Laundry Day At The River !!! / Day 6 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

– Washin’ my clothes
and myself in the river!I’m Zachary Fowler, and that’s Chris Thornand this is the 30 day
survival challenge, Texas!There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat, ya
gotta catch and cook it!Yeah! Good morning!It is so hot and muggy right now!Well, for a Mainer now,a native Texan is probably
like whoa, it’s cool out,I need a sweater!But I am like sticky and steamy,and it’s my birthday! 39 years old today!Day six, 30 day survival challenge!Yee-haw! There’s my clothes from
yesterday, what a mess!I used that to carry the fish
and my clothes are all uch!Let’s see how our fish is doin’oh, Chris is already up!He’s got firewood, the fish has
been on the smoker all nightfire died down with the fish
head soup and craw head soupin there, it looked pretty good. The smoke protected them
so far from the elementsbut we gotta get a fire goin’
and get these guys cookedbefore the flies and the
lack of smoke allow the fliesto land and do their nasty
business on the stuffand they spoil ’cause the heat in here,the heat out here is uch! – Top is all off,we’re gonna be using
the Exotax Matchcap XL. – Look at my turtle,
I put that in there yesterdaynow they have buried it
completely over the fire antsand they’re cleanin’ out the
inside for me so I can take ithome all clean to my girls! Here we go, have myself a
cup of catfish head soup!And craw head, wooo, that’s hot!Look at how rich that broth is!Oh, that tastes really good,
adding the catfish to it,the crawfish soup was good,
but this is so much better,it’s so hot out here. We still haven’t gotten the fish done,Chris is over there pacing
’cause he’s just hotand uncomfortable.
– It’s very warm today. I don’t even wanna get
that close to the fire’cause it’s just–
– Right,we’re tryin’ to get the coals
of the fire to work downso we can put the fish on
there and have a big old lunch!And it’s just, it’s gonna be a,just take it easy day and
then when it cools offin the evening, we’ll go downand try our hand at fishing again. Openin’ my only birthday present,would you believe I’d
come all the way out herewith this guy and he didn’t
even get me anything. No, I’m just kidding !The Bear Bowl, hence the
shirt, I opened that up today,treat myself to a clean shirt
that they had sent us there,one of our sponsors. Folds up, can go in your pocket,useful, tiny, snap it closed,little aluminum plate on
the bottom allows you toput it on top of a cook
burner so you can take it forhikin’ and stuff. And boom you’re ready to go!I’m gonna use this for
puttin’ my fruit in,my half of my fruit. Got my cactus tunas gonna
sit here in the hot dayand just eat these juicy cactus tunas. Get some juicy, happy birthday!Here’s yours!- Oh they taste like dessert, man!- Yeah!- Fish out here— Here catch!Oh that was a prickly one
sorry, oh just kidding!These things don’t have as many lockets,a. k. a. thorns on ’em like
some of the others dobut man!
– There is somehate on them though!- Yeah, they’re little teeny thorns,they’ll like stick you in your
finger and you don’t noticeit till like
– Yeah,they’re like irritating- Until like your fingers
rub together and you’re likeoh that’s obnoxious!
– Annoying!- I’m tryin’ to work up
the motivation after we eatthe catfish to go down,take a swim in the stream,
the cleanest part of it,where it’s running a little more,wash my clothes, cause
yesterday’s clothes are narsty!The flies are like all over ’emand then just rest the afternoon
away and then we’ll do somenight hunting and fishing!Sweet Jesus thank you that I
made it to another birthday. But you could–if you could see it in
your heart to make it cold,that’d be great. – Watch it. – Here ya go!Oh yeah!I have the birthday feast right there!- Thank you Lord for this meal. – Thank you God, thank you
Jesus for a beautiful catfish. Mmmmmmm!A big old chunk!Mmmmmm!This is so good. I think catfish has to
be the best tasting,mmmmm,ohhhhh that’s just so–Mmmmmmm!Couldn’t have asked for a better meal,hopefully we got another one on the linewhen we get down there. – As far as being out here,I couldn’t have asked for a betterjoint birthday meal for you!- Mhmmmmmm!And the rest of it goes in the soup pot. – Put it right in there. And you just wipe it clean. There we go, little bit of fish left,Chris couldn’t quite eat his whole fishand the other three
bones from all the fishand their heads are in there. Put the soup on to simmer
so when we come back laterwe got food!Remember boys and girls it’s
important to brush your teeth,even when you’re out in the woods!I like to clean my teeth with
Redmans Earthpaste Toothpaste!I like this stuff. They sent me like a lifetime supply!After seeing me on a loan. Ahhh, nothin’ like clean teeth,and right after this I’m
gonna go down to the river,wash my nasty clothes,
they are covered in likecatfish blood and everything. My shamogs filthy!Do that, take a dip myself,
see if I can’t cool offand by the time I’m done takin’ that dip,the temperature should be droppin’and should only be mildly
extremely sweaty tonightinstead of extremely,
extremely sweaty tonightwhen I get into my bed . And that will make for better sleeping! Here’s the creek, time to
get some clothes washed,the day is just startin’
to cool off as you can seethe sun is not overhead anymore. And oh, this’ll be nice, get rinsed off. This looks like a nice spot as any!Little on the murky side. Been doin’ everything
all day in slow motion,it’s been so hot!This’ll be nice takin’ a little dip!Uch, I don’t know if the
camera will pick it uphow gross this thing is. Got little bits of like
fish stuck on there!Uch, cause that’s what we
transported the fish in last nightmy pants are literally a different color,they’re so filthy!Like everything just
feels, look at it all,like cactus, the red
cactus juice and bloodfrom the catfish, mostly
the red cactus juicestaining ’em and stuff. Like I was just gettin’
so dirty last night,I just kinda gave up,I was like here, my shirt can be a towel!And wipe my hands on it. In the river!Socks!In the river! White blesser, in the river!Oh, uhhh! Woooohoooo!Oh, does that feel good!Oh, I feel good!Nothin’ like some clean clothes!Nothin’ like a bath for your birthday!I’ll have to do this
again next year . Oh, somethin’ touched my foot,
somethin’ touched my foot! Wooohoooo!Oh that feels good!Uh, I don’t know why I
didn’t do this sooner!That was epic!That was so nice. I’m gonna have to come down
to this every other dayor somthin’, that was, it’s been so hot,I hope it cools back off. I do not like the heat,I am not a fan of the
hot hot days like this. Time to have some dinner,see how that head soup is lookin’ oh yeah,that looks good!Some juicy, look how rich that broth is,that is super rich!Got myself a cup of that,then we’re gonna head
down, do some more fishin’!So we haven’t been successful
with any of these hard trapsbut we moved this one, always movin’ ’em,always tryin’ again and again in new waysand putting a log against
it here helps it causethe first one that we lost, and
failed to catch something init never went off, they
roll it on its side sothey don’t bump the trigger,and then emptied it. Alright so there’s a raccoon, I treed him. But,if I was to shoot him, he
would fall straight intothe river, I don’t know
exactly what to do here. Maybe if we go fishing, he’ll
come down and I can treehim in a tree that would
allow me to shoot him and notlose him, I don’t wanna
just be wasteful and cruel. So I think we’re gonna have to
leave these ones be for now. Darn!I was hungry for somethin’ big. I can’t tell if there’s
somethin’ on our lines or not,it almost looks like one
of ’ems got tension on ’em. Ooop, there’s a gar rising!That’s a good sign. Maybe we’ll get a chance to
use the sling bow tonight. Oh, there’s another one!- There’s a
big gar right up there. – Oh and one right close!- Maybe it’s because
we had a catfish and it ate itso now they’re circling and
waiting for more opportunities!- There’s a big garsitting right there by the bank, man!I need my sling bow
before we come down here. I went back up the trail
to check on those raccoonsto see if they had come down,
by the time I joined Christhere was no sign of
that gar that was therewhen we first arrived. I rebaited the night lines,
we messed around for aboutthree hours, I walked up
the river a little waysand there was nothin’ doin’. Packin’ it in, try again another time. Excuse me,that was a long, long walk. I don’t know, what was it
like three miles down there tothe river and all that!I feel like we made a big mistake,we showed up and we’re like
oh, look at all the gars,set my camera up,and then turned around,and when we both got down
there and we were all set up,and checked the catfish lines
to see that they were empty,it’s like the gar that were risingall over the place were gone!Think you gotta like show up to the place,and sneak up on it, and attack!So, lots of amazing wildlife tonight. Raccoons, gar, everything, but just,we were just a minute
late and just behind,I even took a shot at a rabbit
and I hit right where he wasbut he like jumped at the arrow. Should’ve had the slingshot out. I feel like I’m getting
really close to understandingthis place and being able towin on all frontsyou know with the traps,the everything, so I really
look forward to tomorrow. I think we’re gonna
start nailin’ things downand really gettin’ on top
of this whole adventure!See ya guys, see ya guys next time,thanks for watchin’!Fowler out!

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