Solo Overnight In The Thatched Reed Winter Survival Shelter During Snowstorm (87 Days episode 25)


Finally what i thought was a perfect time to do a solo overnight in a snowstorm came. So i prepared to go spend the night in my Thatched reed winter survival shelter. I packed up my gear and loaded it all into the sled and hike out to the reed shelter. That storm dumped over a foot of snow in places but i was warm and cozy in the thatched reed hut. So much for survival i sat by the fire and whittled all night and got a good night sleep on my reed sleeping mat. I cooked and egg in the ashes and coals and roasted an apple for dinner . Woke up my sleeping fire Using my Fire banking methodI had put her to sleep the night before And had a good size fire going before I ever got out of bed. But Once I got up I made some coffee And stir-fry from thrive life. They make freeze-dried meals for dinners at home but work great for camping. The weather outside might be frightful but inside my thatched reed winter survival shelter It’s quite delightful!!!


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“Finger Slingshot AKA Frameless Slingshot Shooting (5 slingshot Shorts)”

This is a compilation of 5 Facebook short videos i made that for Facebook that got a lot of views and Shares. Especially the Finger Slingshot AKA Frameless Slingshot Shooting.

Deer Antler Shed Hunting For Making Slingshots (Vlog #25)

Packed up our slingshot and headed out to do some Hunting for deer antler sheds. One of my favorite slingshots is made from a deer antler shed and its that time of year again where the deer shed there antlers. So Chris and i decided to head out into the woods on a walk about and see if we can find some shed or at the very least we should bring home a few good natural fork. We also brought our slingshots and some ammo just to have a bit of fun shooting the slingshots at some wild targets. Makes for good practice not to just alway shoot at my shooting range at home. Its so satisfying when you take a shot with a slingshot at an uncalculated distance and make the shot.

” How To Make A Steam bent Slingshot (87 Days Ep.24)”

Im going to lift the vail a bit and show you how i film my YouTube videos and how to Make a casting Video for History channels Alone show. But we are going to do it wail fallowing the creation of a video about how to make a slingshot. And not just any slingshot I’m going to make a natural fork Ash slingshot and ill take you threw the hole process from cutting it to steaming the forks and shooting it. And while we’re doing that I’ll share the tips and tricksTo making An awesome casting video For history channels Survival show Alone. As well as how I make my YouTube videos In the difference between the two. wink.

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This time on 87 days we will head down to the ocean near where i live here in Maine and see if we can catch some lobsters with the primitive fish trap i made from bamboo in Patagonia and dig clams for a feast up at the shelter. We will talk about the bounty of the sea then we’ll give it a taste back up at the shelter and start on a new wizard staff. I have begun a new chapter in my life and so its time to start carving a new story stick.

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