looks like the water is coming to a boil
the box words looking good it’s verybright dude that is awesome that Lantern
actually works really well we juststarted hearing this like music playing
like someone’s like music Jake thedaddy-longlegs inside Danny long wayhey what’s going on guys Papa Jake here
and actually you guys know that this hasbeen the hardest the most extreme and
the biggest box for video we have everdone we don’t even want to stop here
that’s why we have a massive like goalof over 200,000 likes if we get 200,000
likes guys we will do this video but ona floating box port in the middle of a
lakethus far Buddha becomes unit time of
need and each about sugars give spotsfor Buddha its release of a box Street
they made vascularity both of them soslightly so happy like a kid on
Christmas I know the dangers box forfood I know the danger is decided to
hand us for food we’re doing the 24 hourFox sport forest challenge and I know I
know it will be hard and all thedifficult possible Buddha I believe to
do it we train with some box sportversus volcano box board versus one how
easy is that a thoughtful personthunderstorm and now I think we’re ready
box for food I think we’re finally readyto take on the 24 hour force but I need
just think and you just say each move onfor food used to be the wave of the boxso some of the line saw me change I
believe you’re ready for your box forquests you must enter the words travel
deep within them and complete the24-hour boxberger challenge right see
what is it I got here as fast as I couldI’ve waited for long years for this
Jacob it’s only been like two weeks okayfine it’s been like a week or two what’s
still Logan I think it’s time I thinkit’s time today is the dead are you
saying what I think you’re saying we’redoing the 24 ounce box for Boyd’s
challenge are you ready for the smokinone step ahead of you buddy
hey yo what’s going on guys Papa j0gbaby and we are back with a brand new
video and today is the day as you guysjust seen it’s a big day it’s the
biggest day of our lives Logan it mightbe the greatest day of your life you
will ever havepause it make you feel you know it
reverse question how does it make you itmakes me feel so what we are going to
survive in a box for for 24 hoursstraight guys that that’s 24 with the to
f4 dude we gotta get going man we do nowwe’re going to get all of our gear ready
and then we’re going to head down andstart building this box board we’ve
gotta cut us up ready for us tonightguys so we have some water bottles which
we have to fill up yes we’ll need somegloves own HID headlamps definitely my
survival whistle with extra matchesflashlights on sand by gosh we’ve got 12
MREs those are meals ready to eat boyswill be making our dinner out there we
are gonna have a fire but we’re going toneed to eat something guys there may be
enough for 24 hours that’s three mealstimes two people Logan six meals cries
this is the only mosquito repellent wehave we have no mosquito repellent the
other words everything ready we’re goingto pack it all off the ghetto boxes
ready and start hiking out because wegot a box sport to make and as always
we’re a little behind and the sun’sgoing down I don’t want to be out there
in the mill the woods without a boxboardJake you ready oh I’m ready dude I got
to go pro ready we got the cameras allpacked up my lunch bag the other money
well you got the bigger bag actually nothat’s okay we’re stop well you keep the
bigger bag that’s goodyou’re being better all right guys so
we’ve been traveling a little bit we’reheading towards where we’re going to be
building our box for we a lot ofcaucuses as you can see I’m kind of on
the mo if I had this or get Logan’spulled in a bunch as well he’s got his
bag and we are just heading down thereonce we get to the place we’re building
we gotta go quick guys because we’rerunning out of sunlight and with a
little before it so we legit need aplace to survive so we’ve been walking
for quite a while now so it has all ofhis cardboard on top of them we are
heading down to where we kind of thinkwe knit we haven’t ideas to where we’re
going to do the box for it but we don’tknow exactly where we’re going to lay it
down like I’m just looking for lookingfor some solid ground Ohso with schedule what bro dude over here
so nice I think we found our buildingspot we’re going to build great in here
I believe oh all right guys here is homesweet home we got all of our equipment
so I’m thinking guys is a losers I’m inthe woods
dude ring so creepy I didn’t think ofthis so to start clearly we have our
little tool here part shovel part axepart knife
it’s everything you want and watch therea little bit of an area here guys and
then we’ll go put down the box for baseJake has pretty much made the ground
flat it’s looking pretty good for ourbox or base so I’m going to leave the
camera here and we’re going to do a timelapse time lapse begins now guys so
we’re taping down the floor and Jake andI were talking this is by far the
hardest build we’ve ever done we’regetting eaten alive by boards right now
guys I’m sweating beyond this but yeah Idon’t know if you guys can see them
there are so many mosquitoes so many notmassive spiders this is one for the
books for sure after I hit that like onethe date did bring one mosquito candle
hopefully broad dude dude hopefully getsthe bugs away I think it would be just
bad so we have most of the base done thebase is ready now we’re going to go
ahead and start putting the wallstogether we have our walls herewe’re currently does two walls and that
is taking us like three times longerthan a normal wall I don’t think we
realize how hard it would be to build inthe woods the reason why we’re putting
so much tape down on every crevice youstill the bugs don’t get in I thought
it’d be more about the survival not thebuilding so we have all the walls in the
box for it the Sun is going down we justneed to do the roof now others in the
bug and the fact that the Sun is goingdown boxboard is very comfortable we’ve
got both sides of the roof on now theSun hasn’t been tied down yet but
Logan’s working on all the tape insideso we have for one the little candle
that’s supposed to help with mosquitoesbut right now guys it’s getting dark as
you guys can tell we need to get somelights in there so I’m going to break
out all of our lights we have a fewlanterns as well as some headlamp you
can barely see it but right near thattree there I’m going to go hack that
down so we get some dry wood and we needto start a fire all right guys the box
for looking good it’s very bright dudethat is awesome that lantern actually
works really wellOh God it’s very thick here and very
swampy okay it’s like really wet groundall around here here is the piece of
wood that I found the law bigger than Ithought it would be oh here we go
timber there we go guys got some drywood Jake the daddy-longlegs insideit’s inside of out for a jig all right
well I’m just closing up the remainingholes inside the roof with tape this
socks part might be the most the moststructurally advanced box for we’ve ever
built which is for hearing this likemusic play like someone’s like music
nowhereI’m living asking adopters literally
someone playing your second in thatdistrict breaking counties were actually
in an open web cats create domestic andI’m really correct or it go lights out
for a little bit until the music stopsmusic stopping someone hey there here we
are extremely late guys I’ve cut allthat wood up to make a fire which is
over there but we have not a chance tomake a fire and honestly I don’t know if
we’re gonna have time to do it likealready really late
I’m starving we need to get inside andmake our food we’re going to put the
last little bits on the box for when youget in get our bed ready and then make
dinner alright so well Jacobson or I’mgoing to patch up all these missing
areas so bugs can’t get in the time forus to get inside and get our dinner in
our bed set I think we’ll wait tilltomorrow to do the fire as well as go
fishing because right now it’s just sodark and be honest with you it’s pretty
creepy out here and I kind of want toget in the box for it this is it this is
our door it’s uh it’s nothing specialas with any house shoes off at the front
door pleaseso we’ll definitely feel nice because
we’ve been hiking in these for the pastfive hours yourself guys this has been
the hardest box work build we have everdone if you guys would not smash that
like button yet be sure to destroy thatlike but right now let’s go Logan
you think we get 150,000 likes listennot that’s an insane amount of life
jacket let’s say in a matter like that Ithink we can get 150 thousand likes on
this video let’s go for it I think youguys can do in fact I know you can do it
and I don’t want me to allows them alittle freaked out right now like
animals and stuff so let’s start ourdinner and your guys first or a couple
Jake show you around the box boysso over here guys we’ll start off in the
living quarters this is the flashlightscorner it illuminates or or takes a
mirror with mosquitoes coming in butthat’s that’s fine there’s gonna be a
few mosquitoes here they’re come on backhere in a Jake’s room we’ll go to
loading through next but this is papaJake’s room I got my sleeping mat here
there is a lot of dead Logan went on abug killing spree in here if it’s energy
guys we have like our kind of collectivearea of our collective area of stuff
we’ve got some game of life to playbecause we’re going to be board player
tonight so we’ll probably play thatanti-mosquito candle which has done
absolutely nothing yo guys you know whatwe’re like you know everyone can come in
our box for we had a leagueour box portbou mosquitoes welcome
welcomeover on this time we got Logan scores
well show me your room my room is prettymuch the same as Jake hi guys here we go
time to roll out not betting there we goall right Logan did you bring the air
pump no well we messed up wood all rightthere we go guys this is all nice and
blown up we got our nice padding Logan’sblowing up his specter we did not think
of bringing an air compressor so I meanit’s not too hard it’s not a lot to blow
up definitely not as much as mr. flamingo but it’s not bad to be honest
with you guys like it’s a very littleamount of air but all together once it’s
all nice in therethat’s nice like we have never had this
before guys in any of our box for buildsI think we’re going to bring this in
future box for bills because this isamazing unfortunately we don’t have a
fire but like I said guys tomorrowmorning we’re going to do some upgrades
on the box for it but it’s time fordinner and for dinner Logan we got some
MREs which are really awesome if youguys have not seen me do a video on
these before they are really cool theyare military surplus this is what
military dudes use when they go out intothe the wild and they have no food
nothing and these are completelyself-sustaining meals so they will last
for like years and years on end and theycome with everything so let’s delicious
let’s jump into it here did so I don’tknow which one I get but it’s a
three-course meal so don’t be confusedwith a non three-course meal we have the
main entree which say what this is allright I have no idea what’s the matter
tonight I guess we’re going to find outin here Oh pound cake
alright so this is some cake suctionedinto here so we have some cake for
dessert this is a heating pad that weuse to cook our food this doesn’t use
any fire or anything all it needs issome water so we’re going to need that
to cook it oh okay so this is what we’reactually eating this is black beans in a
seasoned sauce Wowwe have four kilos carbohydrate
electrolyte beverage powder basicallyGatorade so it comes with the Gatorade
because you know you’re out and about inthe
doing crazy stuff this is a cocoabeverage so this is like hot chocolate
there you go we got spoon this is ainstant coffee and tasting water coffee
fake milk getting a little bit of timeto cook so I’m going to show you guys if
you’ve never use an emery before it’sreally simple all you need is a little
of water and we have the MRE Peter andall you need to do is have you very very
small amount of water there you go guysso this is gonna cook all right guys a
lot of cooking we’re going to jump in toLogan’s you want to do this bun sure oh
no you got crackers dudelooky yo can I trade you my tortillas
for crackers no what do you probably apeanut butter that what you can’t put
all right well let’s uh let’s put yoursin the heater so ours both finish around
the same time first I’m gonna make mylike gatorade mix cuz you got stay
hydrated guys if you ever do go campingnumber-one thing you got to make sure
you do it stay hydrated and this isgoing to be a good mix it’s going to
replenish all those electrolytes that weburnt while we are still wetting our
butts off trying to make this boxboardall right here’s the taste test guys I’m
so thirsty but that’s amazing that’slike orange juice got a may looks good
oh um thank you Jake this I’m kind ofspider here it’s really good a little
dry but really really good I guess sonext up Logan is having his cracker and
peanut butter hard to eat man it’s goingeverywhere
let me go for that peanut butter spreadthat looks good room down there you goI’m gonna say it looks just like geez
whatever she’s not very good yeahawesome so now it’s time for dinner it’s
getting really late we’re both exhaustedso I think it’s time to eat
our main meal this is dinner it’s beencooking away in this here for quite some
time now and I know it’s really crazy tobelieve this but these things are so hot
like they’re extremely hot not surewhose this is
oh man that’s hot yo touch that I’mboiling hot we actually found out that
Logan’s wasn’t black bean it wastortellini yeah and it looks like it is
my black bean or do we Rob Oh iseverybody all right here we don’t here
we go itin there oh dude that was good how is it
nice and toasty warm oh my god is itgood so really I thought it was steam
coming off of that it looks like atoasty warm time to crack open my black
beans and put them on my tortillas Icannot believe that this will last like
three years pretty coolooh all right kind of more like a sloppy
joe but let’s just roll up our tortillaall right here you go
how’s that CJ dude that’s amazingegg nice and toasty warm flow really
good we just finished dinner and nowwe’re just enjoying our time the box for
right now we’re playing a little bit oflife unfortunately cuz we didn’t have
time to start the fire tonight there’snot much sense of going outside and it’s
just really bad with the weather rightnowso it is currently 1203 at night we’ve
been out here for a long time it took solong to build this box for honestly guys
I guess I know what you’re saying thishas been the hardest box for build amber
there’s literally blood from themosquito that would be killed until it
looks like this is a murder scene Ithink at this point guys we’re just
going to hit the hay get some sleep andthen we’ll get up early and continue the
video tomorrow morning so we got ourblankets here we’ve got our nice little
mattressesheaven forbid any of us have to go potty
during the night because I ain’t goingout there but it’s time to go to bed
look great in that cover oh my god isthis all right sleep tight everyone good
nightI have never felt so wracked from a box
for 24-hour town oh my god was yearsreally bothersome a few things went down
that we never even owned the first thingthat happened something was making noise
in the woods over there by the ones Imean literally behind our box for it we
went out we were flashing the light thisis one stuff got so scary we’re like
we’re not even filming we’re thinkingabout running for alive
we saw eyes so we’re like Kay it’sprobably an animal that was fine
number two we did not estimate how hotit would get in the box
all right so at one point we were goingwith no blanket I don’t even know where
the blanket was and and that was a badidea because I love what you do but I
kept waking up with like strolling bothmy toes bitching this time make a fire
and maybe go fishing deaf Italy has seenbetter days the Box were kind of like
shrunk a little bit I noticed I kind ofrepaired it but a lot of the tape was
falling off yeah I guess I kind of gotdamp with the morning dew’ so it started
like kind of fall off a little bit butLogan you want to grab the GoPro broah that was that was insane dude she
held together real nice look at reallylate our roof come on me too I think if
we did this again guys we definitelyshould have bought you donate and like
incorporate it into the box build so wehave some of the leftover food from our
last night’s MRE I think we’re gonnahave some coffee as well as maybe Logan
might not be pointing and stuff likethat in order to do that we need a fire
and we never had a chance to build afire last night because it got way too
late who’s way too dark and Craig’s lastnight to make our fire so now it’s time
to do it because I chopped down the treewe have some of this wood here so we’re
going to use this wood as the main firepieces inside the waterproof matches it
comes with really dry wool and we’regoing to use that down here to make sure
that we like boxes because we only havea few matchesperfect we got some firereally great to get rid of the bug the
smoke is just going to clear away allthe mosquitoes and all the other bugs
we’re going to start boiling our waterfor breakfast so we have some leftover
water from last night and we’re going touse this to make our coffee so we’re
going to put it in our little pan herealright guys so currently we’re working
on boiling the water right now we’regoing to let it cook flash boil and in
the meantime I think I’m going to try onsome breakfast won’t be trying to feel
about the fish from there yeah you guysdon’t know that the Papa Jakob is one of
the best fishermen inside of the townyou know a lot of people have them fancy
fishing rods Papa Jake likes to go withthe spider-man got the new spider-man
movie coming out students are ready I’llfight I’m a fishing rod that’s gotta be
good luck looks like the water is comingto a boil pretty good oh you guys not as
the Warrens boiling we are going to makeour coffee for the morning Oh cocoa
beverage alright I might go with the GoGo beverage dude I’m kind of feels a hot
chocolate what do you feel like on thecopy all right now pro tip if you ever
do go camping and you have to boil yourown water we brought purified water but
you do have to boil some you want tomake sure that you boil it for at least
thirty minutes a lot of people think youjust like boil it for a minute and then
you’re good but thirty minutes and herewe go there is my hot chocolate
so let’s lift that up around a littlebit get it all mixed up in there and now
for Logan’s coffee alright guys there wego we got loaded coffee as well now
we’re just kind of chillin enjoying thefun in the Sun it’s a beautiful day here
and we’re drinking our coffee in themorning well mines from cocoa all the
food’s been really great I thought thatthe MREs would have liked some pretty
bad food but the food’s been awesome thenight was hard it was definitely really
hard but waking up to this is very verybeautiful and definitely
I also want to try fishing guys and thenI kind of realized if you look through
the creek here it’s actually see-throughand I haven’t seen a single fish so I
don’t think fishings going to work itfortunately it looks like it’s just Coco
for the morning well there’s pretty muchwraps up our 24 hour box fort in the
woods challenge you guys have beenasking for you guys have wanted it and
we finally did do high five we killed itman
this has been so insane and guys itdoesn’t have to stop here the box sports
do not have to stop here in fact whilewe were sitting in there last night for
hours on end having nothing to do wewere talking and we had an idea we want
to do a 24-hour the loading box forchallenge but bring the floating box for
to the woods that’s right we want to goto an actual lake and do a floating box
sport in the middle of a lake if youguys want to do that if we get look at
how many lights do we need we need to gobig we need to go high we need to go
matches you won’t go for two hundredthousand lights you’re doing it out of
the light dude I think we can do it guyscan we do that well there’s three savage
I know they’re going to share with alltheir friends on Facebook that have it
it’s like this I’m sweating but it’slike this guy’s we’re going to go for
200,000 like is beyond SAP but you’regoing to need to share this video
everywhere but if we get to 200,000likes we will do the 24 hour box for
challenge in the middle of a lake nowwe’re going to go cooking everything out
because if you guys do go camping youwant to make sure that you leave
everything spotless you don’t want toleave bags behind for animals or just
litter in general keep it the way it isthis is a beautiful area as much as it’s
been hard on us mosquitos but other thanthat it’s still such a beautiful place
so we’re gonna clean everything up andhead out

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