Ugh!Smoker caught on fire a little. Fish looks okay though. Mmm, oh that’s good. That’s good. I think it’s all done. Oh yeah. Perfect. Trick is gonna be how
to get it off of herewithout losing the meat. All right, we did it!Got little spruce needles all over it. Oh, they bring almost like this, like uh–Spruce rosemary thing going on, very good. – Try a piece. – And then look at that.
– Mmm!- Cooked it with
the eggs there inside. – Mhm!- And then
you can see on the skinand everywhere else all those— Burnt needles. I tasted the spruce, it’s good. – What do you think?- Good!Spruce was a good idea.
– Mmm. Almost!Almost back fired on usas the smoker caught on firebut it finished smoke
cooking the whole fishjust before, just before the
downfall of civilization. – Just before the kitchen caught on fire. Yeah, just before the
kitchen caught on fire. Let’s eat!Lord, thank you for these fish
that you keep providing usin this adventure. Help us find the energy and
the strength to move camp todayand to our new location and
build our little fortressin the trees and enjoy our
second half of our adventurethere in Jesus name, Amen. Tongs are all dirty,carve ’em clean. Mmm!- Fair amount of oil in the skin. – Yeah, there is, yeah. Fatty little guy. Or gal, since it’s full of eggs, I guess. You want some Wodobo on it?Mmm. Gotta remember to slow
down and chew, ha ha. Here just like a rabid raccoon there,I devoured half of it already. – Very tasty. – I feel the energy comin’ back. – Yeah, me too!- I can’t wait to build!Ah!Brain cells, inflating!Energy!- You can have the rest. – I don’t think I can do it. – Nope!
– I really am full. – Force yourself. – ‘Cause I had a cup of gopher stew. – Oh you did, oh?
– Yeah!So go ahead, finish it up. I had a cup of gopher stew. – All right. Didn’t you find that in Patagonia too,if you didn’t eat for like say days,one day you’d feel hungry all daythen the next day you didn’t notice it. Then you were hungry,
then you didn’t notice it. Kinda went in stages, ey?- I’d have my fish head soupand that would temper
it but like lying in bedat night and feeling
hungry, that was the worst. – Mhm
– And then whenI finally do get a fish
like three days later,and I have a fresh fish
and I have it a 4:00,I’d be so jazzed from,
this is around day 80or 70 that I’d be so jazzed from that foodthat I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I was just like, like I had
drank three cups of coffeeand I’d lay there until
three in the morningand then like I’d wake up
first thing in the morninglike bright and awake and
not be able to sleep anymore. – Yeah- And I’d only had like
four hours of sleepbut I was tired. We’re changing lodgings!Move shelters, start building,spend the last half of
our adventure over there’cause technically today is day 16,which means counting today,if we could all of today we
have 15 more days of this. – Yeah.
– So–yee haw!Let’s change lodgings. Hail, yippee! Looks like it’s settling in. Ugh!Come up here and hide out from
the elements for a minute. Let this hail blow over and
as soon as I stepped insideit stopped but looks like there’slike two more streaks of it coming. Maybe I’ll build a net, cargo
net for our new locationwhile I’m waiting. Something I can hang up under my tarpand be able to slip stuff into
so it doesn’t get rained on. Huh, looks like the rain
might be stopping for a bit. Better pack it up and move. Finished quite a bit of net
while I was sittin’ here though. Well, it’s probably hard to see on camera. But I made like about, I don’t know,that long by this long piece of cargo netthat I can hang up underneath
in our shelter area. And I can use that for
puttin’ stuff in to keepit off the ground, and I can
work on that later by the fire. For now, I think it’s movin’ time! Home sweet home.
– Yeah!- Now what?We had our fire here yesterday,we were down here for a little bit. Got the tarp here. I think we’re gonna set up two here,up top will be our pavilion areaonce we get it finished
for our common roomand over here is my two main support beamsI’m gonna start building
across in between. And since those are done,and I don’t have to move the
ladder into this area anymore,I can set my hammock up down below for nowuntil my platform is finished
and I set it up, up there. If you’re wondering how
my shirt got so tight,I’m not gaining weight out here,my other one got so dirty, it was a large,and I’ve switched to a medium now. Since I felt like I lost
enough weight it fitswithout being tight,
without being too tight. Still a little tight up top here. And right about there,
and right about . I can feel my sense of humor
returning with the sun!- There ya go!- Right?- Well- Ready for your stuff?Here’s yours right there,
over by your shotgun. – I think we’re just
happy we’re at our spot. – Yeah, that too!And not be gettin’ drizzled on. – Yeah, that too!- Eh, okay, I just wish in some ways. Well, if wishes were unicorns,you know we’d all be riding one. But you know, then we
could’ve been here day one. Imagine the palace aids we
could’ve built you know. – But the good thing
is we had other experiences. – Oh we sure did, we did. I hope you guys have enjoyed
the other experiences. If you’re just tuning
in for the first time,hit up the link below for the playlistfor the 30 Day Survival Challengefor my channel and Greg’s channeland see our adventure from the beginning,before you keep watching ’cause
it’s just about get to ya–‘Cause it’s just about to start
getting really interesting!Not that it wasn’t from the
beginning but it’s gonnaget even better from here on out. And done, beautiful!- So I got both poles,nice to have both our perimeters done, ey?- Yeah!All right, got it?Balance the ladder. Well, made a little bit more progressnow that one goes to thereand we’ll lift that up and tie that thereand then Greg’s other main support polewill go from this tree where
the ladder is set up nowto right there, and then his,his support beams or his
flooring will be going acrossbetween those two beams,
they’ll be like this. But, if you don’t like the
weather, wait five minutesand it’ll get worse!- Because it never gets better!- Yeah, so far!It’s not even raining, it’s sleet again. – Yeah
– And hail!Oy vey. – That one there is gonna break. Like look it, look at it rippin’!Watch the one tree. – I don’t know, those
trees are whippin’ aroundbut our trees aren’t. Our hammocks and things like that,I don’t see ’em bouncin’ around. – Well, we got poles between
some of ’em too, that helps. – Yeah, and we picked
the bigger, solid trees. – Back to the usual.
– Yeah. – Oh
– Uh oh!Ugh! Built ourselves a nice little
wind break on one side. Our fire protector from
the prevailing winds. Not from the smoke though.
– Oh!- So the prevailing
winds were this wayand have been most of the
time so that should help us. I might build another one in a minute. – She’s gonna clear up. – On this sideand we had to put the
stake up on that cornerof the tarp to keep it up
’cause it was gettin’ a littlelow with all the rain weight. – Look at the fresh snow through there. All the trees and–
– Fresh snow?- Fresh snow
– See if we canget a peak at it!Looks like there’s still a littlebit blowin’ around out there. – Snowing on the
mountains if you can see it. – This is nice. This is what I’ve been
wanting the whole time. 15 days of just, wanting to get to this,just this right here. Set up, some tarp, some shelter-y stuff,starting bein’ built and a log to sit on,a fire that’s protected
from the wind and rain. This is where it’s at. This next, last 14 days
are gonna be awesome. It might seem weird that we’re
like building all this stuffand we can make it the rest
of the way without doinganything else, but that’s
not what it’s about!I like to build stuff. And the point of the 30 Day
Survival Challenge for meis not like the Wilderness
Living Challengewhere we’re trying to maintain
or gain our body weightby eating nothing but wild foodsand so much of it that we
can keep our body weight up,for me it’s to,establish myself in a location,during the 30 days or
while roaming around,that feels by the time I’m donethat I’m sustainable and
solid and I didn’t quitemanage that in Texas ’cause we
had to move halfway through. And so it became more and more difficultbut we’re becoming more
and more establishedduring this, I feel like,and it looks like these
next 14 days can be reallyinteresting the amount of
food that we can harvestand the level of comfort we can establish. Say we were to continue
to stay out here afterthe 30 days, we would be all set up. You know, up in the trees, it’s safe,we’ll have food in our camp,bears or something comes in,
we’re not within grabbingdistance just laying
there like little burritosin our hammocks saying there’s
a burrito snack for ya. You know, I want to have our
shelters in the trees done,feel secure that way,water secured here at this location,whether we’re bringing it
in and we have somethingto store it in, I’m
thinkin’ about a burn log. Cut a log piece off,
it’ll be a lot of workbu Greg’s got a really
nice big saw and we can cuta piece of wood and
bring a log around here,and make a big burn bowl
that was like a two or threegallon burn bowl that
we can catch water inafter it comes off the
corner of one of our tarps. Have water that we can ladleout and be able to wash our handsand maybe we can even get a
couple of ’em so we can havea basin for washing
and a table and chairs,just darn cozy and comfortable,
livin’ in the woods,and that’s my goal. – Okay, so–
– Here, I’ll send yasome more that way. – Yeah, just let me
rinse this, pretty dirty. Okay so, now I’m ready,
there’s enough there. Don’t need too much, fast
there, okay, a bit more!There!That’s enough.
– That’s enough?- Oh, she sure got a
lot of twigs and stuff. – That’s okay
– It’s okay. So hey we’ve dealt with worse. – That’s vitamin C!- We’ve dealt with worse.
– Yeah, get some goodVitamin C there, that’s why
they put the filter right thereat the front it’s the perfect— Are they ever smart whoever made this. – Yeah!- Oh!Gotta get these things dried up. Dried socks the whole time. – Uch, just ringin’ ’em out. – I don’t, can’t wear ’em yet. – So we’ve decided not
to eat our last fishthat we caught the other
day, we ate the bigone this morning
– Yeah!- Just too–Too tired
– Too tired and worn out- And not all that hungry. Too tired, yeah. Went past the stage of hunger
like I’d rather just bein my hammock and be warm.
– Yeah!- So
– Exactly and save itfor the morning
– Yeah, yeah. I don’t know, that fish
that we ate this morning,I felt like that energy went all dayand I think–
– I think so. – Think our bodies are
finally kicked into high gearand which probably means
it’s breaking down more of mybody reserves for energy. – Well, I notice my
pants, I’ve had to tightenthe para chord up around ’em
– Yeah. Yeah. – Well, we knew we’d lose weight. – Yeah, that’s why I didn’t
worry about that beforeI came here, I laid into
croissants and bagelsand danishes for breakfast andI just enjoyed myself there for a bit,for the last two weeks
before we came out here,I was like whatever!- Yep!- My girlfriend,we went to the store and you know,’cause I usually don’t
do sugar and I got allkinds of sugar stuff she
was like wow you’re reallyjust gonna let yourself go there, huh?I was like, I’m gonna need it!- No, it won’t. We’re gonna get some warm weather yet,you wait and see. Then we’ll be complaining it’s too hot. – Yeah, yeah right?Well, if it’s too hot
then I’m goin’ for a swim’cause that’s, I smell like a bantha,and I feel sosmarmy I mean I’ve been able
to wash my hands and faceoften enough but like–
– Well what do you do?- Yeah
– You knowthese creeks are pretty darn cold. – Yeah
– to be tryin’ to bathin ’em I’ll tell ya. – That’s why I’m waitin’ for a hot day,we can have a fire, be fishing
and I’m just gonna jump inand then jump out like a crazy person,soap up and jump back in and be like ahhh!- Yeah
– And feel clean. Feel clean
– Exactly. – Whoa, that’s nice. See if I can do something
with this fish here,don’t wanna just leave it on the groundand have it stolen, hopefully
we can send the bear awayif he does come into camp. So we’re gonna, I guess we’re
just gonna keep it simple,climb up the ladder and
put it up the tree for now!Whoa!Ah!Phew, I got down, did you see that?That’s what I was always afraid ofis that thing sliding off to the side. All right, I am in,at our new location. It is awesome. I cannot wait for tomorrowto eat that fish that we still have. Have a cup of coffee at our new sight,if it’s pouring it doesn’t even matter,get up, have a fire and just you know,get on with our day and start doin’ stuff. Traveling around, bein’ in
a different place every dayor for a couple daysand not being able to establish a campthat’s just like permantcy, permanent–permanent, ah whatever!It’s exhausting. So, I’m gonna go to bed!And I will see you guys in the next one,Fowler out that
was a real on, not a fake.

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