Making Rope From Bark (Primitively)

First, get a tool to chop the tree down. Here I am using a wedge-shaped rock, which will work as a makeshift axe. . Find a straight thin tree to chop down. I recommend trying to fine with with smooth bark, as they are usually greenwood and the bark will peel off easily into sheets. Once you get most of the tree cut down, just push and pull it off the base. Don’t worry about the wood cracking or splintering, as we are only going to use it for the bark. Once you get it chopped down, begin peeling the extra limbs and branches off. If you don’t you risk making the sheets of bark split and stop prematurely when peeling off the bark. Now begin peeling the bark off the tree. I recommend starting down at the bottom, as the bark should be loose from pushing & twisting the tree off its base. Be sure to not let the sheets get to thin. To keep them staying wide, make sure all the bark goes down roughly at the same time and stop and peel down any small pieces. Now that we got the bark off the tree, we need to seperate the inner-bark from the outer-bark. This can be tricky, as the inner park is strong and thin. Try starting at the widest point, and keep picking at it with your fingernail until a small piece comes off. Once you got all the inner bark removed, you can begin making the rope. Take two pieces, lay them over each other, and twist them. Once you twist them bend them to form a loop and two strands. Keep twisting both strands and twisting them around eachother.

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