Inside a $10K Luxury Survival Kit

Sometimes you don’t have
enough things where you are. You got to get out of town,
get the hell out of Dodge. And so I’m here with the Preppi
pack people right now,and they about to tell us
some moreabout how to have
all the essentials you needto protect ya neck. ♪♪We live in L. A. ,
and there was an earthquake. And we looked at each other,
and we’re like,”Nobody has
any of the right things. “Wow. You know, if you’re in L. A. ,you want to prepare
for earthquakes. If you’re in Florida,
you want to preparefor hurricanes. Hurricanes, gotcha. So we wanted
to make somethingthat you actually kind of
want to buy,like you would sunglasses
or something on the weekend. So, you can be shopping and
see a bag like thisand be like, “Hey, let’s
be prepared just in case. “Whoa. Or an earthquake or. . . This is a fancy bag. This is very upscale. Yeah. So, we make everything ourselves
in downtown L. A. This is canvas
that’s waterproof-coated. Man!And all made by hand,So it’s kind of like
you’re getting,like, a nice bag
at Barneys,except we put all this good
survival stuff in it, too. The first thing you need
is food and water. It’s just not ordinary water. It’s special survival water. You have
24 packs of waterthat are
tiny little pouches. Feels good, right?Kind of feels
like ribs, right?What else you got, buddy?Food is kind of
the same thing. Shrink down in these bags. You have the option
of the organic supplies. They still want
to eat healthy?Some people do, but in case
you just want to survive,we also have these,
which are calledDatrex Bars,
and this is, like,the military-grade stuff,
nuclear-proof. They kind of taste
like coconut shortbread. You’ve already tried it?Yeah. Of course. We try everything. You want to try one?Nah. A perfect pack for me
is your loaf of bread,a little peanut butter. Is this the same soap
that they haveat The London in New York,
because this looks like. . . Yeah, Malin+Goetz stuff. You know this stuff. Definitely need to
wash your hairif the world
is about to end. Oh!Bluetooth speaker. This is a radio that will
also charge your phone. It’s solar-powered. What’s that?So, it’s also cranked,
so if it’s cloudy out –right? —
you just go like this. For a couple minutes,
and then you have the abilityto charge your iPhone
or your iPad. This is a satellite
communicator. So, this pairs
with your phone. And then, no matter
what’s going on,it has a satellite uplink
and you can send text messages. The stuff that you have here
could be very usefulto the people on the islands
in Puerto Rico. A lot of the people that were
tweeting were using this. . . Really?
. . . to communicate, yeah. We have like five different
levels of kit now,going from $95,
now $10,000, so. . . $10,000?Yeah. We want to make sure everyone
is prepared, you know?Whether it’s, like,
the schoolteacher,you can buy a $90 one,Or if you’re the type of person
that can afford a $10,000 bag,we got you covered
there, too. What comes
in the $10,000 bag?Well, this is the model
that we’re –the Prepster Black —
what we’re looking at. This is the $10,000 bag. I want —
I want a $10,000 bag. I think,
having a fashionable baggives you a higher level
of survival instinct. So, with everything going on
in the world today,and with the political
climate that we have,have you seen
an increase in sales?Yes, we have. Yeah, something kind of
happened around the election. And then, you know, there’s
been some crazy weather. These hurricanes
have been happening. Sales have gone upbecause people are actively
wanting to have,like, a little backup plan. We have a lot of, like,
other crazy tech. It gets a little bit
more ridiculous. I see you got
the orange gloves,along with the rope,in case we need
to climb or something?Yeah. If you’re on the second story
and need to get down,and the door passageway
is blocked,you can rappel down. You throw the rope?Yeah, you do the little thing
like a cartoon, and then. . . Use your sexy gloves
to escape. Yep. Very sexy gloves
right here. Man, this stuff
looks like somethingI would wear in a video. I’m not gonna lie,
this is some nice stuff. And just in case?Giant chocolate. The most expensivest chocolate
we could find, yeah. Just in case you have
a sweet toothwhile you’re running
from zombies. That’s not the only bar
we have in the bag. We also have a gold bar. You need some
gold bars, now. Keep it in your wallet
all the time. A gold credit card?And it’s cool because those
little pieces are there. Let’s say you had to buy gas,
and they’re like,”Oh, the credit-card
machine is down. “You take one of those
little chips off,you go, “Hey, dude,
this is worth 50 bucks. “You think people
will accept it?It’s pure, solid gold. Aaah! How many of these
have you got?So, that’s — that’s
one, right there. That’s worth —
I know this is one. How many —
That’s $2,500 worth of gold. It’s $2,500?That’s $2,500. What you’ll take
for it?
$2,500, yeah. I need to get
one of these bags. Now, I don’t know
if they told you,or if you read
the fine printor even the back
of the contract. It says,
“The host, 2 Chainz,which would be me. . . is allowed to get one or two
items of the productthat he is promoting —
or he or she. “Yeah, we take credit cards,
or cash is fine. Oh, my God. So. . . I want one of these guys,
just in case. You could just start trading
your rings for us. Yeah, these cost
way more than $2,500. If you’re feeling really
sentimental about it,you might not want to. . . Let’s be clear. Look, thank you, man. We got real gold in case
the apocalypse comes. We have chocolate,
walkie-talkies, Bluetooth. We have solar-powered
phone chargers. You know, there it is, man. Get at these guys. I think they have
your survival needs. And I’m your host,
2 Chainz,or as they call me
on the streets,Deucey Baby. “Most Expensivest:
Protect Ya Neck. “Pow!Pow. was when somebody made
eye contact with them. Yo, yo, yo, what up?It’s your player partner
checking in — 2 Chainz. And I’m here at
Wayne Newton’s own crib,his palace, his dig. And he told me
he’s never had a problem. Me?I don’t believe that. ♪♪I got people here that say,
if there’s a problem go down,you got to be ready. Adventure Combat Ops, they gonna
show you the real get-downon how to get down
if it go down. You dig?Hey, man, how you doing?’Sup, man?Good to see you. ♪♪I brought Scarlett with me
here. Hey, Scarlett,
how you doing?Hi. Pleasure to meet you. I’m 2 Chainz. Tell me what y’all
got going on, man. Biggest thing we got going on is
making sure we’re always readyand preparing
for the inevitable. So, if I just, you know,
you’ll be ready?Oh, yeah. Well, try to be ready. Okay. So — So,
what’s your background?I was in the Marine Corps. Back then, when I served,women weren’t allowed
to be in combat positions. Wow. So, when I deployed,they needed females to be
out there to search the women. So, I was one out of like 300
men clearing houses. How was that?I loved it. It was awesome. What’s up with you?Give me your background, bro. So, I started off
in the Airborne Rangers,then from there, went on
to Delta Force after that. So, you
jumped out of planes?Once or twice. Yeah, my father did that. Did he?You got to kind of be —
I don’t know. Got to like to chase
the adrenaline. You got to have, like,
real love for adrenalineto be doing that. What are some of the tips
that you guys could give meon surviving?A lot of people
keep their head downwhen they’re walking around. Eye contact. Some of the biggest things
that criminals will tell you,that was
their biggest deterrentis when somebody made
eye contact with them. ♪♪What else?I always like to have
a fallback plan. I’m always looking around. If something goes south,
where am I gonna goand what am I gonna do?Okay. Never get relaxed. Always
be prepared for whatever. I got you. Tell me, what you guys got?What are you selling?So, we take some of
our backgroundwith special operations,
jazz it up with a little bitof the Vegas apocalypse
that we made. So, you guys have a facility
where people can goand actually play
this whole thing out?Yep, that we do. We basically built
a neighborhood indoors,put all these special
effects in there. And you get teamed up
with a real special-ops hero,and you get to run
a special-ops mission. You got real guns,
real explosions, helicopters. You get to run a mission
on an insurgent training camp. We’ve got the zombies in there. Why?Because that’s all
the craze right now. That sounds rad, dude. So, you gonna –You say you’re gonna
have helicoptersand stuff blowing up?Won’t blow up
the helicopters,so we’ll make sure
we keep those two separate. But we blow stuff up
and use helicopters. One of the things that
I’m most curious ofis what a zombie apocalypse
would be like. I think probably the real-world
scenario of zombie apocalypseis really just chaos and mayhem
when it’s breaking out,when you’ve got total breakdown
on law of the land. And you know,
the zombie apocalypsecould potentially be real. The others think
it’s just a metaphorfor Armageddon
when it comes. Yeah, I see where
you’re going with that. There’s some bad stuff
brewing. ♪♪ Scarlett: It’s not all
gonna be military,so we need to have
civilians out there. We need to be able to help them
and guide themand teach them
and train them. We’ve actually taken a bunch
of white-collar executivesout in the desert
for three days,taught them everything
from survivalto land navigation
to marksmanshipto field-expedient camping. You give them
survival kits,or they just kind of
got to wing it?How does that go?Pretty scripted. People show up. It’s kind of likea piece of Universal Studios. Oh, man. So, they’re gonna get the
equipment and get the weapons. We’ll give them a little
“training class” on it. But it’s not real training. It’s all about entertaining. So, what would this cost?It ranges anywhere
from about $120 to $199. Okay. The biggest one that
we have built, it’s so legit –no kidding —
we had a young couplein their 20s
pay over $11,000to come out with us for the day
and experience this –For the day?$11,000 for the day?Just a couple, yeah. They must have had an awesome
time on the crap tablesin order to do that, man. So, look, world,the white-collar people
getting a head-up on it. Y’all got to learn
how to survive,y’all got to
take this serious. And let’s just pray that we
don’t have anything happenin the near futurewhere we have to use
any of this stuff. ♪♪ ♪ Ohhh ♪♪♪

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